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"That’s part of the continuing saga of Whitewater," said Hillary, "the never-ending fictional conspiracy that honest to goodness reminds me of some people’s obsessions with UFOs and the Hale-Bopp comet."

Hillary Clinton
April 10, 1997 on the Washington D.C. Diane Rehm Radio Talk Show

You look at the movies that have tried to predict what will happen in the future, and we often see a lot of death and destruction and environmental degradation. It’s not just that people might live under domes on Mars, but they would have to live under domes here on this planet because of what we will have done to our environment. Or whether we will have to join together as human beings to stave off attacks from aliens in outer space, and then we’ll have to put aside our really petty differences—differences in our own country and differences among people around the world—to stand up for our common humanity...

Hillary Clinton
Mars Millennium Project Kick-Off National Air & Space Museum January 14, 1999

In one of those popular movies I referred to that swept my country and apparently made a lot of money around the world, called Independence Day — these movies always seem to start with an attack on Washington, D.C., which I don’t really know how to take, the blowing up of the White House and Capitol to begin with—the ending of it required all of us to cooperate to fend off an alien attack. And certainly in the theater in which I saw it, there were great cheers as people of all different races and backgrounds and societies around the globe came together as human beings to save ourselves. We certainly don’t expect it to come to that...

Hillary Clinton
October 13, 1998, at Spanish Hall, Prague Castle

"Most of the movies about the future show aliens descending from outer space determined to blow up the world, and somehow they always begin or end with Washington, D.C.

Hillary Clinton
January 25, 1999 – White House Fifth Millennium Evening

In my own country, many of the movies in recent years express our innate fears about what awaits us. They are apocalyptic visions that leave only a few people on earth—whole cities surviving under domes because we have depleted our natural resources. And often in these movies, for reasons that I question, we have space aliens who are always blowing up Washington, D.C., and the White House.

Hillary Clinton
June 17, 1999 speaking in Paris, France

Remember that movie Independence Day, where invaders were coming from outer space and the whole world was united against the invasion? Why can't we be united on behalf of our planet? And that's what I want to do.

Hillary Clinton
Council Bluffs Iowa, December 17, 2007

I don't know if any of you have seen this new movie "Independence Day" -- (applause) -- but somebody said I was coming to Youngstown because this is the day the White House got blown away by space aliens. (Laughter.) I hope it's there when I get back.

Bill Clinton
July 4, 1996 in Youngstown, Ohio

"Yes, I think we'd fight them off. We find a way to win. That's what America does -- we'd find a way to win if it happened."

Bill Clinton
July 15, 1996 interview with MSNBC’s Tom Brokaw

Very interesting, don't you think, that this movie, Independence Day, is becoming the most successful movie ever? Some say it's because they blew up the White House and the Congress -- (laughter) -- and that may be. But, you know, you see story after story after story about how the movie audiences leap up and cheer at the end of the movie when we vanquish the alien invaders, right? I mean, what happened? The country was flat on its back, the rest of the world was threatened, and you see all over the world all these people have all of a sudden put aside the differences that seem so trivial once their existence was threatened, and they're working together all over the world to defeat a common adversary.

Bill Clinton
Remarks by the President at Ceremony for Boys and Girls Nation July 18, 1996

They believe you have to drive people apart in order to win elections. And since they're wrong on the issues, they're right. In other words, people won't agree with them on the issues, so the only way they could win is to convince them that we're the first cousins of space aliens. (Laughter.) They've got this figured out now; we're right and they're wrong on these big issues. So the only way they can win is to convince people that we're space aliens.

Bill Clinton

They sort of try to turn you into a space alien... And now the Republicans are saying, well, if your problems aren't all solved, it's just because the aliens have taken over Washington. (Laughter.)... And while we have been working, they have been talking, blaming, dividing, turning us into aliens...

Bill Clinton
October 3, 1994 during a Victory Rally speech for Senator Robb

"If we were being attached by space aliens, we wouldn’t be playing these kinds of games."

Bill Clinton
November 7, 1999 – in a reaction to the fact that he would have to veto new Republican bill

"NASA even sent Chuck Berry's music on a space probe searching for intelligent life in outer space. (Laughter.) Well, now, if they're out there, they're duck walking."

Bill Clinton
Kennedy Center Honors held in the White House Clinton- December 3, 2000

You know, there was a recent poll which said that young people in the generation of the students here felt it was far more likely that they would see a UFO than that they would draw Social Security... It's very important you understand this. Once you understand this, you realize this is not an episode from the X Files, and you're not more likely to see a UFO if you do certain specific things.

Bill Clinton
February 9, 1998 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON SOCIAL SECURITY Gaston Hall Georgetown University Washington, D.C.

“Won’t it be sad to have an Internet connection to Mars if there are no Martians to write to or e-mail us?”

Bill Clinton
Millennium Evening at the White House: Informatics Meets Genomics, October 12, 1999

I get so angry at all these conflicts around the world, and these expressions of hatred here at home based on race or religion or sexual orientation. If we were being attacked by space aliens, like in that movie, "Independence Day," we'd all be looking for a foxhole to get in together and a gun to pick up together. The absence of a threat sometimes causes us to lose our sense of focus, our center, our concentration... And what I'm saying is -- you all laughed when I said this before, I referenced that movie, "Independence Day" -- but, you know, if we were being attacked by space aliens, we wouldn't be playing these kind of games. These kinds of games are only possible because the economy is strong and the American people are self-confident...

Bill Clinton
1999 Speaks to a school

"Well I don't know if you all heard this, but, there was actually, when I was president in my second term, there was an anniversary observance of Roswell. Remember that? People came to Roswell, New Mexico from all over the world. And there was also a site in Nevada where people were convinced that the government had buried a UFO and perhaps an alien deep underground because we wouldn't allow anybody to go there. And uhm… I can say now, 'cause it's now been released into the public domain.... This place in Nevada was really serious, that there was an alien artifact there. So I actually sent somebody there to figure it out."

"I did attempt to find out if there were any secret government documents that revealed things. If there were, they were concealed from me too. And if there were, well I wouldn't be the first American president that underlings have lied to, or that career bureaucrats have waited out. But there may be some career person sitting around somewhere, hiding these dark secrets, even from elected presidents. But if so, they successfully eluded me…and I'm almost embarrassed to tell you I did (chuckling) try to find out."

Bill Clinton
September 2005 to CLSA group in Hong Kong

I got a letter from 13-year-old Ryan from Belfast. Now, Ryan, if you're out in the crowd tonight, here's the answer to your question. No, as far as I know, an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. And, Ryan, if the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn't tell me about it, either, and I want to know.

Bill Clinton
Belfast Northern Ireland November 1995

You know, I’ve always been really interested in this stuff, and I’m going to read this.

Bill Clinton
August 2007 to Hollywood producer Paul Davids when he was given the books “Witness to Roswell” and “The Roswell Legacy”, and a new affidavit that had been released following the death of Roswell witness Walter Haut.

Sarah, there’s a government inside the government, and I don’t control it.

Bill Clinton
as quoted by senior White House reporter Sarah McClendon in reply to why he wasn’t doing anything about UFO disclosure.

"It's interesting that you said that because when we celebrated the anniversary of that event out in New Mexico, I actually got all the government documents and read them and I'm convinced there wasn't a UFO there. On the other hand, you shouldn't give up hope because just a couple months ago, our government astrophysicists spotted a planet revolving around a star that is one of the closest to our solar system that they believe has conditions close enough to earth that it might contain life. Unfortunately, its 20 million light years away so unless you, your kids and your grandkids, and maybe one more generation, want to take a trip for us, we'll have to wait for them to come to us. And then we'll know the truth."

Bill Clinton
answering the question “When will we ever know the truth about UFOs? February 6, 2008

I’ve never met Dennis Kucinich and I don’t know Governor Richardson. No I don’t think there are UFOs. No I don’t think the government...  What the hell are we talking about? This has gone downhill real quick.

Joe Biden
7 terms as Senator from Delaware and 2008 Democratic nominee for President in reply to the question – Do you believe in UFOs?

"Look, this subject - with a top secret clearance and subpoena, I have not been able to penetrate it. You're dealing with the varsity team of all super secret projects. Good luck." [laughs]...

Senator Robert Byrd
West Virginia's chief counsel and attorney who had a top secret clearance and subpoena power
to Dr. Steven Greer

Yes. If I can find out what it is... it really is.

George Bush Sr.
1988 in reply to releasing the UFO files if elected as President

"This man (Dick Cheney) knows. He was Secretary of Defense…And was a great one. It will be the first thing he (pointing to Cheney) will do. He'll get right on it."

George W. Bush
in reply to if he will release the truth on UFOs.

"My alien encounter is further proof of my commitment to expanding the Republican Party’s appeal. New faces, new voices. It goes to show that I am willing to reach across certain demographic lines."

George W. Bush
to reporters on his campaign plane in response to a Weekly World News from page story showing George Bush shaking hands with an alien who was predicting his victory in the 2000 election.

I heard you had reports this morning of an unidentified aircraft. Don’t worry it was just me.

George W. Bush
speaking to the Military Academy in Roswell, New Mexico January 22, 2004

I don’t see any reason to keep information like that secret, but there may be some aspects of the UFO information which I am not familiar that might be related to some secret experiments that we were doing that involve national security or new weapons systems. I certainly wouldn’t release that.

Jimmy Carter
1976 presidential campaign

I think it is impossible in my opinion – some people disagree, to have space people from other from other planets or other stars to come here. I do not believe that is possible.

Jimmy Carter
November 2007 speaking to CNN following the Kucinich UFO question in the Democratic debate on October 30.

"We need to look at the realms of applied and higher mathematics.  I still believe in E = mc squared.  But I can't believe that in all of human history, we'll never ever be able to go beyond the speed of light to reach where we want to go.  I happen to believe that mankind can do it.  I've argued with physicists about it.  I've argued with best friends about it.  I just have to believe it.  It's my only faith-based initiative."

General Wesley Clark
Sept. 27, 2003,  in New Castle, New Hampshire

I heard a bit. In fact, I'm going to be in Roswell, New Mexico tonight. There are things going on. But we will have to work out our own mathematics.

General Wesley Clark
Reno Nevada, October 30, 2004 in reply to whether or not he was briefed on UFOs

“The Secretary of the Air Force ordered it to be that way.”

Col. Bill Coleman
Air Force Spokesman to Project Blue Book responding to a question from film producer Robert Emenegger as to why the Air Force had been so forthcoming in providing information and films to the 1974 documentary “UFOs, Past, Present and Future.”

The last time I heard this talked to me, a man whom I trust from the Air Forces said that it was, as far as he knew, completely inaccurate to believe that they came from any outside a planet or otherwise.

President Dwight Eisenhower
December 1954 White House News Conference

Mr. President, anyone who can cross millions of miles of space will be able to take care of themselves when they get there. Don’t start something you can’t finish.

Albert Einstein
Talking to President Truman about the “shoot-them-down” order of UFOs flying over Washington DC on July 19, 1952 - As quoted by national radio host Frank Edwards

"During my public career in Congress, as Vice President and President, I made various requests for information on UFOs. The official authorities always denied the UFO allegations.”

President Gerald Ford
March 17, 1998 letter to George Filer

I was privileged to see what I consider an Unidentified Flying Object very far out in the sky and it was going at tremendous speed. I could not identify any movement within the object. It was just a tremendous light. ..We would be naive to accept any theory that earth is the total estate of God’s domain. There must be other planets. There must be other creatures. There must be other living things. We are not the most intelligent of God’s creatures.

Sir Eric Gairy
 Prime Minister of Grenada 1974-1979
repeatedly called for a special group within the UN to investigate UFO's

I believe in G-O-D not U-F-O.

Mike Huckabee
Former Governor of Arkansas and 2008 Republican candidate for President

Look, I have a pension to worry about. I have a family to take care of, and they told me to just back away from this entirely or else.

James Irwin
Apollo 15 astronaut to Frank Stranges after backing out of speaking at a 1976 UFO convention where he was going to “inform us of the strange things he saw on the surface of the moon.”

He told me the story here in the hanger…as soon as we were by ourselves. He turned to me and he looked at me and said, “I’m going to say something that is Top Secret. If you repeat it I will deny ever having said it.” He said they weren’t there (on the moon surface) an hour and a saucer landed a mile away from them and we asked Houston if we could motor over and say howdy. They said ‘no ignore them and pretend they’re not there, and carry on about your business.’ He said the all the time we were there they saw no sign of movement, and they were still there when we left.

James Irwin
(on tape) to a famous Canadian pilot

“I am keeping myself abreast of information developed on this subject.”

Senator Robert Kennedy
Letter to UFO researcher Robert Barrow, October 2, 1965

“If it were desirable to hold congressional hearings on the question of unidentified flying objects, I would certainly agree that they should be open to the public.”

Robert Kennedy
Letter to Ralph Rankow, August 15, 1965

The subject is the biggest hot potato of all time.

Henry Kissinger
speaking of UFOs

While we would not be in a position to send an expert in response to each such request, we are always willing to investigate all responsible reports or claims of evidence.

President Lyndon Johnson
Writing as Vice-President to a letter about a UFO photo written by Ronald Anstee - September 21, 1961

"The whole question of declassification of any government projects which might have been associated with unidentified flying objects seems to be on the right track… I am sure that should classification be lifted, some individuals will be disappointed as certain of these phenomena will be pretty well explained. Any review will certainly disappoint some individuals who have built up some rather extreme antidotal and uncollaborated accounts which the removal of classification might discredit to a large extent."

Melvin Laird
(Former Secretary of Defense under Richard Nixon)
May 9, 1994 Letter to Laurance Rockefeller

From what I have been told, a Pentagon spokesman was less than civil in a verbal response to a GAO investigator when asked about Roswell. The alleged response was “Go shit in your hat.” If that is accurate, it is my opinion an unfortunate reply. It could reflect that he was having a bad day, or it could be a recent example that unwillingness to discuss the subject.

Dr. Scott Jones
Head Human Potential Foundation and Aide to Senator Claiborne Pell who was part of the Rockefeller UFO Initiative to the Clinton White House – writing to President Clinton’s science Advisor February 17, 1994


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