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Written by Grant Cameron   
Saturday, 14 July 2012 21:04

These are very rough notes from interviews that were done with CIA Contract Agent Chase Brandon on two Coast to Coast AM radio appearances. As he is still employed by the CIA he represents the agency on the subject of UFOs when he talks.

It should be noted that in the first June 23 interview Brandon was coll and collected. In interview #2 on July 12 he seemed very rattled at times and there was a long pause when he was asked if he had ever been asked by the CIA to influence Hollywood productions about UFOs.

If Brandon is the new CIA Falcon every word he says should be studied very carefully.

People who wish to hear the actual interview can still access it in the audio vault at (use June 24 1:00pm and July 13 1:00pm as the time settings)



From Chase Brandon Coast to Coast AM interview #1 June 23, 2012

“All employees sign a Secrecy Agreement. Violation of that agreement can bring severe repercussions.”

“inform and educate public” or “influence public beliefs”

Question about if he is retired


  • retired but in the 64 square miles in Washington different reality
  • Beltway bandits “independent contractor world”. People drawn to work at CIA “No one wants to give it up”
  • “Most of us still like the work especially if we can help”
  • “We like to contribute”
  • “Yes you stick about and work under contract”

“Yah we’re all out and about but most people are still prescribed and limited to what they can say because of the national security secrecy agreements we signed and most of us believe we can talk in general terms about what we do without giving away enormous amounts of detailed information that absolutely jeopardizes national security interests, and when that is done out of self-serving political interests or any other kind of interest package that is not in the interest of the United States and the people who live in this great country that is real quite unconscionable . None of us think that we do that or ever would do that.”

“That book “Cryptos Conundrum” is a good case in point. It was in and out of the publications review board and this taken out and something else substituted, and I argued that this was all based on totally public sector information and so in the end it was approved as is the second manuscript for the next book called “Hour Glass” which I hope will be out in the next 16-18 months, once Cryptos has run its hard back and paper back period of time. Actually that one – Hour Glass- got hammered more in the publications review process, because it’s not science fiction – it’s just fiction but it is pretty realistic fiction, and it’s classic espionage spy thriller where Cryptos is science fiction, but has an awful lot of real history and real names in it – and real information having to do with other things including UFOs.”

“I can be open and overt because I was paid for 10 years to be the most overt face and voice in the CIA, second only to George Tenet…”

“I am absolutely not going to give away sources and methods of how we do our business but in general to talk about some of the things and give you a flavor of what you see on the news and read in the press. Yah I can do that.”

Defines clandestine agents as people “who lie and steal for the US government”

“It always under the guidance of more regulators than you can imagine, starting with the oval office, and running down through the office of budget management, and the oversight committees, the governor office and the agency’s own general counsel, the agency’s own ethical code and credo. We are the most monitored “rogue” agency that there is.”

“Part of covert action is propaganda and propaganda is deliberate manipulation and misrepresentation and misdirection that comes with supporting certain political aspirants that get…”

“60,000 foot perspective pressing down” (referring to the pressure on CIA from above)

“There are many “Rules and regulations that literally tie our hands behind our backs.”

Chase Brandon July 13, 2012 Coast to Coast AM


“tell you my feelings”

“What was not in the box”

“Containment information management propaganda advertising”

When asked why Roswell was covered up “effort to hold back until studies were done”

“I have no idea where that (Roswell) material went. Fewer and fewer people with security clearances”

Reference to Roswell “hard to prove 100%”

“I already believe”

“Tell me. It’s a validation of what I already believe in”

As to what was in the Roswell box “Generically some photography, some material items, and other written materials. That’s important to me.”


Brandon starts his discussion about what was in the box

“What’s important to say about the box from the standpoint of CIA as an organization who owns the material wherever it is today – what relatively little there was in there. It is not a prima fascia indictment that CIA sitting on top of and covering up some conspiracy about aliens. It was what was not in the box George and the people that are listening – there were no alla Vietnam when servicemen that collected Viet Cong ears. There are no alien ears. No eyeballs floating in jars of formaldehyde. There was no little space goggles, or uniform parts. That is not what was in there.

If the question to me again is do I think the agency conspiratorially was involved in the Kennedy assassination – no I absolutely do not think so. 911 Good Lord, no absolutely not. All the other things that we get slanderously charged with no I don’t believe that either. Did we take possession of anything forensically after the 1947 crash? George I don’t know that. But I do know that what I saw is not and should never be construed to mean I think - I believe – anyone else should think or believe – the things in that box constitute the smoking gun about CIA’s role in covering up anything. I have no idea what any other government agency has! The Air Force was involved – Wright Patterson Air Force Base – what happened to all that stuff. I mean I don’t know what I don’t know. I only know what I do know and that for me – what I saw- and I described those things in general terms. They validated what I already believed, and I hope that puts that in a context for you.

The box was not classified. None of those boxes had anything on them that said that they were classified, so I think they were the sort of flotsam and jetsam of stuff that ended up in desks. How it got there and who sent it in – who unwrapped something and opened an envelope or box and said “what am I going to do with this?” so they stuck it somewhere here and there and it along with all the other odds and ends wound up in the other boxes came to rest eventually in the Historical Intelligence Collection.

So the reason I won’t say what’s in there was because it’s not my property. Whatever it is belongs to the agency. The agency is an intelligence organization. The whole place is a giant classified box in and of itself. So I signed a security oath. I am bound by my own sense of integrity and loyalty to my agency. I am not going to divulge something that I am not authorized to divulge. What I said is probably a stretch on that concept. It validated for me what I already believed, and I believe the idea that something landed and crashed out there is just one more of the histories mysteries about how we have been influenced way back hundreds thousands of years millennium from some kind of being that came from some kind of place else for some reason. I think what they brought here were gifts of math science, construction and you know that we are finding in the last few years (leaving out bunch of rambling about ancient astronaut stuff) Something strange has been happening on planet earth from something not from planet earth for a very long time.”

Question:  Asked why doesn’t CIA just take the box and say this happened in 1947 here it is. Show the Wright - Patterson stuff or the alien in the jar? (In my opinion at this point Brandon starts to loose focus as if he doesn’t really have an answer)

“Because people make political decisions driven by that 60,000 foot level. People that CIA works for that have other equities involved. We say things and divulge things for certain reasons and when it suits certain political equities and vested interests of political leadership, and we don’t say other things on other occasions when it doesn’t. the whole business of – one of the questions that you didn’t ask and other people have asked me, “What do I think about the revelation - deliberate - of seriously classified information having to do with our ability to safeguard our nation right now based upon the sources and methods and identities of intelligence officers – or strategies and tactics for dealing with really crucial issues like terrorists and their capabilities to attack us. What happens when we give out information like that that lets the very enemy that we are trying to disrupt and dismantle or vanquish. When we give them precisely what they need to change their tactics and come at us from a new angle that we are probably not prepared. Why do we give up things like that? Why do we make revelations about how those incredible Seals operatives go in and took down someone as heinous and ??? as Osama Bin Laden. Why do we make revelations?”

Follow-up question – George Noory points out difference between a terrorist and an episode that happened 65 years ago that can’t hurt us, unless there is something going on that they aren’t telling us about. George thinks that if the government knows about ETs they have an obligation to tell us.

Answer- “You cut into the middle of my logical presentation, and while yours was equally logical. They are both similar and at cross purposes. I was saying that decisions are made to do things because of political equities and often it is personal aggrandizement. It makes certain leadership look more potent and powerful perhaps at key times in an ongoing political process so it serves interests even as it cripples our ability. I find that unconscionable and frankly something should be done about that too.”

(After a break which is significant because Brandon seemed very rattled with the questions before the break) “If decisions are made to release when it serves one kind of interest, then logically decisions are made to withhold when the perception is that it represents another kind of interest. All that kind of stuff is beyond my pay grade. I am not up at the 60,000 foot level.(which he indentifies in the first C2C interview as the CIA clients – The President, executive branch, senate intelligence committees etc)  I don’t know what I don’t know. I do know that the event happened as it is. I evoke the learned words of a sixteen century English philosopher, one of my favorite people to quote about many things – Francis Bacon. Bacon said a lot of really potent things about a lot of things. The one that applies to this book and I used it as a quote in the book on the opening page “Truth is so hard to tell. It sometimes needs fiction to make it plausible.” I think the way to put things into context that don’t make sense is often address them from the standpoint of if we could say something could we say it in a way that it could be said, and fiction and science fiction actually I think often times accomplish more in getting a message across than people who try and write a non-fiction piece or analogical piece. It gets so bogged down in its own complex language and moreover cannot even be approved to be released anyway because it does center on things that information that governing entities and organizations don’t want to see released. My book the Cryptos Conundrum talks about Roswell and of all the elements of the management of the event in a propaganda misdirection way – of psychological warfare of you will. It does it in a science fiction context, and the book did go through the agency’s public agency’s review board two or three different times. They wanted things taken out and I did. They wanted things changed. I changed them. I wanted to be in compliance with that process, and I did, and I have a stamp in the front of the book that it was approved for publication.”

“It also interestingly says, and it is right here for the reading – the comments and opinions of the author do not represent the official positions opinions of the CIA. That’s fine. I will tell you there is a story in Cryptos that’s really worth reading. You won’t find it if you just read the line. You gotta read between them. It’s in there.”

Mentions he takes orders from “Director of public affairs” at CIA


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