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The entire Smith stories presented by Grant Cameron is available in a two hour lecture presented in two sessions. It is a complete overview of who Wilbert Smith was and what he did regarding the subject of flying saucers.


2002 Ozark UFO Conference Video Order Form

Tape# Speaker                     Session Title

1 David Rudiak                       "The Roswell Ramey Memo . . Smoking Gun"

2 Dr. James Deardorff             "How the Aliens Maintain the UFO Coverupů"

3 Bob Pratt                             "UFO Terror in Brazil"

4 Wendelle Stevens                 "Update on Three ET Contact Cases"

5 Grant Cameron                     "Wilbert Smith: Official Canadian UFO Study"

6 Antonio Huneeus                   "UFO Chronicles: Chile and Beyond"

7 Linda M. Howe                       "Updates on Crop Circles, Mutilations, and Aztec"

8 Timothy Good                        "Alien Perspectives: The Baby and Bathwater Syndrome"

9 Speakers Panel

10 Sunday Morning Mini-sessions

11 2002 EP Set (Entire Conference on 3 tapes)

Individual presentations on separate VHS cassettes at SP -$19.95 each

EP Set (Entire Conference on Three VHS cassettes at EP speed) - $75.00

Prices include 4th class shipping


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(501) 354-2558 - E-mail: ozarkufo@webtv.net



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