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Wilbert Smith Articles


Official Reticence - Wilbert Smith, head of the Canadian Government flying saucer program explains the reasons why the program was and still is secret.

Scepticism -Wilbert Smith discusses something every Ufologist has experienced -scepticism.

Canadian UFO Study: Project Magnet - Project magnet was the Official Canadian Government program set up to investigate flying saucers. Wilbert Smith discusses what was discovered.

The Day Project Magnet Detected a Flying Saucer - Wilbert Smith describes the events of August 8, 1954 when the Canadian Flying saucer Observatory detected something strange.

We are Not Alone -Wilbert Smith discusses his belief that aliens exist and are visiting the earth.

Reporting Flying Saucer Sightings - Wilbert Smith gives advise on things important to reporting flying saucer sightings.

The Philosophy of the Saucers - Smith describes the beings that build and fly the flying saucers.

The Five Faces of Man

Binding Forces - Wilbert Smith explaining areas of reduced binding around the world created by atomic tests.

Are We Entering - Or Leaving? -Wilbert Smith looks at the problem of the atomic bomb.

The Vanishing Act - Wilbert Smith looks at the phenomena of flying saucers suddenly appearing and disappearing.

The Bell's Corner Mystery -Wilbert Smith and his close associate Buck Buchanan report on a bizarre alien encounter five miles outside the Canadian capitol.

Gravity Day - 1960 -Wilbert Smith gives the Ottawa Flying saucer Club his report on Gravity Day sponsored by the Gravity research Organization.

Wilbert Smith Sighting - Smith describes a sighting he had on August 16, 1960

On Life - A Poem written shortly before his death by Wilbert Smith

Gravitational Speculations -A look at some of the theories about gravity that might have been overlooked by orthodox science.