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2008 Presidential Election

UFO Articles


Jeff Peckman on David Letterman- Jeff Peckman, who said he is determined to bring the UFO question to Barack Obama will appear on the David Letterman show Tuesday June 10, 2008.

Hillary Clinton Rockefeller Initiative T-Shirts have arrived

Who is Backing Obama?

Barack Obama to Face the UFO Question?  - When Hillary withdrew from the race for the White House it appeared the hope of a serious discussion of UFOs in a presidential campaign was dead. Now it appears the UFO question may become a part of  the upcoming DNC convention in Denver.

Canadians would Welcome Extraterrestrials - So says Justin Trudeau, son of former long servicing Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau


Bill Richardson and the Roswell Alien Apex Resort theme park

Hillary Talks about the Alien Invasion

New alien video shown in Denver Colorado today is a reminder of the George W. Bush alien video No one ever did come up with an explanation of the alien looking face that appeared behind George Bush during a speech in August 2007.

UFO Quotes - Check out UFO quotes from Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton ,and other famous people.

Judicial Watch Continues to Whine About UFO document releases from the Clinton Library

UFO Letter to President Thomas Jefferson- A letter from Edward Hansford dated July 31, 1813 describing an extraordinary phenomena viewed on July 25, 1813

The Story that Won't Go Away - Five years after this story first appeared on the Presidents UFO Website, many people still come to read this story. Like the candidacy of Hillary Clinton it will not go away.

UFO Disclosure Efforts in the Clinton Administration

Hillary Clinton UFO Net

Space Invaders on the Campaign Trail - Another Hillary Clinton UFO article from US News and World Report

Hillary Clinton UFO Website - Finally the site that tells all about Hillary and UFOs. Check out the videos and audios. Read the full story how Bill and Hillary tried to disclose the UFO secret.

Hillary Clinton UFO Endorsement - As Hillary's campaign stumbles towards losing the Democratic nomination presidentialufo.com endorses her as the best UFO presidential candidate in the 2008 election.

Clinton Tells Sunshine Week She's "Committed to Restoring Open Government"

The Final Three - Clinton, Obama, and McCain - How they Match up in Space Exploration, Government Transparency, and the UFO Disclosure Issue

What candidates say about open government

Shedding light on government

Open-government promises too often fade into secrecy

UFOs Come to Election Year America

Hillary Clinton Talks UFOs - Just before the February 5 Super-Tuesday democratic primaries Hillary talked about the handling of the subject of UFOs during the Clinton administration. The conversation happened at a fund raising event in Los Angeles with radio host and Ufologist Rob Simone. Hillary confirmed the efforts of Laurance Rockefeller to get disclosure on the subject of UFOs from the Clinton administration. She confirmed the meeting with Laurance in August of 1995 and stated she had passed the information on to the President. Rob Simone has promised a transcript of his conversation with Hillary.

UFOs and Star Wars - The Elizabeth Kucinich Interview

UFOs, The 2008 Election Campaign, and Astrological Predictions

UFO Conspiracy Theorists Banking on Hillary Clinton Winning the Election

Where the Candidates Stand on Space

Obama Not Outer Space Fan - In the October 30th democratic debate when asked the question if he thought there was life on other planets, Obama spun the question and turned it into a domestic policy statement. Now George Bush's dream of going back to the moon and on to Mars has been rejected by Obama. Also see Obama's Nasa Plan and SPACE NEWS Cosmos » Obama Wants to Slash NASA’s Budget


The Kucinich Sightings Details- The Wall Street Journal talks to the witnesses

Secrecy Wins Again

Presidential UFO Interview now Online - Thanks to my friend Paula Harris my CoasttoCoastam interview is now online.

Clinton Library UFO Documents Now Online - The Paradigm Research Group has just posted the few dozen pages of UFO files recently obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests from the Clinton Library. There are almost 30,000 pages under review, so there will be many documents to follow.

Waiting for Hillary's Files

The Clinton Library UFO Audio Related FOIA Release - Bill Clinton talks about the alien invasion during an interview with Tom Brokaw in July 1996. (search page for Clinton ET Threat)

The Clinton Library UFO Related Photo Requests and FOIAs - Photos include Clinton's first CIA Director James Woolsey who had a daylight UFO sighting in the late 1960s and who initiated a new UFO study for the CIA which was published in 1997. Included are three photos of Hillary Clinton at the Rockefeller JY Ranch where Laurance Rockefeller sat down with Hillary and the President to talk UFO disclosure. Included is a photo of the President and Laurance Rockefeller who spent three year 1993-1996 working to get UFO disclosure through the Clinton White House. Included are three photos from the "Lighting of the Christmas Tree" in Belfast Northern Ireland November 1995 where Bill Clinton stated that if alien bodies had been found in the 1947 Roswell crash, the Air Force had not told him and he would like to know. There is a photo of the first female commander of a space shuttle, Eileen Collins, with Hillary and the President. Hillary who had wanted to be an astronaut herself, supported the promotion for Collins. (This is a large file which takes some time to open - I will try and make it smaller)

The Clinton Library UFO Files - Some UFO Files have recently been released by the Clinton Presidential Library. Check out the Excel file that lists all the filings and the number of pages still under review. The file shows there are many more UFO files to be released.

Hillary Makes Alien Reference - During a recent campaign stop Hillary Clinton made a reference to the 1996 alien movie "Independence Day" appealing for a united world. The movie was also talked about by Bill Clinton when he was President, saying that if the aliens did attack the world would unite to win over the invaders. (The Clinton Library has just released the audio of this interview with MSNBC reporter Tom Brokaw. Looking back, Bill and Hillary made many UFO, alien and outer space comments during speeches given when they were in the White House See the article Clinton Alien Talk.

Clinton Library has Responded to UFO Inquiries - Little Else - An article that describes how upset the neocons are about UFO material being released by the Clinton Library before the "policy and ethical lapses of the Clinton White House" which can be used against Hillary Clinton in her run for the President of the United States.

New Photos from the Clinton Library UFO file release - These photos include Hillary with Laurance Rockefeller at the JY ranch in August 1995 when Rockefeller sat the Clintons down to talk UFOs, Bill Clinton with Laurance Rockefeller, and Bill Clinton with his first CIA director James Woolsey.

Bill Clinton and the UFO Crash at Roswell

President Clinton, Camp David, and the Sci-Fi Channel

Shirley MacLaine, UFOs, and Dennis Kucinich

LA Times looks at Kucinich and the UFO Issue

Shirley MacLaine: More Detail on What President Carter Said

The Rockefeller Initiative 1993-96 - Documents obtained from the Office of Science & Technology Policy via the Freedom of Information Act confirm a highly important and little publicized effort to convince Bill Clinton to be the Disclosure President

CNN Censors UFO Question from Presidential Debate

 Hillary and the UFO Question

Two Steps Forward : One Step Back - A commentary of the Larry King Live Show "Are they for Real"

Another Kucinich Cartoon

Washington Post Covers Clinton UFO Release

Clinton Library Releases UFO Files

CBS Promotes this Website

Dennis Kucinich, Hillary Clinton and UFO's

Shirley MacLaine on the "Today" show- Shirley talks about UFOs. Part of what she says is "I've talked to a lot of Presidents I mean these people are saying they are real."

Reagan Also Saw UFO

Shirley MacLaine Calls for UFO Disclosure

Jimmy Carter Denies UFO Tales - In a stunning interview Jimmy Carter denies that he asked then CIA Director George Bush for the UFO files in 1976. He also states clearly that he doesn't believe the earth is being visited by ETs.

A Jovial Kucinich On A Moonlit Night - Kucinich makes new comments about UFOs

UFO discussions aren’t completely alien to politics - An Article from the Kansas City Star.

Former President Carter now declaring UFO skepticism about his 1969 sighting.

Mitt Romney is UFO skeptic - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney declared in a visit to Kucinich's home state that he doesn't believe ETs have visited the earth.

Kucinich and the UFO - An article from Hartford Courant which brings up a lot of good points about what happens when a candidate talks about UFOs.

Breaking the Taboo - Finally - Journalist Billy Cox has been involved in writing about presidential UFO issues since the 1988 campaign when he prepared himself to ask a question during an event where he George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan were in the same room. Now after so many years the issue is front and center in the 2008 presidential campaign. Cox must be loving it.

First Kucinich UFO Cartoon is out

Hillary Clinton Strategist claims Kucinich got easy questions - As candidates were being asked UFO/alien question in the October 30 Democratic Presidential Debate Hillary was probably hoping she would not be asked. Now one of her strategists is claiming the UFO question was a softball question.

Bill Richardson on Roswell - Democratic campaigner Richardson tells MSNBC that the government has not come clean about Roswell.

Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson & UFOs: The 'other' Alien Question in the 2008 Presidential Election- Michael Salla takes a look at the UFO question in light of the UFO questions asked in the October 30th Democratic Presidential Debate.

Not Just Kucinich, But Presidents, Have Sighted UFOs -Wayne Madsen looks at the many Presidential UFO stories.

Clinton Files Just Released !! - The Clinton Presidential Library has just released 12 of my nearly 100 FOIAs in whole or in part. The total release is 68 pages. Details will follow as soon as the final letters arrive. Right now I know the released material will include correspondence with President Clinton and Marie Glabraith, Paul Davids and Edgar Mitchell. I will also include some of all of a request asking for all John Podesta files on UFOs and X-files.

Kucinich's UFO Experience-- An Excuse for The MSM to Pull a "Dean Scream" Media Hit Job?

Phone Home Kucinich: UFO Lobby Wants Hillary/Richardson Ticket

UFOs, Attacks and Fireworks at Dem Debate

Dennis Kucinich Silence - The Kucinich campaign has elected to make no comment about the recent disclosure that Congressman Kucinich had a close encounter while visiting with actress Shirley MacLaine. This article will tell you why they aren't talking.

Bill Richardson Promises to help Uncover the Roswell Mystery - In a recent comment with the Washington Post Richardson's presidential campaign spokesman refused to comment on UFOs. Now in response to a question in Austin Texas Richardson has promised to go for the hidden files.

Rename Reagan National to 'Moonbat Airport'? Journalist Billy Cox looks further into the Kucinich UFO sighting.

Leave Dennis Kucinich alone! Billy Cox  his usual wisdom to the Kucinich sighting.

Shirley MacLaine: Dennis Kucinich Saw a UFO

   Jimmy Carter & Dennis Kucinich: The "Extraterrestrial Candidates"  An article from the Exopolitics website looking at the recent revelation by Shirley MacLaine that Dennis Kucinich had a dramatic UFO encounter.

On Giuliani's incident at Exeter - Giuliani takes a UFO question from a six year old in a famous UFO location.

Hillary Clinton Files - As researchers seek out Hillary's files from the Bill Clinton administration, they find that the files they are seeking may not appear until after the November 2008 election.

UFO Ticket: Hillary/Richardson? -Article written by Billy Cox from Florida Today. Billy has been following the UFO presidential issue since the mid 1980s.

John McCain UFO Talk -Will Presidential candidate John McCain get involved in the 2008 UFO Election issue? An article by Billy Cox.

Hillary Files Face Lawsuit - I have filed 80+ FOIAs for UFO files with the Clinton Presidential Library. Even though the requests were filed in February 2006 I have not received a single page of the roughly 30,000 pages that are under review for me. Now Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption has filed a lawsuit against U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, which runs the Clinton Library. The lawsuit requests Hillary Clinton's files related to the her involvement with the Bill Clinton administration. How this is resolved will be of interest to Ufology, as almost all of my requests were filed before the Judicial Watch FOIA, and they should therefore be processed first.

Richardson Answers all the Questions - Democratic campaigner and possible Hillary Clinton running mate Bill Richardson answered all the questions at a July 28 New Hampshire campaign stop. Unfortunately, no one was there to ask about Roswell or UFOs.

Government Openness - Apparently only Democratic candidate Bill Richardson passed the test.

Hillary Clinton Files Update - I was interviewed for this Associated Press article which says you probably will not see Hillary Clinton White House files before the election.

Richardson: No Comment on UFOs - Billy Cox, a journalist from Florida Herald Tribune is a one man media show in his attempt to get 2008 presidential candidates to address the UFO issue. As candidates are discovering - you can run but you can't hide.

Interpreting Podesta's Silence - John Podesta who was once outspoken about his belief that the truth about UFOs should be know, is now completely silent on the issue. The question is why? Journalist Billy Cox looks for the answer.

Will UFOs Help Hillary? - The slow pace of the FOIA process in most government agencies may help Hillary avoid new information about old scandals. The thing that helps cause the delays is the many UFO related FOIAs in the system.

Archived Clinton Records May Go Public Soon - Is the library now allowing the Judicial Watch FOIA to jump the cue?