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Dr. Mitchell Comments on Vice Admiral Tom Wilson UFO Denial

Mitchell Speaks Out About Wilson's Denial - Amended and fuller story


Astronaut Edgar Mitchell has revealed to me what he believes
is the reason that retired Admiral Thomas Wilson is now denying a claim that

he was refused access to UFO information. 


His comments follow extensive media coverage of an interview he gave on a UK radio station in which he claimed the UFO cover-up, the Roswell crash and alien life, is real.

See some of that media coverage here:



This is turn sparked off an article by journalist Billy Cox here: http://tiny.cc/KGknO

in which he writes of a meeting between Mitchell and the Admiral who promised to delve deeper into UFO secrets - but is now denying he took any action or that he was refused access to information.


Subsequently there were further revelations by UFO author and researcher Richard Dolan here :http://www.ufodigest.com/news/0808/wilson.html 


In his email interview with me, Dr Mitchell, explained why he thought the Admiral was now denying further probing the UFO topic. 


He referred me to an article in Jane's Defence Weekly entitled
"Pentagon's Hidden Budget" by defense analyst Bill Sweetman
in which he discusses Special Access Programs in great
detail. This report is here:

Dr Mitchell points to a quote from that article:

"An unacknowledged SAP - a black program - is a program
which is considered so sensitive that the fact of its existence is a
'core secret', defined in USAF regulations as 'any item,
progress, strategy or element of information, the compromise of which
would result in unrecoverable failure'. In other words, revealing
the existence of a black program would undermine its military

Dr Mitchell told me: "The UFO program that the admiral
sought would be in this category. Thus by law he would be required to
deny the existence of such a program. For a core secret SAP, even a
"no comment" would be a breach of security."

Dr Mitchell believes that the Billy Cox report above, together
with the Jane's article "tells it all".

He writes: "They somewhat go together and validate the
entire episode."

He adds: "This SAP designation is the reason it is so
difficult to get any truthful information to the public. NO INFORMATION is
exempt from containment"

I understand Dr Mitchell has no wish to fan any flames of
conflict between he and Admiral Wilson who is, as he put it,  "caught
in the political security rules dilemma as is anyone with inside
knowledge whether they like it or not."

Dr Mitchell has given full permission for me to post his
comments. He said: "The more people and media get to see this, the sooner we
can break open the alien visitation issue."

Dave Haith