As the Webmaster of the Presidents UFO Web Site I have noticed by reviewing the numbers each day, as to who is on the site and what they view, that a good percentage of  my visitors are students. 

After having researched this subject for 27 years I have also come to the conclusion that it might be many years until society is told the truth about out extraterrestrial visitors. 

This Presidential UFO site might therefore be simply one piece of a puzzle that might  be put together in future years, by students reading this site today. The secret will some day be released. 

To explore what the students of today are writing about UFOs, and to hopefully advance and encourage those who show promise, I have opened up a section on the Web site for student UFO papers and studies. 

Students are encouraged to send in their UFO papers and studies. They will be presented and promoted. Hopefully my friends who run Roswell, Abduction, or State sites will open student sites for papers in their fields of expertise.

Please send papers to president@presidentialufo.com

Please make sure that each paper has:


Age: To put papers in the proper age category.

City/town & State: In case one of the State UFO sites wishes to carry it.