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This memo was written to Dr. Solandt only days after Smith wrote the Top Secret UFO memo to the Department of Transport asking for permission to go ahead with Project Magnet.

It deals with an article that Major Donald Keyhoe was about to publish in "True" magazine. Smith rewrote the article as "the presentation might cause considerable embarrassment to the Canadian government since they would be required to make some sort of official statement shortly after the release of the article which they are not, at the present time, in a position to do." He notifies Keyhoe of the problem.

The redraft was sent to Vannevar Bush for "clearance." This is discussed in the Canadian Embassy correspondence. In this November 24, 50 memo Smith is bringing Solandt up to date on the status of the Keyhoe article, and brings up the review being done by the  Research and Development Board (Vannevar Bush).

The five page article was later reprinted in Donald Keyhoe's "Flying Saucers from Outer Space" p.133-136.