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One Possible Wilbert Smith - MJ-12 channel

As I put the last documents on a Smith CD disc I came across this one which will be in the Canadian- American Liaison section. The question has always existed as to Smith's connection to those who had control of the actual UFO information. Would he have had a channel to the real information?

This attached letter does not discuss UFOs, but it does show how close the link would have been if UFO information had been requested and clearance granted.

Arnauld Wright who wrote the letter was the military liaison who carried Wilbert Smith's paper on flying saucers to Vannevar Bush. He was also undoubtedly involved in tracking down Sarbacher for the 1950 interview with Smith.

McKay Donkin who received the letter was Dr. Eric Walker's special hand picked assistant in the Pentagon. Dr. Walker is in fact buried right next to Donkin at State College. Walker gained his UFO fame by admitting to Bill Steinman that he had attended briefings on a crashed flying saucer at WPAFB, and in the same 1987 interview that he had known of MJ-12 for 40 years.

This letter was written a few months after Smith sent the Top Secret flying saucer memo to the Department of Transport, and during the period when Dr. Walker was Executive Secretary of the Research and Development Board. At this time Dr.Walker also sat as the R&DB representative on the State-Defense MIC Committee that controlled the release of classified military information to Canada and Britain.

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