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People Around Wilbert Smith


Inner Circle: The top closest group to Smith and what he knew. Member included Buck Buchanan, Wing-Commander William Riddell, Art Bridge and Darrel Halford-Watkins, and Ken Killick.


Government Officials: Dr. Omond Solandt (DRB), Dr. Peter Millman (NRC-Dominion Observatory), Dr. Rose, (NRC), Dr. Mackenzie (NRC), Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent, Prime Minister Diefenbaker, Frank T. Davies (DRB),


U.S. Contacts:

Dr. Vannevar Bush, Canadian Military Liaison Arnauld Wright, Major Keyhoe, Vice-Admiral Knowles, Admiral, Captain Donald Goodspeed (Canadian contact with CIA working at Pentagon), Gordon Cox (Canadian Embassy), Dr. Robert Sarbacher


Ottawa Flying Saucer Club


There were about 50 people in the Ottawa Flying Saucer Club. Many of these people came and went. Some reportedly showing up in the meetings were believed to be intelligence people coming to check what was being said. One inner circle member said that was OK with him.


The club met every second Tuesday of the month. It continued on after Wilbert Smith died, but faded out as the 1960’s ended.


Project Magnet People


Dr. Garland, Dr. J.T. Wilson, W.G. Robson, R.H. Cairns, J.H. Thompson


Project Second Storey People


Dr. Peter Millman, dominion Observatory NRC, Chairman, Mr. H.C. Oatway Secretary, Squadron Leader L.P.S. Bing from Joint Intelligence committee, Group captain D.M. Edwards from the Directorate of Air Intelligence, Commander J.C. Pratt from Directorate of Naval Intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel E.H. Webb from Directorate of Military Operations and Planning, Flight Lieutenant V.L. Bradley Defense Research Board, Mr. A.J. Langley Defense research Board.