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Wilbert Smith's (WBS) conversation with Robert I Sarbacher (RIS) on September 15, 1950

This transcript was found in Wilbert Smith's handwriting. It was found in Wilbert Smith's personal files and made public by Arthur Bray in the early 1980s.

WBS: I am doing some work on the collapse of the earth's magnetic field as a source of energy, and I think our work may have a bearing on flying saucers.

RIS: What do you want to know?

WBS: I have read (Frank) Scully's book on the saucers and I would like to know how much of it is true.

RIS: the facts reported in the book are substantially correct.

WBS: Then the saucers exist?

RIS: Yes, they exist.

WBS: Do they operate as Scully suggests on magnetic principle?

RIS: We have not been able to duplicate their performance.

WBS: So they come from some other planet?

RIS: All we know is, that we didn't make them, and it's pretty certain they didn't originate on the earth.

WBS: I understand the whole subject of saucers is classified.

RIS: Yes, it is classified two points higher than the H-bomb. In fact. it is the most highly classified subject in the U.S. government at the present time.

WBS: May I ask the reason for this classification?

RIS: You may ask. but I can't tell you.

WBS: Is there any way in which I can get some information, particularly as it might fit in with our own work?

RIS: I suppose you could be cleared through your own Defense Department and I am pretty sure arrangements could be made to exchange information. If you have anything to contribute we would be glad to talk it over, but I can't give you any more at the present time.