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Presidential UFO Pictures

Ronald Reagan

spielberg_Reagan.jpg (50629 bytes)

Moments after this picture was taken in late June 1982, Steven Spielberg screened "E.T.:The Extraterrestrial" for the President and First Lady. Near the end of the movie Reagan leaned over to Spielberg and stated, "You know, I bet there aren't six people in this room who know just how true this really is."

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October 1982:  A few months after Spielberg screened the movie E.T. for President and Mrs. Reagan,  Reagan and the last man to walk on the moon, Apollo Astronaut Harrison Schmitt, arrive on the tarmac at the Roswell Industrial Air Center, formally known as the Roswell Army Air Base.  Moments after this picture was taken Reagan spoke near the hanger were rumor has it the alien bodies were taken following the 1947 crash. In his speech Reagan made reference to "E.T": The Extraterrestrial. Some believe Reagan's action was an indicator of his strong interest in the subject.

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11/19/85 - President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev meet at their first Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. It was during those private discussions where Reagan stated,  " I couldn't help but say to him, just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species, from another planet, outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries, and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this Earth together."

Letter fro President Ronald Reagan to director Steven Spielberg thanking him for showing "E.T. - The Extraterrestrial" at the White House.

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