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Hello All


I have forwarded the following e-mail to CNN:
To CNN Senior Executives and Miles O'Brien
Re: Alien Feature Monday Nov 24. 2008

The first in the series of ET features was a fair representation - well
done. However there is a serious problem of political credibility or high level
meddling here.

Fife Symington was retained; Jimmy Carter was retained but...
Why was the segment on John Podesta cut out of the CNN video that now
resides on the American Morning web site? The Podesta segment was included
in the original morning broadcast but very, very curiously NOT in the CNN
video now available on the American Morning web site. This is highly suspect
and selective censorship journalism.

I am going to assume CNN was pressured to cut it by someone in the White
House-Elect Staff. We respectfully demand that the video be re-issue to include the John Podesta segment.

Your response please?


It is IMPERATIVE that this type of obvious meddling be addressed. I would
hope and encourage everyone on our Xo-list list to send the above note or
one of their own to express their outrage at this act of blatant censorship.
Write to CNN at: http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5.am.html
Express your support and concern to Miles O'Brien the feature's author at:

Last Item:
Does anyone one yet have access to a YOUTUBE or other non-CNN version of
this morning's American Morning UFO feature?
The CNN "edited" version (sans Podesta) is at:

If we do not react, this type of chicanery will continue.

Victor Viggiani
Exopolitics Toronto