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Apply for a job with the Obama/Biden administration.


Maybe the position we can all apply for would be with "UFO Disclosure
Commission", "UFO Disclosure Office" or "Extraterrestrial Affairs
Commission". It's the kind of opportunity that we might be able to
create just by applying for a commission/office that does not yet exist.
Somewhere in the new administration, a category of e-mails/form
applications will pile up for this new office. At some point the
question will arise, "Is there such an office?". If it gets asked at the
right time to the person who has a million faxes/letters sitting on
his/her desk demanding disclosure, then who knows. It's the kind of
"Audacity" of hope that might just get results.

Also, Sen. Inouye of Hawaii has just taken over the powerful Senate
Appropriations Committee. In one of the the Disclosure Project DVD's, it
opens with comments by Sen. Inouye speaking with disdain and concern
about the "secret government" in the U.S. with it's own Air Force, Army
and Navy that operates without Congressional oversight and outside the law.

It just seems like a kind of "dream team" is forming.


Jeff Peckman