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Nixon_nixon.gif (36646 bytes) President Richard Nixon was, according to comedian Jackie Gleason, a President very interested in UFOs. He was supposed to have had a large collections of books on the subject.
Nixon_Haldeman.gif (84143 bytes) H.R. Haldeman, was an assistant to President Nixon. Bob Emenegger, who had worked on the 1972 election campaign, was offered a film by the Pentagon of aliens landing at Holloman Air Force Base for a documentary he was working on. He stated that while in Los Angeles he had asked Haldeman if he had heard about the Holloman incident. Holloman reported said He had heard "something" about the incident.
Nixon_Laird.gif (136749 bytes) Melvin Laird was chosen by Nixon as his Secretary of Defense. He also sat on Nixon's National Aeronautics and Space Council.  In 1993 he also offered to brief newly elected Secretary of Defense Les Aspin on UFOs.
Rumsfeld_cheney.jpg (35434 bytes) Ronald Rumsfeld was a counselor to President Nixon. In 1968 he sat on the House of Representatives Committee on Science and Astronautics Symposium on UFOs.  Now as Secretary of Defense under President Bush he has promoted a new generation of Star Wars. Rumsfeld (right) is seen in 1975 with Dick Cheney. As aides to the President Gerald Ford they advised him to veto the new Freedom of Information Act, which came about as a result of the Watergate scandal.
Nixon_Rumsfeld_ESP.gif (72382 bytes) Rumsfeld was J. Allen Hynek's congressman prior to his entering the Nixon White House. He introduced J. Allen Hynek at the 1968 Symposium on UFOs. When Rumsfeld became Secretary of Defense under President Ford, Hynek approached Rumsfeld and said that he spent many years working as a consultant to the UFO Project Blue Book. He said after all those years he had a right to know the whole UFO story. Rumsfeld rose from his chair pointed at Hynek and stated "You have no right to know." He then sat down.

This photo published by one web site reportedly shows Rumsfeld trying to contact a UFO using ESP.

K.T. Frankovich was a friend of Dick and Pat Nixon. She lived just down the street from the Nixon presidential compound in Key Biscayne Florida. She has described talking about UFOs as part of her story in a book called Where Heavens Meet.



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