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New Roswell Secrets Revealed

McKinnon's Mother Appeals to Barack Obama

Obama's Press Secretary Faces the UFO Question

Grant Cameron and Angelia Joiner Talk UFO Secrecy

UFOs an Obama Issue

 Cheney Keeps Operation Secret from CIA for 8 Years

Close Encounters with The Pentagon

Beth Noveck, UFOs and the Obama Administration

An UFO Insight on Podesta and Obama

Dr. Caricature  - A new look at UFO researchers

New Clinton UFO video

Ronald Reagan 'thought aliens were planning to invade US'

Angelia Joiner to Interview former CNN Science Reporter Miles O'Brien on her First Radio Show

President Obama Loves Dogs More Than He Loves Space Monsters

UFO Seen by RCMP over Canadian Prime Minister’s Home, 1969

Panetta and Obama's Speeches to CIA Workers

Former astronaut: Man not alone in universe

Reporter Angelia Joiner to host radio show called "The Joiner Report" - Details to follow

X-Conference Live Feed - Sunday lectures include Edgar Mitchell and the John Alexander debate

So long, Mr. Reiss

Better late than never, maybe

Grant Lawrence--Bodhi Thunder: Rosswell Fireman Confesses

Believers hunt UFO at annual meeting

Billionaire Bigelow To Give Major Grant To MUFON

Obama's First Broken Promise?

The Brits Released Documents but Do They Know the Truth?

Angelia Joiner Website Now On Line

Senate Passes Stimulus Bill Containing $1.3 Billion for NASA

Obama orders Cyber Security review – empty promise or too little ...

 UFO chaser to Obama: Open the books

NASA and Science Trimmed in Senate Stimulus Package

NASA plans for manned space flight in a holding pattern

Inauguration UFO Photo Analysis

Finding aliens makes wish list

Paola Harris New Website Design

Museum soars 'To The Moon' with Snoopy

I bet you never wondered where Hillary stands on UFOs

Denmark Releases Its UFO Files

Danish Officials Release UFO Files

London mayor asks Obama to drop case against British hacker

Did Military Try to Shoot Down UFO?

White House Wants Space Weapons Ban | AVIATION WEEK

Reporter Angelia Joiner Talks Stephenville UFOs

Cameron in 'UFO files' promise

Obama Mystique Raises Clout to Mythic Proportions

Gary McKinnon believes in little green men – but it doesn't make Him a Terrorist

Alexander's wet blanket

The Greatest Story of the Millennium is the UFO Cover Up Going on Since 1947!

Hillary Clinton favors diplomatic response to extraterrestrial life

'A Pretty Good Place to Start'

Video of 'UFO' at Inauguration Gets Internet Buzz - FOXNews

The Barack Obama Inaugural UFO - Top 5 Things it Might Be

Video - Analysis of CNN Obama UFO OVNI Object at Inauguration 2009

Did a UFO fly past President Barack Obama's inauguration? | Mail

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: The sadly obligatory “Obama -Comments here priceless

Psychedelic Adventure: UFO At Obama's Inauguration / Swearing In

British UFO Hacker's Extradition Case to Be Reviewed

Bonnie Williams: The truth is out there

UFO sees Obama become President

Barack Obama's 'Citizen's Briefing Book'

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Was Obama's Inauguration UFO - Predicted?

Whistleblowers on UFO and EBEs support UK hacker Gary McKinnon

UFO disclosure by Barack Obama in 2009, According to New Web Bot 2009

Clinton Confirmation opens door to UFO Files

The President Orders Transparency

Obama pick urges some secrecy

Queen Fascinated by Crop Circles

Mysterious object zips across monument?

A new president; same old aliens

Obama Memorandum on Freedom of Information

Obama orders rollback of government secrecy

Executive Order on Presidential Records

CNN Catches UFO on Camera During Inauguration?

CNN Catches UFO At Inauguration

Obama limits ex-presidents' discretion on records

New Obama White House Website Now Up

Obama Signs FOIA Executive Order

Podesta Memo on Transparency

Call for Obama to open UFO files

Mountains of White House documents headed to Texas

Nasa hacker appeals to Bush for pardon

Your Chance to Make a Difference

US Navy X-Files known to Obama’s Intelligence Chief

  Computer hacker ‘naive but not criminal’

Trib: Go down swingin'!

Obama Asks Retired Air Force General to Run NASA

VOTE UP UFO/ET Disclosure

Peace Corps co-founder Albertson had an Extraterrestrial Interest

 Update on Reporter Billy Cox

 The Space Review: A possible source of the five-year delay policy

 Connections Aplenty | Barack Obama UFO

 Hacker 'confesses' to stay in UK

 10 Most Corrupt Politicians of 2008 - Hillary #1 Obama #5

 Obama Victim of FOIA Openness?

 The Obama UFO Question

 Obama's New Advisor on Terror, John Brennan, was involved in CIA UFO Study - see footnote 90

 NASA Renegades Pitch Obama Team New Post-Shuttle Plan

 Abandoning the streets for the Net

 House OKs 2 measures to open presidential records

 Miles O’Brien answers questions about CNN firing and missing Podesta segment

 January 2009 workshop day one; UFOs over Washington, DC

 Leon Panetta Defended Hillary Clinton in conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt

 Obama expected to revoke Bush order on presidential records

 Bill Richardson withdraws bid to be commerce secretary

 The Disclosure Fallacy

 Obama Proposes Investments in a clean energy economy - Minus any UFO Related Technologies

 UFO Cover-up Live - One of the most famous UFO shows ever

 Obama predicted to open secret UFO files, page 1

 Presidential Records

 Obama Moves to Counter China in Space With Pentagon-NASA Link

 2008: Worst UFO Media Year Ever!

 Obama UFO Questions (Update)

 Still Time to Vote for UFO Questions at Obama's change.gov site


 EU space official supports UFO disclosure – says NASA Can't be Trusted

 Obama predicted to open secret UFO files

 NASA chief's wife to Obama: Don't fire my husband

 The Fight Over NASA’s Future

 UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Could An Obama `Star' Appear At Inauguration

 President-Elect Obama, Extraterrestrial Life, and Change You Can Believe In

 Slowed by a pain in the neck

 University sends UFO course into deep space

 PRG Update - December 28, 2008

 The Obama NASA Battle - MSNBC Video Report

 Semi-Disclosure vs Slow Contact

 Extraterrestrials at Grant Park watching Obama’s victory party

 UFO Patrol: Grant Cameron -- US Politicians & UFOs, Pt 1 of 8

 Proof of UFO Cover-Up & Million Fax on Washington Solution!!!

 CEO of NASA contractor Lockheed knew of extraterrestrial UFO visitors

 Is NASA Hiding Truth About Aliens Or are UFO Fans Nuts?

 An Exopolitics Christmas Message: President-Elect Obama and Change We Can Believe In!

 Indexed Trove of Kissinger Phone Transcripts Is Completed

 And a Happy New Year! | Barack Obama UFO

 The Miles O’Brien Comments Cut from the Presentation CNN Now Online

 Shocker: Obama May Cut NASA Shuttle Replacement

 EU space official supports UFO disclosure – says NASA can’t be trusted

 Huffington Post on O'Brien Firing

 O'Brien Planned to Do One Hour UFO Special Prior to Being Fired by CNN? - Check December 2nd entry

 Miles O'Brien Sacked - First CNN cut a John Podesta reference from a UFO story done by Miles O'Brien and now O'Brien has been sacked

 President Elect Barack Obama’s Science Statement

  Million Fax on Washington Videos

 UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: The Top 5 Ufo Disclosure Non-Events of 2008

 Barack Obama under fire from Nasa over plans to slash budget

 John Holden :Science and Technology for Sustainable Well-Being

 Obama Appoints Clinton Man to Science Advisor

 LISTEN: TOP UFO disclosure experts review global progress ...

 Once Targeted by Obama, NASA Invited to Inaugural Parade

 Blog-O-Doom: Experts on governmental UFO Disclosure featured

 ET Disclosure, and Why We Need it Now By Dennis Whitney

 Serious UFO articles could save Rocky Mountain News

 Did UK hacker Gary McKinnon find NASA UFO fraud?

 Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu on alternate energy

 Roadmap to Space" Makes the Rounds among Washington Decision Makers

 NASA, Obama Team Dispute Reports of Tension

 Dr. Milton Torres - Describing his 1957 UFO Encounter

 Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks out on UFOs, Obama, and Politics

  Project Camelot Interviews Stephen Bassett

 ‘X-Files Hacker’ gets one last hearing in UK

 Obama May Cancel Space Shuttle Replacement

 Disclosure Letters to Barack Obama

 Kucinich To Join Obama Junior Team in February?

 Letter to President Elect Barack Obama regarding UFO secrecy

 Calling ALL AMERICAN UFO Blog readers!

 Podesta Announces New Openness Initiative

 Will Obama, FOIA Community Push to Apply FOI to Congress?

 A Democratic insider's call for a new presidential secrecy power

 Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Aims for White House

 Joe Biden on Outer Space

 The Holloman Landing Interview - The Best Telling of the Story yet by Bob Emenegger

 The disclosure project says UFO's and alien beings are among us

 Change is coming (but not for space aliens)

 Roswell calling Podesta

 Urgent World Special Report with Archbishop Marcus E.Davis

 Will Barack Obama open the X-Files (UFO investigations) to the public?

 Holloman Alien Landing - Bob Emenegger tells one of the best stories in Ufology

 UFO Believers Back Big Bill for Obama Cabinet

 Washington Times, Podesta, Richardson and Disclosure

 UFO Group Pressures Obama

 Are alien UFO fleets protecting Barack Obama?

 Letters to Barack Obama

 The Uncut CNN Video with Podesta included

 Video - McCain Gets Alien Endorsement - Thanks to Giuliano Marinkovic

 The Washington Post on John Podesta - and they mention the UFOs.

 Obama and the Hero's Journey

 Podesta UFO Segment Censored from CNN video - The key question is "What was the role of Barack Obama?"

 Barack Obama UFO Site is Launched

 Low expectations from CNN

 Open Letter to Barack Obama

 CNN to link Obama White House Transition Team Leader to UFOs

 Don't start making sense

 The fierce urgency of FOIA

 Audio: Obama, Podesta, UFO Disclosure and Energy - The internet responds

 UFO update on Obama's UFOs

 Audio: Obama, Podesta, UFO Disclosure and Energy

 Preview of CNN - In Search of Aliens

 CNN - In Search of Aliens

 Exopolitics Florida - A new site headed up by people like Paul Robinson who runs the www.hillaryclintonufo.net website with me, and reporter Billy Cox who I have known and discussed UFOs with for 20 years.

 Obama's UFOs a No - Show

 Organization urges Obama to disclose truth, alien info

  Fox News Makes Stupid Attack on Podesta- John did not form the Coalition for freedom of Information

AN URGENCY OF DISCLOSURE NOW : A  Planet Nine Months Pregnant

John Podesta: from Clinton's X-Files man to Obama's Transition Chief

 Obama and UFOs

 EXOPOLITICS: Dimensional Disclosure in the Obama Era - More Orbs from Grant Park, Nov. 4, 2008

 SETI 2008 Santa Claus Story

 Where's the birth certificate? Obama who claims an administration based on openness, is already being accused of a cover-up that may plague his presidency.

 Associated Press on John Podesta

 Disclosure of UFO files and the Obama Administration

 Paranormal Radio from November 11th - Angelia Joiner and Officer X

 UFOs Welcome at the White House Now?

Changing NASA's course?

 Obama, Orbs, and Dimensional Disclosure


 More than sixty groups call for revocation of presidential secrecy directive

 UFO Flies Over President Elect Obama

 Justice should punt McKinnon

 Captain Jack will interview Officer X and Angelia Joiner on Tuesday night, Nov. 11 8:30pm

  Obama Transition Leader Ignores UFO Disclosure Initiative

 Obama-The UFO Disclosure President?

 Orbs at Obama Victory Rally

 Barack Obama's Transition Director on UFO Disclosure - for the five people who might have missed it.

 Do you think Obama will disclose UFOs that our government hides ...

 President Obama and the UFO Spill - iReport.com

 Obama UFO Job?

 Will Obama Keep Transparency Promises?

 An Open Letter to Pres-elect Obama, from Larry W. Bryant

 Kennedy/Ford UFO Letters Are Auctioned Off

 Video: Obama Faces Alien Question

 UFO Conference Looks to Compel Disclosure

 Jean Houston - Hillary not 'female' enough

 Book Says Hillary Talked to the Dead

 The Hillary Clinton Séance Controversy with Audio Clips

 Open Letter to Barack Obama on UFO Secrecy

 Million Fax on Washington Drive

 Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for seance remark - Because of Barack's poor knowledge of the paranormal he really messed up. It was Hillary Clinton doing the seances - Nancy Reagan was into astrology. An article that picked up this truth is at Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for seance remark - Yahoo! News

 Too Much Secrecy Puts Our Nation at Risk -John Podesta's transition man speaks out

 Will Obama Mean UFO Change?

 Podesta and the Roswell Crash

 John Podesta is a real-life Mulder in search of UFOs… and cabinet ...

 John Podesta, UFOs, Energy, and Barack Obama


 UFOs Welcome at the White House Now? -

 Party footage on ice

 McCain touts “alien” endorsement - Is McCain reading this site? This story ran here a couple days back.

 Bill Clinton's "X-files man" to Run Obama Transition Team

 Time to Vote: Last Chance to Check out Candidates on UFO Issues

 OCTOBER SURPRISE: UFO ALIEN NOW ENDORSES McCAIN! - P'lod the alien who predicted the victories of Bush Sr. in 1988, Clinton in 1992, and Bush Jr. in 2000 first picked Obama to win but has now changed his mind. The alien was mentioned by Clinton's Press Secretary when asked about Bill Clinton sending Hubbell to look into UFO, and Hillary Clinton was asked about the alien on "The Tonight Show" when the Weekly World News published a story about her having an affair with the alien.

 Prominent Reporter Links McCain to UFOs

 Obama UFO TV Site Built

 Ask Obama about UFOs

 Bob Woodward reveals existence of secret weapon in Iraq - This weapon, perhaps having nothing to do with UFOs, still may explain why the technology behind the UFO mystery is being kept secret. It gives great advantage in the winning of wars.

 McCain offered ET info

 UFO Initiative Could Cost Denver $600000 is Wow…

 How Much Does the Government Know?

 New 911-like Event Overshadowed by Matrix of Media Events -Sarasota Journalist Seeks Texas UFO Truth

 Are Astrological Signs the Common Man's Rasmussen Poll Equivalent?

 Texas Official Demands Answers About Alleged UFO

 UFO Secrecy, National Security and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

 Denver To Hold Hearing On ET Commission

  John McCain: Missing Words in Dayton

 The Big Tent in Denver

 Dennis Kucinich and "All the Presidents Oil Men" Speech

 P'Lod The Alien is Back - P'Lod the famous Weekly World News alien who predicted Presidential victories for both Clinton and Bush is back, this time on the pages of the Sun Tabloid. The alien became an inside joke at the White House. Bill Clinton's Press Secretary said the job had been given to the alien when asked about whether Web Hubbell had been tasked by Clinton to look into UFOs. President Bush commented on  his endorsement by the alien saying it showed how his appeal stretched "across certain demographic lines."

 Joe Biden on Technology and Data Encryption

Joe Biden on UFOs - "I've never met Dennis Kucinich and I don't know Governor Richardson. No look I don't think there are UFOs. What the hell...heck are we talking about. This has gone down hill real quick." October 30, 2007 replying to UFO question from MSNBC

Dennis Kucinich - The Wild Card

Obama Offered Extraterrestrial Briefing

UFO believer offers ET briefing to Obama

Government Whistleblower Investigator and Flying Saucer Science - on the Richard Syrett Show August 19 10:00pm ET

 USAF still silent on Stephenville

 Obama Does a Full 180 on NASA

 Shirley MacLaine Interviews Jeff Peckman August 17 - 7pm MDT

 Flying saucer that can plant explosives or bugs set for frontline

 Nevada Magazine- The Rachel Files

 Barack Obama: Advancing the Frontiers of Space Exploration

Agency gives OK to some Area 51 workers seeking compensation

 UFOS, Whitehouse, and Obama

USAF Colonel Reveals Details Of A UFO Crash While In flight

 Truman Official Confirms MJ-12 Group?

Great Roswell Debate with Dr Kevin Randle and Kal Korff Has Been Set For Thursday, August 28 2008.

 Dr. Edgar Mitchell comments on the Pentagon Black Budget Denial

Don Schmitt LIVE on UFONAUT Radio - LIVE On The World Wide Web, Sunday August 10 at 10:00 PM ET

New Edgar Mitchell UFO Videos

 The End of "Cutting Edge"?

Latest Audio and Video related to subjects of 9/11 and UFOs.

 Will The Subject of UFOs Interfere with the Obama Coronation in Denver?

Another Comment on Admiral Wilson's UFO Denials

 Edgar Mitchell - Kevin Smith Show audio -Click on Download just below KSS-EM

 French Review of Mitchell Pentagon Story

 UFOs: Flying Emotions - From Space.com

 Edgar Mitchell's Roswell Revelations and Pentagon Briefing - OpEdNews

 Red State Update: Astronaut Says Aliens Exist

Will President Obama tell us the truth about UFOs?

George Bush and UFOs

Kimball, Smith, Bush and MJ-12

Edgar Mitchell's key comment to researcher Bozidar Kemic about Adm. Tom Wilson's denial that he was refused access to UFOs as Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chief of Staff - "Sounds like he has joined the other side."

Paracast Forum weighs in on the Admiral Tom Wilson UFO Black Budget denial

Richard Dolan Comments on Admiral Wilson UFO Role

Admiral: Never looked for UFO data - Those of us who know the story of Billy Cox writing this article know why he was awarded the Courage in Journalism Award.

Richard Syrett Show - Dr. Rev. Brother Guy Consolmagno of the Vatican Observatory will discuss the Vatican’s recent statements concerning Extraterrestrial life with Richard Syrett and co-host Victor Viggiani on the Richard Syrett Show this Wednesday night at 11:00 pm EDT. In the second hour at midnight EDT – radar expert Glen Schulze co-author of the MUFON SPECIAL REPORT – STEPHENVILLE TEXAS will join Richard Syrett and Victor Viggiani to examine the FAA data analyzed by Mr. Schulze and MUFON’s Robert Powell concerning the massive UFO sightings in and around Stephenville Texas on January 8, 2008.

NASA denies rumors of finding life on Mars

Douglas Aircraft - UFO Research Documents - Researcher Linda Howe has just published an article on some of the new MJ-12 documents held by Dr. Bob Wood. In her article Dr. Wood relates how he and others worked on UFOs while at Douglas Aircraft in the late 1960s. The story of how this story became public and the documents themselves are posted at the link above.

Edgar Mitchell's 1998 UFO Views - as first posted in The People [London] Oct 25 1998 and then The UFO Updates October 26, 1998

Hey--Mr. Spaceman---Come on DOWN!

First Australian to get PhD in ufology…

RELEVANCY - The Media´s Absence in Reporting Ufology

Angelia Joiner "We are not Alone" - Archived Interview

Edgar Mitchell Discusses Roswell with Robert Collins

Obama Gets Religious Over Outer Space - The original position of Barack Obama was to finance his education program by delaying the Constellation program to return man to the moon. Now, just like his position on off-shore drilling, he has done a 180 on support for exploration in outer space.

Buzz Aldrin Speaks out of Edgar Mitchell UFO Claims

Audio: Dr Stephen Hughes and Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki (flat earth fundamentalists) - on the Edgar Mitchell UFO revelations

Alien Dave: No Guts...No Glory - posting on Obama and Outer Space

UFO Media - Follow the latest UFO TV shows and radio interviews

Shirley MacLaine to Interview Edgar Mitchell - IE Radio this Sunday, August 3, at 6 PM PDT - 9 PM EDT.

Astronaut's admission sparks wave of UFO sightings

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Phenomenon

 White House Briefed On Potential For Mars Life

Space a Potential Fracture Line at Democratic National Convention?

We Have Contact? - Poor Fox News Discussion of Mitchell Claim

Archive of Edgar Mitchell Audio/Video Material - thanks to Giuliano Marinkovic

Audio of Edgar Mitchell on OVERNIGHT AM Radio show

50 Years Ago: NASA Born in Sputnik's Wake

So Now We Know What Makes The News

 NYT publishes op-ed on UFO’s…but not McCain’s op-ed

UFO Seeker Faces United States Jail Cell

Interview with Nick Margerrison - British radio host Nick Margerrison who interviewed recently Edgar Mitchell on Radio Kerrang and made the world news, has been interviewed for Kevin Smith Show (only good for today July 30)

Edgar Mitchell in Roswell Daily Record

Ongoing AOL News Poll - interesting new numbers in light of the recent Mitchell interview controversy

Edgar Mitchell on Coast to Coast

UFO Reality - Another Edgar Mitchell article

Paola Harris and Barry Eaton Interviewed on the Richard Syrett Show - Wednesday July 30 at 11:00 pm EDT

Scoopsville, 21st-century style - Billy Cox's latest entry UFO Blog.

Monkey from Mars

CIA X-files Support Astronaut Edgar Mitchell UFO Tale

NY Times UFO Article - Which avoids the discussion of the extraterrestrial possibility  - and the pages of reader comments Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

Other Insiders Who Have Talked UFOs

Ed Mitchell: Going to the Moon Doesn't Mean You're Right

Wernher von Braun - another of Mitchell's sources for reality of UFOs

Alien Life Exists, Says Retired Astronaut

6th Man On Moon Announces Were Not Alone - The Above Top Secret Discussions

MSNBC Covers Mitchell UFO Story

Video: Edgar Mitchell Under Attack from Wacko Skeptic

UFO Skeptics Rally in Denver

Another Edgar Mitchell News Report

Greg Bishop UFO Author/Researcher on the Mitchell UFO Story

Digg.com follows the Mitchell UFO Story

Dr. Edgar Mitchell returns to Larry King Live

Interview with Edgar Mitchell by Barry Shainbaum

Paracast interview with Lawrence R. Spencer, "editor" of "Alien Interview,"

Exopolitical Update with Steven Bassett

Outing Admiral Wilson on Larry King!!

Edgar Mitchell on CNN Situation Room

Edgar Mitchell : Does the President Know? and other Edgar Mitchell UFO videos just put out by WPBF.com

Edgar Mitchell Audio Interview about his recent Alien Statements- Lisa Bonnice

New York Times on Edgar Mitchell Alien Story

Dr. Edgar Mitchell and the Colorado Alien

Discovery Channel Interview with Edgar Mitchell

Edgar Mitchell Talks on Fox News

Dramatic New Interview with Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and NASA's reaction to his comments

Clinton not the Only One in the Dark - On July 4, Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon appeared on Larry King Live to tell the story of one of the most powerful people in the world confirming he was being left in the dark on the UFO truth.

Area 51 Workers win one

It's Obama vs. space alien guy at DNC

Bill Richardson UFO Video - See what New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said on UFOs last October before he started to run for the hills on the issue.

UFOs at the Denver Democratic Convention??

 Obama stokes veep speculation with Hillary flight

Skeptics Debate Nye's performance Larry King Live' s Roswell Show

Hillary Clinton Support Continues

Did Obama Slight the Truman Presidential Library? 

UFOs: The Secret History - A new 2-hour documentary produced by Canadian David Cherniack will get its broadcast premiere in Canada on the History Channel July 15th at 8:00pm EST. Having been interviewed for this documentary I am aware of the  long list of prominent Ufologists from the past and present who were interviewed. David has produced over 50 documentaries.

UFOs and the 2008 Election - What appears to be a non-official version of my presentation "UFOs and the 2008 Election" given in Washington DC at the X-conference has appeared on You tube. This lecture was given four times in the spring of 2008 with the X-conference presentation being the last and most complete.

 Disclosure Bumper Stickers

 Oama & Bob Lazar

A Creationist Speaks about Extraterrestrials

A Different Kind of Eulogy

Tim Russert's UFO question: A step in acclimation? - An article with an interesting possibility. Russert, however, spoke about the UFO question and why it was asked during a February 2008 visit to Kucinich's home state for the debate between Obama and Clinton. Russert stated, "I didn't know if we'd ever had a presidential candidate who believes in UFOs before, and thought it was a serious question," says Russert, who read about MacLaine's claims in The Plain Dealer. Russert says he also asked Kucinich debate questions about the Iraq war and the economy, and the UFO query was part of a lighthearted discussion on issues like costume preferences for Halloween, the date the debate occurred."

Announcing Obama McCain UFO Page

 Update on the Gary McKinnon Hacker Case

Peckman, Letterman, and the DNC Convention

Hillary Clinton T-shirts - Hillary's connection to UFOs was through her involvement with the Rockefeller Initiative. Now there's a T-shirt to prove it.

Jeff Peckman on David Letterman- Jeff Peckman, who said he is determined to bring the UFO question to Barack Obama and the DNC Convention  will appear on the David Letterman show Tuesday June 10, 2008.

Not a Bang But a Whimper - Billy Cox 's latest take on the world of UFOs.

Hillary Clinton Rockefeller Initiative T-Shirts have arrived

Who is Backing Obama?

Barack Obama to Face the UFO Question?  - When Hillary withdrew from the race for the White House it appeared the hope of a serious discussion of UFOs in a presidential campaign was dead. Now it appears the UFO question may become a part of  the upcoming DNC convention in Denver.

Canadians would Welcome Extraterrestrials - So says Justin Trudeau, son of former long servicing Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Hollywood Director confirms Spielberg Reagan UFO Story

Bill Richardson and the Roswell Alien Apex Resort theme park

Hillary Talks about the Alien Invasion

New alien video shown in Denver Colorado today is a reminder of the George W. Bush alien video No one ever did come up with an explanation of the alien looking face that appeared behind George Bush during a speech in August 2007.

UFO Quotes - Check out UFO quotes from Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton ,and other famous people.

Judicial Watch Continues to Whine About UFO document releases from the Clinton Library

UFO Letter to President Thomas Jefferson- A letter from Edward Hansford dated July 31, 1813 describing an extraordinary phenomena viewed on July 25, 1813

The Story that Won't Go Away - Five years after this story first appeared on the Presidents UFO Website, many people still come to read this story. Like the candidacy of Hillary Clinton it will not go away.

Mike Huckabee offers to send Hillary to Mars

Judicial Watch Reminded of Kindergarten Rules - Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group, has lost its Federal Court lawsuit intended to throw the Clinton UFO FOIAs under the bus in favor of their demands for Hillary Clinton's phone records. The UFO requests, many which are in the front of the various processing queues, will now proceed according to the law - first come first serve

Dim View from Old Hand - Billy Cox takes another look at election

UFO Disclosure Efforts in the Clinton Administration

Hillary Clinton UFO Net

Space Invaders on the Campaign Trail - Another Hillary Clinton UFO article from US News and World Report

 Hillary Clinton UFO Website - Finally the site that tells all about Hillary and UFOs. Check out the videos and audios. Read the full story how Bill and Hillary tried to disclose the UFO secret.

Hillary Clinton UFO Endorsement - As Hillary's campaign stumbles towards losing the Democratic nomination presidentialufo.com endorses her as the best UFO presidential candidate in the 2008 election.

Rob Simone Discusses Hillary Clinton UFO Conversation - Rob Simone gave some details of his UFO conversation in January with Hillary Clinton at a $3,000 plate fundraiser in Los Angeles in a conversation with Dee Andrew on her radio show Eye to the Sky. The conversation was related to Hillary's role in the Rockefeller Initiative where Rockefeller approached the Clinton administration to disclose the UFO secret.

Clinton Tells Sunshine Week She's "Committed to Restoring Open Government"

The Final Three - Clinton, Obama, and McCain - How they Match up in Space Exploration, Government Transparency, and the UFO Disclosure Issue

"No FOIA Favoritism!"- An official from the Clinton Presidential Library is about to appear in Federal Court to defend the release of UFO files on November 2, 2007. Hopefully he will get to tell the story that there are many more coming.

Hillary Clinton Attends her First UFO Conference

Hillary Clinton Schedules Released by Clinton Library - Anyone who can attend the library in Little Rock please contact me at presidentialufo@presidency.com. I have a couple dates that need to be checked.

What candidates say about open gov't

Shedding light on government

Open-government promises too often fade into secrecy

UFOs Come to Election Year America

Hillary Clinton Talks UFOs - Just before the February 5 Super-Tuesday democratic primaries Hillary talked about the handling of the subject of UFOs during the Clinton administration. The conversation happened at a fund raising event in Los Angeles with radio host and Ufologist Rob Simone. Hillary confirmed the efforts of Laurance Rockefeller to get disclosure on the subject of UFOs from the Clinton administration. She confirmed the meeting with Laurance in August of 1995 and stated she had passed the information on to the President. Rob Simone has promised a transcript of his conversation with Hillary.

UFOs and Star Wars - The Elizabeth Kucinich Interview -Some 25 years ago Dennis Kucinich had a close encounter in Washington with two other witnesses. He was asked about it during an October Democratic debate, and Michael Phillips wrote up the details of the sighting in an article published in the Wall Street Journal on January 2, 2008. In this article there was a promise that Kucinich would try and find the notes and drawings that had been taken during the sighting. However in a March 12 e-mail Phillips updated me by saying, "Kucinich wouldn’t talk to me. I never heard whether he produced the notes or not. I would have loved to have seen them."

UFOs, The 2008 Election Campaign, and Astrological Predictions

 Clinton Library Tells Conservatives To Get Back in Line- The National Archives has filed papers with a federal Court asking "to leave the Judicial Watch's FOIA request in its proper place." Judicial Watch filed their Hillary Clinton FOIA record requests late and are now using lawsuits to move ahead of people who filed on time. I wrote a letter to Judicial Watch also asking them to get back in line. My letter was ignored.

UFO Conspiracy Theorists Banking on Hillary Clinton Winning the Election

Where the Candidates Stand on Space

Obama Not Outer Space Fan - In the October 30th democratic debate when asked the question if he thought there was life on other planets, Obama spun the question and turned it into a domestic policy statement. Now George Bush's dream of going back to the moon and on to Mars has been rejected by Obama. Also see Obama's Nasa Plan and SPACE NEWS Cosmos » Obama Wants to Slash NASA’s Budget

Emenegger Answers the Wall Street Journal - Robert Emenegger Producer of the famous UFO documentary "UFOs, Past, Present and Future" puts the Kucinich sighting in perspective.

The Kucinich UFO Sightings Details- The Wall Street Journal talks to the witnesses

Secrecy Wins Again

Presidential UFO Interview now Online - Thanks to my friend Paula Harris my CoasttoCoastam interview is now online.

Clinton Library UFO Documents Now Online - The Paradigm Research Group has just posted the few dozen pages of UFO files recently obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests from the Clinton Library. There are almost 30,000 pages under review, so there will be many documents to follow.

Waiting for Hillary's Files

The Clinton Library UFO Audio Related FOIA Release - Bill Clinton talks about the alien invasion during an interview with Tom Brokaw in July 1996. (search page for Clinton ET Threat)

The Clinton Library UFO Related Photo Requests and FOIAs - Photos include Clinton's first CIA Director James Woolsey who had a daylight UFO sighting in the late 1960s and who initiated a new UFO study for the CIA which was published in 1997. Included are three photos of Hillary Clinton at the Rockefeller JY Ranch where Laurance Rockefeller sat down with Hillary and the President to talk UFO disclosure. Included is a photo of the President and Laurance Rockefeller who spent three year 1993-1996 working to get UFO disclosure through the Clinton White House. Included are three photos from the "Lighting of the Christmas Tree" in Belfast Northern Ireland November 1995 where Bill Clinton stated that if alien bodies had been found in the 1947 Roswell crash, the Air Force had not told him and he would like to know. There is a photo of the first female commander of a space shuttle, Eileen Collins, with Hillary and the President. Hillary who had wanted to be an astronaut herself, supported the promotion for Collins. (This is a large file which takes some time to open - I will try and make it smaller)

The Clinton Library UFO Files - Some UFO Files have recently been released by the Clinton Presidential Library. Check out the Excel file that lists all the filings and the number of pages still under review. The file shows there are many more UFO files to be released yet.

Bill Clinton and the UFO Crash at Roswell

Clinton Photos - Updated

Hillary Makes Alien Reference - During a recent campaign stop Hillary Clinton made reference to the 1996 alien movie "Independence Day" appealing for a united world. The movie was also talked about by Bill Clinton when he was President, saying that if the aliens did attack the world would unite to win over the invaders. (The Clinton Library has just released the audio of this interview with MSNBC reporter Tom Brokaw. Looking back, Bill and Hillary made many UFO, alien and outer space comments during speeches given when they were in the White House See the article Clinton Alien Talk.

Clinton Library has Responded to UFO Inquiries - Little Else - An article that describes how upset the neocons are about UFO material being released by the Clinton Library before the "policy and ethical lapses of the Clinton White House" which can be used against Hillary Clinton in her run for the President of the United States.

New Photos from the Clinton Library UFO file release - These photos include Hillary with Laurance Rockefeller at the JY ranch in August 1995 when Rockefeller sat the Clintons down to talk UFOs, Bill Clinton with Laurance Rockefeller, and Bill Clinton with his first CIA director James Woolsey.

President Clinton, Camp David, and the Sci-Fi Channel

Shirley MacLaine, UFOs, and Dennis Kucinich

LA Times looks at Kucinich and the UFO Issue

MacLaine Gives More Detail on What President Carter Said

The Rockefeller Initiative 1993-96 - Documents obtained from the Office of Science & Technology Policy via the Freedom of Information Act confirm a highly important and little publicized effort to convince Bill Clinton to be the Disclosure President

CNN Censors UFO Question from Presidential Debate

 Hillary and the UFO Question

Two Steps Forward : One Step Back - A commentary of the Larry King Live Show "Are they for Real"

Another Kucinich Cartoon

Washington Post Covers Clinton UFO Release

Clinton Library Releases UFO Files - New York Sun article that provides Clinton library pdfs. describing the releases. The 12 UFO related FOIAs are part of 18 FOIA releases so far by the library.

"Breakthrough" on Clinton Library Records

The Jimmy Carter George Bush UFO Encounter - Journalist Billy Cox investigates the claim that George Bush refused UFO files to then President-elect Jimmy Carter.

CBS Promotes this Website

Dennis Kucinich, Hillary Clinton and UFO's

Shirley MacLaine on the "Today" show- Shirley talks about UFOs. Part of what she says is "I've talked to a lot of Presidents I mean these people are saying they are real."

Reagan Also Saw UFO

Shirley MacLaine Calls for UFO Disclosure

Jimmy Carter Denies UFO Tales - In a stunning interview Jimmy Carter denies that he asked then CIA Director George Bush for the UFO files in 1976. He also states clearly that he doesn't believe the earth is being visited by ETs.

Grant Cameron talks  on "Live from Roswell" about UFOs and the 2008 Presidential Election - Sunday November 4th.

A Jovial Kucinich On A Moonlit Night - Kucinich makes new comments about UFOs

UFO discussions aren’t completely alien to politics - An Article from the Kansas City Star.

Former President Carter now declaring UFO skepticism about his 1969 sighting.

Mitt Romney is UFO skeptic - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney declared in a visit to Kucinich's home state that he doesn't believe ETs have visited the earth.

Kucinich and the UFO - An article from Hartford Courant which brings up a lot of good points about what happens when a candidate talks about UFOs.

Breaking the Taboo - Finally - Journalist Billy Cox has been involved in writing about presidential UFO issues since the 1988 campaign when he prepared himself to ask a question during an event where he George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan were in the same room. Now after so many years the issue is front and center in the 2008 presidential campaign. Cox must be loving it.

First Kucinich UFO Cartoon is out

Hillary Clinton Strategist claims Kucinich got easy questions - As candidates were being asked UFO/alien question in the October 30 Democratic Presidential Debate Hillary was probably hoping she would not be asked. Now one of her strategists is claiming the UFO question was a softball question.

Bill Richardson on Roswell - Democratic campaigner Richardson tells MSNBC that the government has not come clean about Roswell.

Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson & UFOs: The 'other' Alien Question in the 2008 Presidential Election- Michael Salla takes a look at the UFO question in light of the UFO questions asked in the October 30th Democratic Presidential Debate.

Not Just Kucinich, But Presidents, Have Sighted UFOs -Wayne Madsen looks at the many Presidential UFO stories.

Clinton Files Just Released !! - The Clinton Presidential Library has just released 12 of my nearly 100 FOIAs in whole or in part. The total release is 68 pages. Details will follow as soon as the final letters arrive. Right now I know the released material will include correspondence with President Clinton and Marie Glabraith, Paul Davids and Edgar Mitchell. I will also include some of all of a request asking for all John Podesta files on UFOs and X-files.

Kucinich's UFO Experience-- An Excuse for The MSM to Pull a "Dean Scream" Media Hit Job?

Phone Home Kucinich: UFO Lobby Wants Hillary/Richardson Ticket

UFOs, attacks and fireworks at Dem Debate

Dennis Kucinich Silence - The Kucinich campaign has elected to make no comment about the recent disclosure that Congressman Kucinich had a close encounter while visiting with actress Shirley MacLaine. This article will tell you why they aren't talking.

Bill Richardson Promises to help Uncover the Roswell Mystery - In a recent comment with the Washington Post Richardson's presidential campaign spokesman did not comment on UFOs. Now in response to a question in Austin Texas Richardson has promised to go for the hidden files.

Rename Reagan National to 'Moonbat Airport'? Journalist Billy Cox looks further into the Kucinich UFO sighting.

Leave Dennis Kucinich alone! Journalist Billy Cox adds his usual wisdom to the Kucinich sighting.

Shirley MacLaine: Dennis Kucinich Saw a UFO

   Jimmy Carter & Dennis Kucinich: The "Extraterrestrial Candidates"  An article from the Exopolitics website looking at the recent revelation by Shirley MacLaine that Dennis Kucinich had a dramatic UFO encounter.

On Giuliani's incident at Exeter - Giuliani takes a UFO question from a six year old in a famous UFO location.

Carter Town Hall Spans From Iran to UFOs - Every year Jimmy Carter hosts a town hall meeting at Emory University in Atlanta where he takes questions from the audience. As has happened in past years, Jimmy Carter was faced with the UFO question. As with his past replies he made it should like he was interested but ignorant.

Will UFOs Help Hillary? - The slow pace of the FOIA process in most government agencies may help Hillary avoid new information about old scandals. The thing that helps cause the delays is the many UFO related FOIAs in the system.

Archived Clinton Records May Go Public Soon - Is the library now allowing the Judicial Watch FOIA to jump the cue?

President Bush and the Alien on his Shoulder - UPDATE - There have been new postings and video looking what the "alien" behind Bush might be.

New Witness to Roswell? - After 60 years evidence provided by one Roswell witness has checked out with White House records. It appears that one Secret Service agent might have been in Roswell in July 1947 swearing people to secrecy.

Clinton's mission to Mars  - According to the NY Daily News on August 23 Bill Clinton and his 13 year old nephew took a trip to the Mars theme restaurant which features the appearance of a sci-fi movie on Mars, complete with aliens. He met his former Vice President Al Gore who happened to be there with his 6 year old granddaughter.

The Disclosure Project: and why Bush won't sign the Kyoto Treaty - An article  by Bill Ryan that looks at the politics of UFOs as being a key reason for why the United States refuses to sign the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

President Bush and the Alien on his Shoulder - During the August 31 George Bush speech in the Rose Garden related to the recent housing crisis, it appeared from TV cameras that there was an alien looking out of the glass window behind Bush. I checked the news feeds from both Reuters and PBS and both show the little alien looking over Bush's right shoulder. It undoubtedly is some sort of reflection, but is still an interesting oddity.

President Kennedy on Secrecy - as Democrats work to regain the White House, a look back at a speech given by President Kennedy in 1961 outlining his view of secrecy, openness, and security in America.

Freedom Gets a Helping Hand - The British House of Lords has agreed to hear the appeal from Garry McKinnon. The US justice department wants to throw the British citizen McKinnon in jail for 70 years. His crime? Hacking into various government computers looking for the hidden UFO files the majority of citizens believe are hidden somewhere.

The Congressman Who Dared - an article by researcher Robert Barrow about his correspondence with Congressman Steven Schiff who put forth his congressional influence to get the truth out about the 1947 crash in Roswell New Mexico. This led to a new Roswell investigation green lighted by President Bill Clinton.

The Air Force Answers Ford's UFO Policy Inquiry - another article by Robert Barrow related to his UFO inquiries to Gerald Ford

Ford Inquires Further - another article by Robert Barrow on the Ford USAF letters.

Gerald Ford and the Congressional Path to a Bottle of Dr. Ed Condon's Feel-Good UFO Elixir - another Robert Barrow article about Ford and the 1966 Michigan UFO flap.

Gerald Ford, UFOs & Colorado University -Robert Barrow looks at the connection between Gerald Ford and the USAF investigation of UFOs that was being hosted at the University of Denver

Bobby Kennedy Cried No UFO Tears - An article by Robert Barrow who had UFO correspondence with Senator Robert Kennedy

Interpreting Podesta's Silence - John Podesta who was once outspoken about his belief that the truth about UFOs should be know, is now completely silent on the issue. The question is why? Journalist Billy Cox looks for the answer.

Richardson: No Comment on UFOs - Billy Cox, a journalist from Florida Herald Tribune is a one man media show in his attempt to get 2008 presidential candidates to address the UFO issue. As candidates are discovering - you can run but you can't hide.

Government Openness - Apparently only Democratic candidate Bill Richardson passed the test.

Hillary Clinton Files Update - I was interviewed for this Associated Press article which says you probably will not see Hillary files before the election.

The World Stock Markets, Hoaxes, and the UFO Vacuum- A quick look at the present state of e-mail hoaxes.

Richardson Answers all the Questions - Democratic campaigner and possible Hillary Clinton running mate Bill Richardson answered all the questions at a July 28 New Hampshire campaign stop. Unfortunately, no one was there to ask about Roswell.

Weekly World News is Dead  - The sole tabloid magazine that still did UFO stories is dead. It had the attention of the White House for years.

Hillary Files Face Lawsuit - I have filed 80+ FOIAs for UFO files with the Clinton Presidential Library. Even though the requests were filed in February 2006 I have not received a single page of the roughly 30,000 pages that are under review for me. Now Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, which runs the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. The lawsuit requests Hillary Clinton files, such as her office diary and log book, from her time at the Clinton White House. How this is resolved will be of interest to Ufologists, as almost all of my FOIAs were filed before the Judicial Watch FOIA, and they should therefore be processed first.

FOIA hitch could be 'X-Files'-related - This story by Herald Journalist Billy Cox could have legs. Other news people have picked up on the story. Stay tuned.

10 Funniest Questions for CNN Youtube Debate - How did UFOs make out in the grand CNN Youtube debate? Check it out.

'Getting the UFO story told'- Journalist Billy Cox looks at President Ford and his role in UFO history.

2008 Election UFO Update - A look at the candidates who have been involved with UFO issues in the past.

Veep can't talk about UFOs, either the latest UFO blog installment from Billy Cox, reporter for the Florida Herald Tribune.

PIXAR's "Lifted" is released. Last night, June 30th, I sat in a full theatre of kids to see the new 5 minute short just released by Disney/PIXAR Animation Studios. It is the story of an alien in training, as he attempts his first abduction of a human sleeping in the upstairs of a lonely country house. While his alien instructor agonized in pain over what was happening, the kids in the theatre roared with laughter at every move. The piece was amazingly funny, and it led me to carefully watch the reaction of the children around me. Would they now be willing to accept abduction as just another part of life to be laughed at, rather than the terror that has been used so often in UFO abduction books to describe the phenomena? My conclusion - they loved it and so will you. Be sure to see it along with Ratatoulle which is the movie it proceeds.

Media Control and the Presidents Interest in Ufology - An article by Dennis Balthaser in 2001.

The alien invasion -Two video examples of President Ronald Reagan talking about the alien invasion.

Michail Gorbachev and the Alien Invasion - Gorbachev adds to his discussion in 1985 with President Ronald Reagan about a possible "alien invasion."

Lt. Gen. Laurence C. Craigie's Promise to Truman - According to General Craigie's pilot the General was flown to Roswell in 1947 following the UFO crash. He, however, never disclosed what he saw, saying he had made a promise to President Truman not to talk.

Edwin Easley's Promise to Truman - Easley was in charge of the cleanup at the Roswell crash site. When first contacted in 1989 he stated he could not talk about what had occurred in 1947. Later in 1992 near death Easley confirmed their had been a crash and told his daughters that he had seen "creatures."

Hillary Clinton UFO Files - Will the library release them before or after the 2008 election?

Hillary/Richardson UFO Ticket? - Steven Bassett names the best 2008 presidential ticket for disclosure. An article by UFO journalist Billy Cox.

Why is the Government Covering up the UFO Truth? - You may be surprised at some of the reasons behind it.

John McCain, UFOs, and the 2008 Election - Will be talk or force others to talk? An article by UFO journalist Billy Cox.

Jimmy Carter UFO Sighting - You may have heard about his 1969 sighting. Check out the whole story.

Ronald Reagan UFO Sightings - President Ronald Reagan stood up in front for the United Nations and talked about his fantasy - how an alien invasion would unite the world into one people. Did this idea come from a personal UFO experience?

Ike and the Aliens - 1955 -President Eisenhower visits Holloman Air Force Base to meet the aliens?

Steven Lovekin Interview- As the UFO community goes to war over Steven Lovekin's credentials read an interview done by Grant Cameron almost three years ago with the Brigadier General.

Majic Eyes Only - Researcher Ryan S. Wood, the co-host for the yearly crashed saucer conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, has written Majic Eyes Only as an encyclopedia of crash cases around the world. It is another step into his pursuit for nuts and bolts nonhuman technology that has fallen to earth. As Ryan writes in the book “without clear physical evidence in the form of crashed flying extraterrestrial hardware or alien bodies, there is little progress in fully exposing the Cosmic Watergate.” 

In the book he list 74 crashes from the 1997 Aurora, Texas crash, to the famous 1947 Roswell case, down to less known cases such as the 1996 crash in Isle of Lewis, Scotland. The collection of crashes was gathered from researchers, in newspaper articles, eyewitness reports, and leaked Majestic documents.

The Robert Kennedy UFO Story - A look at Robert Kennedy's UFO views based on a collection of letters recovered from the Kennedy Presidential Library.

President Ford UFO Letter - A letter written by President Gerald Ford following his presidency which spells out what he was able to find out about UFOs.

Grant Cameron Denied US Access to Lecture - While on route to speak at the National UFO Conference in Los Angeles presidential UFO historian Grant Cameron was refused entry to the United States. The topic of his presentation was to be "The 64 Reasons the Government has Decided not to Disclose."

Project Beta - A new explosive book by Californian Greg Bishop. It tells the story of Paul Bennewitz who became convinced that strange lights hovering over Kirkland Air Force Base were actually signals of an alien invasion.

Bishop tells the story of how these alien sightings were probably a  U.S. intelligence disinformation program directed at him to direct him away from classified operations taking place at the air base.

Of interest to this author is all the other smoke and mirror UFO operations by the U.S. military. It is well written and tells many of the more famous encounters involving Bill Moore, Linda Howe, and Richard Doty.

Kenny Young Dies: At the age of 38 Kenny Young is dead. Kenny conducted two interviews with the ex-wife of comedian Jackie Gleason concerning the story that Gleason had been given access to dead alien bodies at Homestead Air Force Base.

Taking Ufology Out of the Dark Ages; The Emergence of Exopolitics and The Need for Our Species to Develop a Philosophy for Eventual Contact. Paula Harris

President Clinton Talks UFOs - Many people do not realize just how many times the Clintons talked about UFOs while they were in the White House.

Presidents and the Hard Evidence -  A paper I presented at the 2nd Annual Crashed Saucer Conference in Henderson Nevada On November 13 & 14, 2004.

Eisenhower UFO Sighting - Prior to becoming President Ike is rumored to have had a sighting. Read more!

General Wesley Clark is confronted about UFOs. Roswell researcher David Rudiak runs into General Clark in Reno Nevada and asks him if he has been briefed on the subject of UFOs. The question was inspired by a statement made early in the Democratic campaign when the General expressed his belief that we would be able to go faster than the speed of light.

Glimpses of Disclosure X- Conference Paper - Here is the text of my paper "Glimpses of Disclosure" presented at the x-conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland on April 17, 2004.

X-Conference Report - Here is a report on the convention by Paola Harris, a prominent Italian researcher and author of the book Connecting the Dots: Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon.

Harry S Truman's UFO Americana - Another fine presidential UFO paper written by Washington researcher and FOIA warrior Larry Bryant.

Presidential UFO Audio Story- Part of a newly released CD called "Tales of Charlie Red Star." This is the story of the presidential and White House involvement in the UFO mystery from 1947 to the present. The audio story answers questions like how did the book "UFO Crash at Roswell" end up in the private library of President Bill Clinton? Or what did Einstein tell Truman about the 1952 over flights of the White House? What exactly did George Bush say about UFOs when asked about them in the 1988 election?

Hear Jimmy Carter's actual promise to the National Enquirer in 1976 to release all the UFO files, and his one exemption to the promise. Hear what actress Shirley MacLaine said about what Jimmy Carter told her about the reality of UFOs.

The article has over 50 embedded audios where you can actually hear the presidents, and others involved with the White House, talk about UFOs.


Presidents and Crashed Flying Saucers


Presidential Candidate Howard Dean on UFOs


MJ-12 Steals Jim Moseley’s Film: The Cover-up Continues


Donald Rumsfeld and the "Need to Know"


James Webb and the December 6, 1950 UFO Alert (This is a sub-article to a story on the Johnson White House and the Kecksburg crash due out soon)


Beverly Gleason's Public Story on Jackie and the Alien Bodies


Rumsfeld on Known and Unknown


Top Story of 2003

From my very large website I am posting the most read story of the year. Even a year after I posted it it is usually the #1 or #2 story being read every day. Those who believe disclosure is close should read what people are really interested in.


Johnson White House and the Kecksburg Crash


Johnson White House and the New York City Blackout


Disclosure Pattern 1972-1975 - This page has been updated with new material.


General Clark Discusses Space Vision Again


Du nouveau sur Wilbert Smith - A French article written on the Canadian government flying saucer investigator Wilbert Smith.






New Books

Where Heavens Meet

"Where Heavens Meet" is a book that once sold in hard cover. It is now available as an e-book from the website of the author K.T. Frankovich. K.T. is  a splendid writer who tells a tale that will leave you appreciating the gifts you have been given in life. Of particular interest to this web site is the fact that K.T. was a friend of former president Richard Nixon. According to K.T. he was very interested in psychic phenomena and UFOs. She talked to him about the subjects on a number of occasions. Read this part of the story starting on page 139 of "Where Heavens Meet."                       


Art Greenfield has just announced a new book. He is best known to me as the man who asked Shirley MacLaine the question on the Larry King Show about what President Jimmy Carter had told her about crashed saucers and alien bodies. This question was based on a story told two weeks earlier on the David Letterman show by actor Nicholas Cage. Click HERE for more information on the book.


Wake Up Down There!, The Excluded Middle Anthology

Wake Up Down There!, The Excluded Middle Anthology is written by Greg Bishop who is about to publish a book on the famous Paul Bennewitz affair titled "Project Beta: How US Intelligence Created an Alien Invasion" due to be published by Simon & Schuster/ Paraview in the fall of 2004. Greg is also noted for having brought Bill Moore out of hiding for the first time in almost a decade for a three hour interview.


News Stories

Canadian Prime Minister's Plane Encounters UFO

Presidential Candidate Calls for Open Disclosure on U.S. Involvement with Extraterrestrial Frontier

Dick Cheney and Mars: The Real Reason for Mars Exploration?

One Man Against Secrecy: Newsletter Editor Works to Limit Classified Information

Professional Skeptics Group Proves UFOs Real! Organization expected to retract defamatory claims, facilitate $1,000,000 award to Swiss man

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: The untold story of the Bush administration's penchant for secrecy