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Grant Cameron Appearances and Lectures


National UFO Conference - Hollywood, California September 2-4,2005. The theme of the conference will be UFOs Past Present and Future.


Most of these lectures are 90 minutes long although they can be adapted to 60 minutes. They are all done in PowerPoint with embedded audios and videos. They can adapted to slides if at least 30 days notice is provided.

"Glimpses of Disclosure" looks at all the events since 1947 when it was apparent that the government might have been leaking material into the UFO community. Included are the Holloman Air Force Base film story, the live alien story, MJ-12, and a host of other stories.

Also included is a look at the attempts by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton to disclose the truth about UFOs.


"The Wilbert Smith UFO Story" is the story of the man who headed up the official Canadian government flying saucer investigation from 1950- 1954.

Based on records that Wilbert Smith left the presentation looks at all the thinks Smith discovered. The stories are some of the most spell-binding in Ufology, from contactees, contacts with the CIA, to alien bodies, UFO hardware, and insights into why the cover up occurred.


"UFO Capitol of the World - Tales of Charlie Red Star" is the story of a UFO flap in a small Canadian city that went on for 18 months.

Every conceivable sightings and encounter took place by hundreds of people.

This unknown story also includes the showing and analysis of the CKY film, one of the best documented films ever taken of a UFO.



"White House UFOs" takes you on a journey that will show you the entire known history of how the most powerful man in the world has dealt with the most highly classified secret of the last century. In short, this is the story of how the President and the White House have dealt with the mystery of UFOs.

Also reviewed will be the efforts of the Carter and Clinton White Houses UFO disclosure efforts.



"Seeking a Checkmate Move" is a presentation that looks at some of the best evidence available to "prove" the true nature of the UFO phenomena.

Evidence that will be examined includes the work of Wilbert Smith who headed the official Canadian government UFO study, the testimony of scientists Dr. Robert Sarbacher and Dr. Eric Walker, the Apollo 16 UFO footage, and evidence related to the president's role in UFOs.