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Rockefeller Obit You'll Only Read Here

Laurance Rockefeller died on July 11, 2004 at the age of 93, after a brief illness. Mr. Rockefeller was of exceptional importance to UFO research. Between 1993 and 1995, he supported Dr. John Mack's Center for Psychology and Social Change in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1997, he funded a discovery initiative spearheaded by long-time friend Marie Galbraith, designed to inform world leaders of the validity of the UFO issue and to increase pressure for disclosure of government files.

Mrs. Galbraith arranged for the three most influential civilian UFO groups in America to unite under the temporary banner of the UFO Research Coalition: CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies), FUFOR (Fund for UFO Research) and MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Drawing on these organizations' data resources, a 169-page special report, "Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence," was compiled. The report was sent by Mr. Rockefeller and Mrs. Galbraith to virtually every world leader, but there was little response. It was later published by the Fund for UFO Research and reprinted in Whitley Strieber's Dell Books "Hidden Agendas" series.

Whitley Strieber comments on Mr. Rockefeller's death: "Laurance Rockefeller was a champion of disclosure of UFO secrets who had the courage to put his money into this cause. He contributed intelligently and effectively. The UFO Briefing Document led to the production of the French COMETA Report, arguably one of the most persuasive documents ever published regarding the UFO phenomenon.

"I attended a small conference funded by Mr. Rockefeller in 1997 at the Medway Plantation in South Carolina, owned by Mrs. Sidney Legendre, a Rockefeller relative. At this conference, he told me of his private certainty, gained from his many contacts within the US government, that the UFO issue was quite real and a very heavily guarded secret.

"He spoke of a time he had spent with President and Mrs. Clinton at his JY Ranch in the Grand Tetons in 1995, where he had outlined for them the contents of a briefing that had been developed out of Project Starlight, the 1993 Rockefeller-funded program that evolved into todayís Disclosure Project. He said that the Clintons had not commented on the information until the next morning, when, before the President appeared, Mrs. Clinton requested to Mr. Rockefeller that he not bring the subject up again.

"He told me that he was quite certain that the abductions, such as the one I experienced, were a very real phenomenon, but that he was unsure of their purpose or origin. In our conversation, he suggested that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton had been extremely wary of the subject. 'If there's nothing in it,' he said with a smile, 'why would that be?' My response was, 'Let's ask Jimmy Carter, given that he promised full disclosure during his presidency. Let's find out why he reneged.' Mr. Rockefeller only smiled that quiet smile of his.

"Mr. Rockefellerís UFO interests were frowned upon by his family and are not mentioned, for example, in the full page obituary published in the New York Times, which mentioned every other aspect of his career in detail.

"Laurence Rockefeller was a warm, gracious, brilliant and steadfast man. He had the courage which institutions like the Times so sadly lack, to look with a steady eye straight at the wall of secrecy that surrounds the UFO question, and demand to be told the truth.

"I will miss him personally, as well as his magnificent spirit and his dedication to the idea that humanity has the right to know what this shadow is that haunts our world, that is so irresponsibly ignored by our great institutions."