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Robert Kennedy Skeptical on UFOs

Newly discovered letters written by the late Senator and Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy show clearly that Kennedy was skeptical about UFOs, and about the possibility of any United States Air Force cover up. 

The three newly uncovered letters were written in 1965 to researcher Robert E. Barrow, formally with the Air Force, and a writer of articles in UFO magazines in the 1970s.  

“I have noted from time to time public discussions about UFO’s and the basis for such phenomena,” wrote Senator Kennedy. “From the evidence available to date, I do not believe that UFO phenomena are caused by vehicles of extraterrestrial origin.” 

Kennedy stated, however, “Not enough is known about UFO sightings,” and conceded that some “reputable witnesses” had been involved. This led Mr. Barrow to write back and offer Kennedy a copy of  “UFO Evidence Report,” which had been put out by the UFO research organization NICAP. Kennedy replied that he had already seen the publication. 

When Barrow wrote Kennedy about whether the Senator believed the Air Force was covering up, Kennedy was direct and to the point. 

“I have looked into this matter in detail,” wrote Kennedy. “I do not believe that the Air Force is censoring any information of interest to the public on so-called “Unidentified Flying Objects.” 

The new letters are significant because they totally counter a previously published May 1968 letter by researcher Gray Barker, where Kennedy expressed sincere interest in UFOs. Many researchers have questioned this letter for years.

Kennedy’s skeptical views found in these new letters is also important in light of documents recently leaked into the UFO community claiming the Kennedy assassination was due in large part to an order given by Kennedy shortly before his death for all UFO files.

The actual documents can be seen at


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