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John F. Kennedy Pictures


kennedy.jpg (2595 bytes)

(photo: Kennedy Library)



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Kennedy  had a great interest in space. He was, after all, the President who declared publicly that America would land a man on the moon, and return him safely, at a time when there was great doubt the feat could be accomplished.

Here Kennedy and Vice-president Lyndon Johnson watch Astronaut Alan Shepherd's historic space flight. Office of the President's Secretary. 5/05/1961 (photo - Kennedy library)


Arthur Lundahl, director of the top CIA photo lab in Washington D.C., seen here on the left was the man who discovered the missiles in Cuba and who briefed President Kennedy on the subject. He was also, however, a man deeply interested in UFOs with a huge UFO library at home, and an active involvement with the subject for 25 years.

Lundahl was rumored to have been the briefer for three presidents on the subject of UFOs. He was involved with the photo analysis for the CIA Robertson, involved with the 1952 Washington flying saucer fragment that was sent to Wilbert Smith in Canada. He was also involved with the famous July 6, 1959 channeling of AFFA the alien at NPIC, where Lundahl and 6 other CIA employees watched a flying saucers fly by the window and sit above the capitol.





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