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President Johnson Answers his Mail

Like Presidents before and after Johnson, the president received many letters written by citizens expressing their views on UFOs, or asking questions. Like Presidents before him President Johnson never personally answered any mail on the topic of UFOs.

During six months, October 1966 through March 1967, Johnson received 123 letters dealing with UFOs.

Very few of these letters were actually answered by the White House. The letters to the President were usually sent to the Defense Department for handling where Col. Hector Quintanilla and his staff replied. On the few times when the letter was answered by the White House they were handled by Paul Popple, an Assistance to the President. The White House replies were basically non-committal, but never negative in tone.

Johnson did, however, answer a UFO letter while Vice-President. This may be significant as the facts become known as there has always been a rumor that John Kennedy, once he became President, had supposedly made Johnson the head of the UFO program.