Presidential UFO Articles


X-CONFERENCE- Here is a copy of my paper "Glimpses of Disclosure" given at the 2004 X-CONFERENCE.

 Harry S Truman's UFO Americana - A fine historic article written by Larry Bryant

UFO/ET Related Questions: w/ Follow-ups for the National Candidates Steven Bassett. (Reprinted from www.x-ppac.org)

President Eisenhower meets the Aliens? - This article a reprint of a fine investigation of the rumor done by William Moore in 1989.

Part 1: The Decline of the Executive- The Role of The President in the Politics of Disclosure      

Part 11: The Case for and Against George W. Bush- The Role of the President in the Politics of Disclosure

Part 111: The case for and Against Gore-The Role of the Presidency in the Politics of Disclosure

President's UFO Talk is a lengthy articles that looks at all the instances in history when Presidents have chosen to talk about UFOs in a speech, or to address it when answering constituent mail. It is an excellent oversight of which President's spoke about the subjects showing interest, and those Presidents who never ever mentioned the word UFO.

1970s is an article written by Robert Barrow. It is titled "How the Presidents have Dealt with UFOs." It looks at how President's Carter and Ford dealt with the UFO problem.

Disclosure Cookbook is an article written by Washington UFO lobbyist Stephen Bassett who looks at the politics and timing of a UFO disclosure coming from the White House.

Spielberg Reunites E.T. Stars: Olympic Flag carrier Steven Spielberg prepares for a new release of the movie E.T. He gathers the original stars to celebrate.

Bush Election Campaign The story of John Tenney who was forcefully removed from a campaign stop by Texas Rangers surrounding George Bush during a campaign stop in Michigan. Tenney was, at the time he was removed, asking a UFO question of the president-elect.