One of the reasons that has been advanced for the lack of open disclosure regarding the ET presence is the fact that the aliens themselves have remained silent.

One of the possible reasons that has been advanced for this silence is the concept that the world may have been quarantined from the rest of the Universe due to fact that we have many unresolved social and political issues to resolve. Therefore, it has been reasoned, the ETs are just sitting back watching while we "learn our lessons."

As we work toward disclosure let us be mindful of the issues that still must be resolved to take our place in the Universe as an advanced civilization.

Poor and Homeless

The great economic disparity between classes is one of the unresolved social issues that would be very evident to anyone visiting the planet, especially on the North American continent. It has become one of the seemingly accepted intractable problems.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is possibly the coldest big city in the world. Winter temperatures can stay well below freezing for months, and temperatures of -40 are not uncommon. In this harsh environment there are still homeless whose main daily concern is not UFO disclosure or world peace, but survival. Some like Fred face these daily challenges but have taken time to be thankful.

Jobless, Foodless, Homeless, BUT NOT BEDLESS