President Gerald Ford

His UFO Story


"When I heard about Congressman Ford’s proposal I had to shake my head and laugh. An open hearing would be a circus and I didn’t want any part in it." Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla, Director of U.S.A.F. Project Blue Book 1963-1969

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Gerald Ford UFOs

Gerald Ford UFO Talk

Gerald Ford UFO Mail

Gerald Ford UFO Cartoons

Donald Rumsfeld and "Need to Know"

The Ford UFO Letter

McNamara Dismissed UFOs and Ford Waited - An article by Robert Barrow whose letter writing campaign to government and military officials produced a series of now historic letters.

The Air Force Answers Ford's UFO Policy Inquiry - another article by Robert Barrow related to his UFO inquiries to Gerald Ford

Ford Inquires Further - another article by Robert Barrow on the Ford USAF letters.

Gerald Ford and the Congressional Path to a Bottle of Dr. Ed Condon's Feel-Good UFO Elixir - another Robert Barrow article about Ford and the 1966 Michigan UFO flap.

Gerald Ford, UFOs & Colorado University -Robert Barrow looks at the connection between Gerald Ford and the USAF investigation of UFOs that was being hosted at the University of Denver




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