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Wilbert Smith - Canadian Embassy Correspondence

In this letter written from Wilbert Smith to the Canadian Embassy in Washington, Wilbert Smith details the developments related to Project Magnet. He states that there are three full-time engineers working on Project Magnet, and that the project is classified "Secret."

Most importantly Smith mentions that an article ( and Smith's revision of the article) written by Major Donald Keyhoe, regarding the work being done on Project magnet had been sent to Dr. Vannevar Bush "for clearance." Bush was identified by Wilbert Smith in his November 1950 Top Secret Memo as the head of a small group working on the flying saucer program.

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Wilbert Smith - Canadian Embassy Correspondence 2

In this reply to Wilbert Smith  Gordon Cox, 3rd Secretary at the Embassy states that only himself, Arnauld Wright, (the Canadian military liaison and contact to the Research and Development Board where Vannevar Bush was) and the Ambassador are cleared to discuss the flying saucer situation in Washington D.C.

Cox states that, they at the Embassy are waiting for the Americans to make an official statement on the flying saucer situation. He states that Wright recovered the article from Vannevar Bush, but there still was no word what Bush's reaction was.

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Wilbert Smith - Canadian Embassy Correspondence 3

In this letter from Smith to Arnauld Wright the Military Liaison in Washington Smith talks about an offer made by Wright to talk to American scientists working on the flying saucer problem of propulsion. This is completely contrary to the always heard American position that they were not seriously working on flying saucers.

Smith however turns down Wright offer to share with the Americans until the Canadian team working on the problem has had time to discuss their progress and position.

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