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Eisenhower UFO Cartoons

Page 1

Eisenhower_1.gif (194018 bytes) When The Soviet Union launched Sputnik in October 1957, most Americans were afraid that the Soviets would win the race to space. Eisenhower. As this Block cartoon from the Washington Post showed Nikita Kruschev was celebrating the apparent victory.
Ike_golf.gif (137971 bytes) Another cartoonist showed Eisenhower enjoying a game of golf while Sputnik raced overhead. (New Statesman 19 Oct. 1957)
Sputnik_panic.gif (47021 bytes) Frank Williams at the Detroit Free Press drew a cartoon illustrating the panic after the Soviet launch.
Killian.gif (241184 bytes) At least one cartoonist appealed for Dr. James Killian, Eisenhower's science advisor, to not spare the rod when it came to catching up with the Soviets. (Burris Jenkins -Journal American)