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President Eisenhower

34th President-

January 20, 1953-January 20, 1961


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President Dwight D. Eisenhower, his wife Mamie, and first born son Doud rest in a chapel, outside the Presidential Library in Abeline, Kansas where his presidential papers are stored. Unfortunately, it appears that many of the Eisenhower presidential papers on UFOs are missing and may have ended up in other agencies such as the Secret Service.

Apparently someone is pulling someone's leg. It may be that it's mine that is being pulled, but if so I'm awfully gullible person, because the lady had the details down pat. Could it be that someone at the White House hasn't been telling quite all of the story? Washington reporter Drew Pearson writing to Eisenhower's Press Secretary James Hagerty about a story he was given that psychic Jean Dixon had visited the White House to read the future for the President and Mrs. Eisenhower.

Mars - Much more exciting. Conditions more similiar to earth -- Undoubtably some form of life, although probably not ones which we would recognize. From Outer Space Briefing given at the March 14, 1958 Eisenhower Cabinet meeting by Eisenhower Science Advisor Dr. James Killian.

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