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Donald Rumsfeld and the "Need to Know"

A story told by Bud Hopkins

From the Rense Radio Show November 10, 2003

Allen Hynek had told me a very interesting thing many years ago and he said he simply didn’t know what to make of this particular remark. He found it both intriguing that he could consider it a blowhard kind of remark.

At any rate he somehow had gotten to know Donald Rumsfeld, and I know at one time was a congressman. I don’t know if he was Allen Hynek’s congressman. I’m not sure but Allen said that at some point when Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense under Gerald Ford so this would be in the seventies. He went to Washington. Allen was on a visit, and he got an appointment with Rumsfeld. He had been for many many years a consultant for the Air Force on UFOs phenomena. He actually knew Rumsfeld. He said that they chatted about this and that in Rumsfeld’s office and then he said. "I turned to him and I said, Don I have to ask you something. I have been in this for years looking at the UFO phenomena. I feel like at this point in my life I am in a position of "need to know" what you know or what some agency might know that I don’t know. I have a ‘need to know’ I feel."

He said that Rumsfeld stood up and pointed a finger at him and said, "You have no ‘need to know’ and then sat down again. That was the end of it.

This is what Allen said to me, and mind you this was a first hand story. This is what he was telling me one day while we were having a drink. He said, "Bud I have two ways of interpreting that."

"The first is what seemed to be the case that he did know something about it and that if I was going to be informed about it that I have no ‘Need to know’ about it. It was a very firm thing."

"On the other hand I got the idea that he perhaps didn’t know either and felt that he should know and that this was a kind of blustering thing."

Of course we do have a man who blusters, as we know from his present day role. So, he said, "I never knew how to take it."

I said did you ever decide what you thought and he said, "No, I vacillated between two different interpretations." I find it very interesting that the scientific consultant on UFO phenomena – after his tenure was told this by the Secretary of Defense.

Rumsfeld on Known and Unknown