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Disclosure Pattern 1985-90



Potential Targets or Couriers - Len Stringfield

Captain Robert Collins approaches researcher Len Stringfield, while Collins is still stationed at Wright-Patterson. Collins phones him once a week. He offers highly technical papers, and "a meeting with a Colonel who possessed a lot of information."

Stringfield refuses to reveal his sources, and Collins breaks off the correspondence and moves on to contact Bruce Maccabee.

Collins told me " I found him too unreliable and dropped him."

As to his connection with the Falcon, Collins stated, "Since being friends with Bill and having a strictly personal interest in UFOs I also knew and understood effective CI methods to cover the identity of a confidential source. Bill was familiar with these methods. Both the use of my name and Doty’s to cover the identity of "Condor" and "Falcon" worked very well for over 21/2 years. The tracks were covered just enough now so that it is doubtful that the real "Condor" or "Falcon" will ever be found. To this day I don’t know who they are and Bill won’t tell me!


Potential Target or Courier -Lee Graham

Lee Graham was an aerospace worker at Aerojet Electrosystems in Azusa, California who was shown documents like the MJ-12 and Aquarius by Bill Moore, prior to their public release. He eventually took the documents to his superiors and came under intense security by the Defense Investigative Service (DIS). Moore who provided the documents, however, was never investigated by DIS even though Lee Graham insisted an investigation should take place.

In 1987 two men paid an intimidating visit to Lee Graham’s workplace. One of the men identified himself as FBI Special Agent William Hurley. The second man dressed in civilian clothes, who did not identify himself, turned out to be Major General Michael Kerby, USAF, who at the time of the visit was Director of the Air Force Legislative Liaison office.

The bulk of the one-hour interview was encouragement and congratulations for disseminating the MJ-12 document to the public. In addition to this "pep talk," Graham was shown the then Top Secret designation of the F-117 ‘Stealth’ fighter, by Kirby who had been in command of the operational aspects of the fighter while he was stationed at Nellis AFB. This was an item of interest to Graham, who had been seeking it through FOIA requests for years.

Strangely, Graham learned the identity of the man in civilian clothes from another mysterious figure in the UFO community. This man was C.B. Scott Jones, then a congressional aide to Senator Claiborne Pell. Jones provided Graham General Kirby’s identity, along with a biography and photograph of the general. He told Graham in the accompanying letter that Kirby was a "mutual acquaintance."

When he was later confronted about how he would know about the mysterious drop-in at Graham’s worksite to discuss the MJ-12 document, Jones stated that the general had been at Senator Pell’s senate suite on a courtesy call, and he had mentioned the visit to Jones, knowing Jones’ "interest in these matters."

When Graham filed FOIA requests related to his meeting with the FBI agent and General Kirby he discovered that he was being monitored by AFOSI Colonel Barry Hennessey in Washington, D.C. Interestingly, Hennessey was the boss of AFOSI officer Richard Doty who had been actively discussing MJ-12 with Bill Moore and Linda Howe prior to the mailing of the MJ-12 documents to Jamie Shandera in December 1984.

In his 1983 meeting with Linda Howe, Doty had said ""My superiors have asked me to show you this," as he handed her the document identified as "Briefing for the President." The document had included discussion of MJ-12.

In 1987, the mysterious Kirby/Graham meeting clearly shows Doty’s boss is now monitoring Graham who appears to have been given the job of disseminating the MJ-12 document within the security community.

September 1987

Potential Target or Courier – Whitley Strieber

Strieber receives a private letter at his cabin, one of only two in thousands of letters from the public that were received at the New York cabin. The sender left a phone number, which Strieber phoned. The caller related a story of "evil greys" and "appealing blonds." The greys he said were trying to improve their race through the use of human genetic material. "We are in a war here, he told Strieber, "and you are on the front line."

The caller maintained that "public acceptance" of the aliens by the government would be an "open sesame" that would allow the visitors to conclude the takeover. The caller described Strieber as an "enabler" who was working to counter the government "subtle holding action."

When Strieber used a private detective to track the telephone and address of the caller it eventually led back to a Defense department exchange located in Colorado. Strieber phoned the number that was at the end of the mail drops, the person demanded to know how he had obtained the number. A couple days later the number was disconnected. The Boulder Colorado police threatened to charge the detective, who had tracked the number for Strieber, with a charge of impersonating an officer.

November 1987

Potential Targets or Couriers – Linda Howe

Former USAF Officer Robert Collins was "frantically" trying to get Linda Howe to meet with him in Albuquerque. At that meeting, also attended by John Lear, Collins showed the two some MJ-12 documents, primarily relating to a live alien allegedly held captive by the U.S. Government. According to Howe, Collins stated that he had worked "behind the scenes" with Bill Moore for years.

December 1987

Possible Target or Courier – John Lear

New Concepts Introduced – Praying mantises aliens, Area-51, U.S. Government deal with aliens

Based on information he was receiving from secret sources John Lear begins to tell stories that there is an underground base at Area –51 and that back engineering work on flying saucers is going on at the base. In addition to these concepts Lear added a number of new ones he had been told such as,

The U.S. Government had made a deal for aliens technology in exchange for looking the other way on abductions and cattle mutilations.

There was an underground base both at Area-51 and in Dulce, New Mexico where these alien interactions were taking place.

The U.S. had recovered a whole series of downed UFOs. One was even buried.

Late 1980s

Potential Targets or Couriers – Robert Emenegger, Bill Moore, Linda Howe, and Whitley Strieber.

Robert Emenegger is told by sources that he is about to get an invitation to meet with a "live" extraterrestrial in a New Mexico. This may be a distortion of the Linda Howe offer to interview the handler who lived with the live alien captured in 1949. Paul Shartle, who worked for DAVA at Norton Air Force Base, made the offer to Emenegger. Emenegger had never met Richard Doty who was promoting an interview with the "keeper."

Writer Whitley Strieber was also told the "live Alien" story by Master Sergeant Richard Doty. He related the story in his book "Breakthrough:

I interviewed Mr. Doty after his retirement, although he apparently told this story while on active duty as well. In my interview, Mr. Doty repeated the same tale that he has told many times, of the capture of a live alien, whom, he said, was a mechanic or engineer aboard a UFO. This being, he continued, had not been able to talk till Air Force surgeons had rebuilt his vocal chords, which was done in 1949. He stated that he had seen videotapes of the alien and is the originator of the now-famous story that aliens like strawberry ice cream.

August and September 1988

Potential Targets or Couriers – Len Stringfield

Len Stringfield, after a long period of quiet in contacts from his sources, is contacted by 10 new sources all at the same time. "Each promised," wrote Stringfield, "that useful information about UFO crash crash/retrievals would soon follow. By the end of November most promises were filled, some were first-hand reports, some second. But, most importantly, some provided new backup information for cases cited in my previously published reports. Most rewarding was the timely emergence of persons serving in covert positions with substantive information in key areas of my work."

October 1988

New Concepts Introduced – Naval Observatory as headquarters for MJ-12, a flow chart showing the hierarchy of the organization handling the UFO problem for the U.S. government.

Moore along with a few other people who had been involved with the underworld of UFO leakers put together a two-hour national documentary called "UFO Cover up Live." Richard Doty and Robert Collins act the back lighted interviews of Falcon and Condor. They relate the story of the extraterrestrials. The audience is told what they look like, where they are from, and bizarre facts like the fact they like Tibetan music and strawberry ice cream.

The real Falcon, a man in his 60s is in the small studio audience for the show. Robert Coleman, who is also present for the live show recognizes the man and is surprised that he is involved.

There were some 75,000 calls into the toll free number the night of the broadcast, but the number was less than expected. Moore, Friedman, and Shandera received a lot of criticism inside the UFO community for the Falcon and Condor interviews, and of course the idea put out that the captured aliens held by the U.S. government liked Tibetan music, and strawberry ice cream.


Potential Targets or Couriers – John Lear and Las Vegas KLAS-TV reporter George Knapp.

New Concepts Introduced – S-4, element 115, and back engineering work at Area 51.

A man claiming to be a physicist named Bob Lazar appears on Las Vegas TV station KLAS. He claims to have worked at Area 51, in a section known as S-4, where he worked on back engineering efforts on 9 recovered flying saucers.

Some in the field were led to believe the appearance of Lazar was an effort by intelligence people to hide the testing of a radically new plane called the Aurora. In 1990 an uncovered financial analysis done for Lockheed corporation, showed that the plane was eating up almost a half billion dollars in funding.

This concept is a no-brainer, and is symbolic of the problem with the whole disinformation theory related to UFOs. If the Air Force wanted to test the Aurora in complete secrecy, would it make sense to start up a rumor of crashed flying saucers at Area-51 which would attract tens of thousands of people to the area where you are doing the testing?



A Warning Sign Outside Area 51 where Lazar claims to have worked on Flying Saucers.


Lazar’s story introduces the company EG&G as a company involved in the UFO program. He also involves US Navy Intelligence as the overseers of the UFO program.

The story creates such a worldwide dialogue that thousands head up into the mountains surrounding Area 51 to watch what is going on. The USAF actually takes over public land where the viewers watch to stop the tours. Some stories state the UFO work is actually moved to a new AFB in Utah because of the sudden exposure.

September 1989

Possible Target or Courier – Timothy Good

The director of a "Special Development Group" associated with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey International contacts U.K. researcher Timothy Good. The director stated that one of his colleagues had been at Good speech a few months earlier at the MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Good was told the director’s corporation was working on an International Touring Display on the subject that would provide accurate information on UFOs, and be entertaining. When Good expressed reservations about a circus company getting involved in UFOs, the director wrote back and described a government connection to the UFO International display.

"Organizations such as NASA, United States Government, Rockwell International, have agreed to work with out cooperation to develop the main part of this show, the future of space and the technical advances predicted over the next 100 years. Their reluctance at first was not the fact that we owned circuses, but on how the UFO subject is going to be tastefully handled. We have now satisfied their concerns . . . "

Tim Good passed off the project to Bob Oeschler who he felt was fully qualified to help. Oeschler had spent years as a UFO researcher, NASA mission specialist and project engineer.

When Oeschler was brought into the project known as "Cosmic Journey," he was told that the project had received the approval of President George Bush, Vice-president Dan Quayle and the national Space Council (an organization based in the White House and protected under Executive order.)

In November 1989, Oeschler met at the Pentagon with the general from the intelligence community attached to the "Cosmic Journey" project. He proposed Oeschler check with NASA and NPIC for photos he could use for the exhibit.

The general, according to Oeschler also proposed an exhibit of a dead alien in " a space age looking coffin with blue lighting inside the clear lexan cover."

1987- 1989

Possible Target or Courier – Howard Blum

New Concepts Introduced – A secret working group called together in 1987 to study the hidden government aspects of the UFO phenomena.

According to award winning New York Times reporter Howard Blum, "a senior official at the National Security Agency" gives him a strange lead. The official was helping him with a book he was doing at the time about the Walker spy case. The lead was "there’s been a lot of talk around the NSA about outer space. Weird stuff. UFOs. Heard they got some kind of all-star working group or something. A panel of hotshots zeroing in on UFOs. Going to get the truth at last."

He approached Pulitzer winning New York Times reporter Seymour Hersh for help on the story. Hersh was upset that Blum would pursue such a story and appeared not to be interested. Two days later, however, he phoned Blum to confirm there was some secret working group working on UFOs but that Blum would have to get the story on his own.

Blum managed to find one of the NSA members who sat on the super secret inside group called the UFO Working Group. Blum is able to piece together the story from there.

The UFO Working Group was a spin-off of the remote viewing program and more specifically the "coordinate remote viewing" CRV program. One version of the story as told by Blum states that the whole thing started during a meeting held in the secure vault of President Reagan’s Scientific Advisor George Keyworth in the fall of 1985. Dr. Hal Puthoff, then running the SRI remote viewing program, explained that Ingo Swann, a viewer, would demonstrate " A new perceptual channel through which individuals are able to perceive and describe remote data not presented to any known sense."

A short series of precise geographical coordinates were read to Swann and he proceeded to describe a building that once the target was revealed turned out to be the country dacha of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Following this, a demonstration took place to show how the displayed "scannate" technology could be used in antisubmarine warfare. Swann was shown a series of pictures of submarines, some American, some Soviet, some in dry dock, some not built yet. His job was to provide the exact coordinates of each submarine.

As he was set to call up the coordinates of a Soviet Delta-class submarine in one of the photographs, he stopped and reported that he saw something above the submarine. Asked to draw it on a piece of paper he drew a classic image of a flying saucer.

A report was made by the SRI team of the incident and sent to the DIA who was the "primary client." About this same time money from the Army for the CRV program was withdrawn, and the entire program moved to DIA.

The Swann submarine incident led to a DIA/Navy Intelligence sponsored program to use scannate to search for soviet submarines. According to Blum’s information, the DIA was able to detect at least 17 UFO objects connected to Soviet submarines over the next 14 months. The project was called Project magnet and the DIA Directorate for Management and Operations supervised it.

More importantly, the incidents of the "hovering UFOs" around submarines provided an inspiration to Col. John Alexander, then Director, advanced concepts US Army Lab. Command, Aldelphi, MD. He proposed that the DIA Project Aquarius viewers should view an area above Kickaboo, Texas. It was there that NORAD reported an unknown object had tripped a manmade electromagnetic fence extending up to 15,000 miles above the earth.

The three viewers all were asked to view anything unusual at that latitude and longitude in the last 48 hours. By the end of the day all three CRV viewers had send back drawing of a UFO. With this addition evidence in hand Alexander convinced the DIA to set up a "top-secret working group to investigate the possibility that extraterrestrials were making contact with this planet."

Based on this psychic confirmation of a UFO event obtained by radar, the UFO Working Group was formed in February 1987. Col. John Alexander sent out the invitations for others he had chosen to generate a top-secret review of the UFO situation.

Col. John B. Alexander


Armen Victorian who squared off with Alexander during the period Howard Blum was researching the UFO Working Group, described Alexander’s role, and the start-up of the group this way,

John Alexander's position as the Program Manager for Contingency Missions of Conventional Defense Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratories, enabled him to exploit the Department of Defense's Project Reliance "which encourages a search for all possible sources of existing and incipient technologies before developing new technology in-house" to tap into a wide range of exotic topics, sometimes using defense contractors, e.g., McDonnell Douglas Aerospace. I have several reports, some of which were compiled before his departure to the Los Alamos National Laboratories when he was with Army Intelligence, which show Alexander's keen interest in any and every exotic subject--UFOs, ESP, psychotronics, anti- gravity devices, near-death experiments, psychology warfare and non-lethal weaponry.

Having received a lead on the group Blum decided to investigate the UFO Working Group. The story of what he discovered was written up in a widely distributed 1990 book, "Out There: The Government’s Secret Quest for Extraterrestrials."

One UFO newsgroup reader described the Blum book as "the interesting process of turning bull shit into history." Many other UFO researchers quickly echoed that assessment, and the book ended up receiving little support from with the UFO community. In reality, those who claim to have been involved, claim the book is 90% accurate. These are the same people who were in the secure vaults when the 1987 meetings occurred.

Blum described the UFO Working Group as a group trying to "settle this UFO question once and for all". The men trying to settle the question were a group of men who had each had some contact with black budget programs and government security.

There are three views as to exactly what the UFO Working Group was. The first view is that they were a group who knew much more than the average researcher, but they were not the top-level group Blum made them out to be. They were a group scientists, military personnel, and intelligence analysts who basically sat around a table and shared anecdotal information and scuttlebutt they had heard directly or second hand through the black budget community or through the chain of command. They looked at the relationship of various programs to UFO program that all believed existed somewhere in the black budget of the United States government.

The second view, exemplified by Howard Blum’s account is that the group was a highly classified compartmentalized group working inside the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Management and Operations which had been given great power to attack the UFO problem.

The DIA Connection

Blum makes a number of references in his book as to the UFO connection to the UFO Working Group. This DIA tie-in is interesting because it parallels stories being told at the same time by Bill Moore and others about the key role in the UFO hierarchy played by the DIA. (complete story)


The third view is the one put forward by researchers like Jacques Vallee who believed that "the Colonel Phillips secret group is not the real secret group. It is only the latest carrot dangled in front of a public always eager for new revelations . . . There is clearly an endless supply of such stories, and they are always volunteered to people who are prone to believing them but have no ability to check them."

The UFO Working group, according to all accounts, was able to field CIA assets under cover to investigate UFO sightings. Blum pointed out one case in Wisconsin where two CIA officers were sent impersonating NASA engineers. This type of internal CIA investigation was possible because of President Ronald Reagan’s signing of Executive Order 12333, which allowed the CIA to operate within the United States under certain conditions.

The UFO Working Group was a "group of insiders who were looking for the insider group." They were desperately seeking the crashed flying saucers, and MJ-12 group just like the rest of Ufology. They believed, according to some, that there was an unknown mysterious engineering project run by either Admiral Bobby Ray Inman or General John J. Sheehan. A lot of black budget money was known to be flowing in that direction. No one, however, seemed able to get anything concrete on the group.

They had an advantage in seeking the answer in that they knew some of the black secrets of the government. In addition, they were able to talk to other high-ranking people who would speak to them because of their backgrounds.

The UFO Working Group came together to work on the UFO problem, knowing that together they could share and achieve more than by working alone. They worked on four main problems;

1. Investigating UFO Reports

2. Investigating the MJ-12 Documents

3. Investigating the scuttlebutt of UFO crashed saucer stories being told by insiders and witnesses

4. Investigated global US intelligence assets being used to detect UFOs

Many of the 17 men in the UFO Working Group would go on to become members of another top-secret chat group known as the Aviary. In fact, the UFO Working Group might just have been how the Aviary came together.

This informal group became famous for their connections to researcher Bill Moore in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They went by bird names that allowed them to talk among each other without everyone knowing who they were. At least that was the plan.

Many of UFO Working Group, turned Aviary, went on to become members of the National Institute of Discovery Sciences (NIDS), started up by Nevada billionaire Robert M. Bigalow. NIDS like the other two groups provided the members to share their common goal of understanding the truth of the UFO mystery.

The head of the UFO Working Group given the name "Col. Howard Phillips" by Blum was actually Col. John Alexander (Penguin). Alexander was former director of non-lethal weapons testing at Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico. This is a fact that has been posted on UFO discussion boards only months after the book came out in 1996.

Other members of the UFO Working Group included former CIA scientist Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green (Blue Jay); USAF Colonel Ron Blackburn, former microwave scientist and specialist at Kirkland Air Force Base; Dr. Hal Puthoff (Owl), former member of the NSA and one of the original researchers who developed the protocols for remote viewing with Ingo Swann; Dr Jack Verona (RAVEN), one of the Department of Defense initiators of the DlA's Sleeping Beauty project which aimed to achieve battlefield superiority using mind-altering electromagnetic weaponry;Ronald Pandolfi, chief scientist for the CIA (Pelican); Dr. Robert Wood at McDonald Douglas who would go on to become the chief researcher of the 3700 pages of documents leaked in the 1990s from six different intelligence sources; Hal McConnell from the NSA; and Major General Albert Stubblebine, the Commander of the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command.

Ninety percent of the UFO Working Group meetings took place in the BDM secure vault in McCLean, Virginia. This is because group member General Stubblebine was the Vice-President of BDM at the time. Only one meeting occurred in the Defense Intelligence Agency secure vault.

They were trying to become an official government sponsored group looking for the answer, but failed to get the funding. "They seem like a loose-knit, unofficial discussion group called together on the authority of Phillips, a self-appointed UFO guru within the agency," says Larry W. Bryant, who directs the Washington, DC, office of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)

When ten sessions had been completed of the UFO Working Group John Alexander compiled the information they had gathered in a briefing book. It was presented to the then ready to retire defense authority. He, however, did not want the controversy. He denied the request to officialize the UFO Working Group into a formal government funded and operated group. The UFO Working Group folded but most of the members continued to interact in what became known as the Aviary.

In the end of his book Blum concluded based on the material he had been fed, that he had not found the conclusive proof for UFOs. The actual UFO working group arrived at this same conclusion. In fact Blum became convinced that much of the governments silence was due to the vast amounts that it did not know.