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Candidate Dick Cheney Visits Roswell

Because of Dick Cheney's high White House positions in past Ford and Bush Sr. administrations, the appearance of Cheney's name on the George W. Bush Presidential ticket, led many ufologists to feel that Cheney might represent an attempt by the government to make a disclosure on UFOs.

Dick Cheney faced even more UFO speculation, after George Bush stated in July 2000, while campaigning in Arkansas, that it would be Dick Cheney's first White House job to get the answer to the UFO mystery. Cheney had served as Secretary of Defense from 1989 to 1993 under President Bush.

During his tenure as Secretary of Defense, however, Cheney did not release a single scrap of information to researchers that indicated UFOs were for real. Yet, now, as a vice-presidential candidate many researchers suddenly came to believe he might have softened his stance, and would now provide some truthful answers.

Because of his former defense position, and because more attention was being placed on candidates concerning UFOs, after the Bush UFO campaign promise in Arkansas, it was almost a godsend that Cheney ended up on a campaign trip to Roswell New Mexico. The visit occurred October 25, just three months after George Bush made the UFO promise to Charles Huffer that Cheney would look into the UFO situation. The planned Roswell trip had some UFO researchers in a tizzy.

Roswell had been the site of the most famous UFO event in history. In July 1947, there was a crash that some believe involved a flying saucer and four small grey aliens. The crash had been investigated intensely by researchers beginning in the late seventies.   This research led to Roswell based movies, books, and TV series that have been produced almost yearly ever since. This publicity had turned the New Mexico town of 45,000 into a place of cult status.

Roswell has, over the years, turned into a major tourism town with a UFO museum, and shops selling alien souvenirs of all kinds. Tens of thousands of people from all over the country visited every year to check out the alien stories.

Almost as if it had been written by a Hollywood screen writer, only six days before Cheney arrived in Roswell, 30 cattle were found dead under mysterious circumstances on a ranch outside of town. Papers as far away as Boston, Massachusetts covered the story of the "mysterious mass death."

Since the late sixties mysterious deaths among cattle had evolved to become a common occurrence on western ranches. These mysterious occurrences had been documented by UFO researchers and the FBI.

The deaths were a phenomena that investigators came to coin as  "cattle mutilations".   These starnge deaths were a phenomena that many researchers claimed were extraterrestrial based, because many aspects of the incisions, and organ removals, appeared beyond human technology.

It was "very interesting that Cheney flew into Roswell," wrote UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor, "after the mysterious mass death of 24 cattle in that community. Was he on some kind of clandestine mission for the Pentagon?"

Dr. Leonard Blanch, a local veterinarian, was called in but was unable to determine what had caused the deaths. He sent samples to the laboratory for tests. Meanwhile, Cheney and his entourage arrived in town.

For those UFO enthusiasts who showed up at the Cheney event to hear  Cheney to make a revelation, they had attended in vain. The hoped for statement never came.

Not only did Cheney not bring disclosure news, he did not appear to even acknowledge the UFO background of the town. Cheney drove might down main street and right past the UFO museum. He did not however stop, nor as some observers reported, did he even turn to look at the museum.

Cheney trip past the UFO museum, led him to the Chaves County courthouse where he was scheduled to speak. He was greeted by a man in the crowd holding a sign that depicted a little green man with a heart and the name Cheney — as in "ETs love Cheney." There was no indication from Cheney that he noticed that either.

The vice-presidential hopeful spoke to the enthusiastic crowd of 2,500, but never mentioned the UFO subject once. He was like the secretive and calculating Cheney of old.

No one asked him about UFOs, and he was not asked for a comment about the mysterious death of the cattle that had occurred just prior to his arrival. He completed his speech, and left town. With it left some of the hopes held by some researchers that Cheney was the disclosure prophet.

The day after Cheney left, the results were back from the veterinarian. The aliens, it appeared, had not been involved in the deaths. It was determined that the deaths had been caused by poisoning. The vet suspected that the cattle had been poisoned by a weed that had found its way into the bails of hay causing nitrate poisoning. It had become a bad couple of days for UFO believers.

Some, however, felt that the Cheney trip to Roswell might have been a signal. These people felt it was like Reagan making a speech in 1982 near hanger 84 at the Roswell Air Force Base, where tradition says the bodies of the dead aliens from the Roswell crash were held prior to being flown to Wright Fieldin 1982. Like Reagan, Cheney might have been giving an indirect nod that he was aware, and would if elected, deal with the UFO situation.

Vice President Cheney and UFOs

Following the election of Bush and Cheney, the new President and Vice-president went on to advance massive tax cuts, new oil exploration in Alaska, and a reform proposal for education. They moved to increase secrecy, and following the September 11th terrorist attack, they moved to "save the world from evil."

There was no indication that the UFO issue had been the first thing Cheney did once elected as promised by Bush in the campaign. In fact there was no indication anything had been done.

Huffer Follows Up on Bush's UFO Promise

On February 7, only weeks after George Bush and Dick Cheney were sworn in, Charles Huffer, encouraged by other researchers forwarded a letter to Dick Cheney, through his congressman Asa Hutchison. In the letter Huffer reminded Cheney of the promise "to tell us what was going on concerning UFOs," that George Bush had made to him the previous July 28th. As part of the promise, Huffer also reminded Cheney that "Mr. Bush said to me, while pointing to you, it would be the first thing that you would do."

Hutchison wrote back to Huffer in a letter dated March 19, 2001. He stated "Please know that I will follow up and make sure that the Vice-President has indeed seen the letter and plans to respond."

After a long delay, Cheney's reply, dated July 16, 2001, was sent to Huffer. It is a good thing Huffer kept a copy of his letter to Cheney. Otherwise he would never have known what letter Cheney was answering.

The letter was not even signed by Cheney, but by a Special Assistant to the Vice President, Cecilia Boyer. Boyer thanked Huffer for writing to get "assiatnce in dealing with an agency of the Federal government," even though Huffer had simply written to get Cheney to tell him what he had done about UFOs, based on the promise he and Bush had made in the July Arkansas meeting.

Boyer went on to say that Huffer's letter had been transfered to NASA. "That agency will review the facts and either start a case, reopen your old case, or explain their previous decision on your former case, as applicable. We have requested that they respond directly to you with a copy to us for our files, and we expect this to be done at the earliest possible opportunity." Huffer and his letter were now on the UFO merry-go-round.

NASA  did send along their reply promised by Cheney's assistant. It was sent through Asa Hutchison who forwarded it to Cheney with a cover letter, which did not question the action Cheney had taken to reroute the letter.

The NASA reply, like Cheney's assistant's letter, the word UFO was not to be found in the letter. It was the standard bureaucratic UFO letter that ever UFO researcher has seen a hundred times. With the letter the sent a NASA fact sheet, "The US Government and Unidentified Flying Objects."

This is the same fact sheet that other researchers like Robert Barrow had replied. It said, "No branch of the United States Government is currently involved with or responsible for investigations into the possibility of advanced alien civilizations on other planets or for investigating Unidentified Flying Objects... the USAF had investigated UFOs from 1947 to 1969...since the termination of Project Blue Book, nothing has occured that would support a resumption of UFO investigations by the U.S. government."


Vice-President Dick Cheney Questioned On UFOs - 04-11-01


The questioning of Dick Cheney took place during Cheney's appearance on the Washington D.C. Public Radio Station WAMU on April 11, 2001. Dick Cheney spoke from the White House.


The question arises 26 minutes into the archived program for those
who want to go to the link and listen to it.

Here is the transcript:

Researcher Grant Cameron: Since the statement made by George Bush last July, there is a vicious rumor circulating in the UFO community that you've been read into the UFO program. So my question to you is, in any of your government jobs, have you ever been briefed on the subject of UFOs, and if you have, when was it and what were you told?

Cheney: Well, if I had been briefed on it, I'm sure it was probably classified and I couldn't talk about it.

Rehm: Is there investigation going on within this administration, Mr. Vice President, as to UFOs?

Cheney: I have not come across the subject since I've been back
in government, oh like since January 20th.

Rehm: All right.

Cheney: I've been in a lot of meetings, but I don't recall one
on UFOs.

The key to Cheney's statement is his admission that the subject of UFOs would "probably be classified." The U.S. government has been claiming since December 1969 when it shut down Project Blue Book that nothing is classified, and everything is on the table.

Having been Chief of Staff for President Ford, and Secretary of Defense for President Bush, it is commonly acknowledged that if anyone knew the secret of UFOs, Cheney would be a good guess.