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Good start. Re: Survey - Denver ETA Commission press conference.

Jeff Peckman

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for the several responses so far. I've posted the two new endorsements that have come in. Even if you've signed the online petition posted by Larry Bryant, please send a separate endorsement specifically mentioning the Denver ballot initiative to create and Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission.

Re: Jerry Pippin's idea to web cast - Thank you Jerry for your excellent idea of live web streaming to give access to an unlimited number of people. Please let me know the technical requirements from our side. Jerry Hofman, an instructor at the Colorado Film School who was also on the 5/30 Larry King show with Stan Romanek and me, has already said he has 80 students with cameras to cover the convention and he will definitely have someone at the press conference. So I'll ask for his assistance and advice to ensure the proper setup and quality broadcast transmission from our side.

Re: Toronto Exopolitics suggestions - Thank you Victor and Michael.What you've said perfectly matches the intent of the ballot initiative and the press conference but now we have your better statements to use.  As a point of clarification - whatever the ballot initiative language already states as mandates,  that is what will be put into law when the initiative passes next May. However, that does not preclude the Commission or even the voter education campaign, prior to the election, from achieving the same objectives.

Re: Celebrities - Does anyone have access to Dan Akroyd? Is his documentary already released or in need of a "premiere". He was an obvious omission from my earlier message.

New Questions:
1. Can anyone of you provide:
a.  An up-to-date and complete list of everyone who is teaching college level courses in exopolitics and closely related areas?
b. An list of books on exopolitics, and extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional cultures?

Thank you again.

Jeff Peckman

Victor Viggiani wrote:

Greetings from Exopolitics Toronto! Congratulations on your plans. As Larry mentions - the project couldn't be in better hands.
Exopolitics Toronto is willing to be a media conduit here in Canada and internationally for any news you wish to disseminate. I know Richard Syrett would be interested in having you on the program to let the Toronto audience and net listeners here know more about your plan's progress.
A few suggestions if I may:
- When framing the press conference it would be highly strategic in the development of the Extraterrestrial Affairs Committee to have as part of its mission statement or mandate an articulation of the problem of "two disclosures" D1 and D2.
D1 being the truth behind the ET presence and the 60 year embargo on the truth. Since these entities have been in existence for millions of years longer than mankind's appearance as sentient beings - no hostile actions have been used to impose their will on us. In essence this means there are either intergalactic conventions concerning ET interaction with pre-contact species and/or these beings for the most part are at most benevolent or at least benign in their observation of the planet as manifested by the UFO phenomenon.
The purpose of any interaction or desire for contact on our part should focus on the principles of intergalactic diplomacy with all advanced ethical off-world civilizations.  This means - contact is in the hands of the people and their democratically elected representatives and NOT co-opted government agencies and globalists who seek to maintain the existing power structure based on fossil fuels, fear and a cyclical war economy that keeps the subjugated subjugated, the poor - poor and the average person ambivalent about an ET presence.
D2 (disclosure two) on the other hand may be seen as the release by government(s) (the USA and perhaps other co-opted governments) of details - information etc that portray these off-world entities as a threat to humanity. I cite Carol Rosin's statements re: Wernher von Braun's assertion that eventually a post-911 Iraq - Iran fear campaign will be launched by the US government to demonize the entities among the public.
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1JrqB0hK7c
These two contrasting "forms of Disclosure" MUST be articulated in the mandate of the Commission's work to properly inform and prepare the public as to what Disclosure could mean. The work of the Commission should be to create a consensus - a new worldview that includes cooperative overtures to these beings and a preparatory program of public education to end the arms race, terminate the war economy, eliminate the use of fossil fuels, re-direct the recovery of the Earth's biosphere, transform technologies and medicine with new energy systems, put a stop to ethnic violence, energize a space industry that will provide jobs to re-vitalize the global economy and a new out-reach vision for the planet as a member of the community of off-world civilizations who have overcome their extinction behaviors and enabled them to travel in peace among the stars or other dimensions... and quite possibly time itself.
We won't know or gain an interactive platform with them until we enter into a full diplomatic relationship with them - gain their trust and demonstrate that we are ready for this leap for humanity.
I'll stop now... but I think you get the sense of what Disclosure One must be in contrast to what government has in store (D2). Your work in this area Jeff is absolutely critical and could very well turn the tide as did the initial release that started it all.
Exopolitics Toronto would be pleased and honoured to be a part of this process in any way. If we can help - please let us know.
If we had the funds to assist we'd write the biggest cheque we could - however and unfortunately -it's not something we can do at this point. I hope you will accept our moral support and suggestions as you work thru this venture.
I highly recommend that if possible - your group initiate contact with James Taylor while he is in Denver - he is a quiet yet forceful figure in the transformation of human consciousness.
- If possible - engage the services of Glen Schulze (G_Schulze@msn.com) and Robert Powell (RPowell@austin.rr.com) who authored the radar Research Report on the Stephenville Lights - it is clear indisputable scientific evidence that the area experiences intrusions into the airspace of unknown objects - 2.5 million bits of data from the FAA. Yet the military radar - IN THE SAME AREA - released and reported nothing of any significance.
The work of Jeff Peckman to achieve an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission is a bold venture that will awaken the consciousness of humanity to recognize, examine and engage the Extraterrestrial presence. Exopolitics Toronto applauds his organization's initiative to bring this news to a waiting and needy world. Pray that he succeeds.
Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed.
Director of Media Relations
Michael J. Bird
Exopolitics Toronto

Regards and Best Wishes
Victor Viggiani
905 278 1238

From: Jeff Peckman <jeff@extracampaign.org>
To: "Alejandro Rojas ;" <alejandrotrojas@gmail.com>,  "EXOPOLITICS.COM" <exopolitics@exopolitics.com>, explorerexperience@yahoo.com,  Grant Cameron <presidentialufo@presidency.com>, ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space <alw@peaceinspace.com>,  Jerry Pippin <JerryPippin@sbcglobal.net>, "Larry W. Bryant" <overtci@cavtel.net>, Nebula2002@aol.com,  Paradigm Research Group <PRG@paradigmresearchgroup.org>, Victor Viggiani <zland@sympatico.ca>, edkomarek@yahoo.com
Subject: Survey - Denver ETA Commission press conference.
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 16:43:06 -0600


On this 8.8.08 Galactic Freedom Day, I congratulate all of you for your dedication and ask for your assistance with the press conference on the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission ballot initiative. This event is intended for the DNC convention week Aug. 25-28 when an estimated 17,000 media representatives will be in Denver and the world will be watching what happens here.

This message is for all of you who are influential in the discussions of extraterrestrial UFO's, and Extraterrestrial and Inter-dimensional intelligent beings.
[If there are obvious omissions in the "To" list, please feel free to send the message to others like yourselves. A few of you have been BCC'd because I did not know if you want your e-mail address shown.]

By the end of next week, Aug. 22, I intend to issue a press release that will include names of confirmed speakers at the press conference and other relevant details, in order to get some media interest going.

Due to limited resources of time, money and expertise, this could be only a very modest press conference. But then so was the May 30 conference that resulted in a huge amount of global publicity.

However, to maximize the benefit this event, would you please offer input and any support that you can. As a starting point:

*Please complete the following survey and add any useful comments that you have, then kindly return it to me by
Tuesday August 12:*

1. Are you aware of any UFO/ET-related press conferences already being planned for the DNC convention, other than the one I'm organizing on behalf of the Extra Campaign? If so, send details or contact person.

2. Are you already planning to be in Denver at the time of the DNC convention? If so, would you be interested in participating in the press conference as a speaker, organizer, or as a resource to media for interviews before or after the press conference?

3. What key points do you think should be made at the press conference on issues related to UFO's and ET's?

4. Do you have a book, DVD or web site that you would like mentioned? If so, please send a copy of the material, or at least a description of the material and where it can be purchased or downloaded. I will include this information on the EXTRA Campaign web site and fliers at the press conference.

5. Would you be willing to make a 2-3 minute video endorsing the ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver, and make some relevant statements that are factual and not speculative? We will give preference to fresh statements related to the ballot initiative and overall importance of disclosure and acknowledgment of ET's, etc. rather than footage from past statements at other events or from other materials. If you can do this, please e-mail the video file and your name, position, organization, etc. so that it can be added to the video if you haven't done so already which of course would be preferable.

6. Will you or your organization make a donation the event? Monetary donations are encouraged but we would welcome some relevant DVD's or books as a donation.

7. Would you please send an endorsement for the Extra Campaign ballot initiative to create and Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver?
Please include your name, country, city, endorsement specifically mentioning the ballot initiative, extra comments, and any other info you desire such as web site, book or documentary DVD title, etc. These will be posted immediately on the campaign web site "Endorsements" page.

8. Do you have easy access to any celebrities/VIPs who might be interested in attending the press conference for an extra media draw? If so, would you please invite them and let me know the response? Media will be from all over the world so it does not matter if the celebrities are well known in the U.S.

*Celebrities that will be in Denver anyway during the DNC convention:* [There are more but these are all I can think of off hand]
Willie Nelson (here anyway for local concert)
Charlize Theron
James Taylor
Ben Affleck
Spike Lee
David Bowie (it's been rumored he's coming anyway for some activity related  the DNC convention)
VIPs are too numerous to mention

*Celebrity/VIP "wish list" for press conference:*
Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Paul Hellyer
Shirley McClain
Nina Hagen (Germany)
Robbie Williams (UK)
Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Mick Jagger
Michael Jackson
Any others you think would be good, available, and willing to get themselves here to participate.

We are grateful to all of you who have championed these issues for so long and laid the foundation for disclosing this important information. Any input and organizational or financial help you can offer at this special time can greatly leverage this opportunity for spectacular results.

The press conference is only marginally useful for the ballot initiative campaign but having the convention in Denver with so much of the world's attention is an opportunity that must not be missed. So we will do our best with the resources available to promote the issues of most broad interest. At this time, I'm the only one organizing this press conference and it's starting today with this e-mail.

Thank you for whatever you can do to help maximize the benefit of this event. The target date is either Aug. 25 or 26.

Jeff Peckman
Chief Proponent

P.S. Deferring the ballot initiative until Spring 2009 is clearly a good idea. It has been reported in the news that there are 19 ballot initiatives and referenda on the ballot for the November 2008 Colorado election -- the most there has been during one election since 1912. In the spring, just before the election, we intend to hold a benefit concert and one day scholarly conference. So this press conference will plant the seeds for those events and more.