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A Message from The Pulpit

(A Defense of Wilbert Smith)


There are many people, who after hearing the Wilbert Smith saga about attempts to “talk” with the aliens will feel that Smith was nothing more than an earlier version of Steven Greer or Billy Meier. They will denounce any attempt to consider seriously communications with aliens or attempts to signal UFOs with flashlights. Reviewed carefully, these views are shortsighted and uninformed.

 Firstly, on the issue of signaling UFOs with flashlights, I stand as a testimonial, and will argue with anyone anytime or place that this is a legitimate pursuit. I, and a hundred witnesses I can call to testify, will confirm that UFOs are very responsive to lights. While investigating in the UFO flap in Manitoba for 18 months we had many occasions to test such theories.

 On the more important concept of contacts between humans and aliens which Wilbert spent a great deal of his life pursuing, people should note a couple of points before they begin throwing stones.

 Firstly, the goal of many of UFO researchers is the confirmation of the reality of the extraterrestrial presence on earth. Calls of “Give us alien bodies, hardware, crashed flying saucers and statistical reports based on sighting reports,” are often heard.

 There is nothing wrong with this noble goal, but it is only part of the overall UFO reality. Establishing the reality of the extraterrestrial phenomena goes almost nowhere in explaining what has been happening since 1947, and why.

 For people who make that claim that physical evidence such as hardware and bodies should be our only consideration in our UFO studies, I present to them the same question that Dr. Eric Walker (former President of Penn State University, and a man who knew exactly what the government’s knowledge of the phenomena was) asked us in response to our constant demands to help us prove the UFO reality.

 “When you finally get the answer (the proof) what will you do with it?” he demanded to know. He had made a valid point, but one that took this author 15 years to figure out.  Walker’s question was simple - If you get a body or crashed flying saucer what is your next step be? What will you do once you have established the reality of the phenomena?

 Wilbert Smith was in the position of having had the answer to question concerning the reality of the phenomena. He had been shown a crashed flying saucer in Washington, D.C. He had been shown the bodies. He had handled piles of mysterious hardware. He had handled all the sighting reports coming into the government for 12 years. He knew the reality of the flying saucers and their extraterrestrial occupants. 

Yet he described his position as frustrating. Smith further realized that he was now at a dead end in uncovering the key questions of where visitors were from, why they are here, and what they have planned for our future.


Smith further stated that high government officials were in the same dilemma he was in. Despite their collections of hardware and bodies they too were at a dead end in the search for an answer to the UFO phenomena.


Consider for example the case of what Dr. Robert Sarbacher said when asked a question that went beyond the reality of the phenomena. Asked by Wilbert Smith where they came from Dr. Sarbacher stated, “We don’t know. All we know is we didn’t build them.”

Consider what Smith wrote in the Top Secret memo. “Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush.”

 The American officials that Smith talked to had bodies and crafts, but they could answer none of the question about where they were from and why they were here.

 Smith wrote that the reaction to the dead end situation the government found themselves in, was that nothing more that could be done, and that they should do nothing. Smith explained it this way.

 “Fact is when certain government people came face to face with the reality of the space people, and realized there wasn’t anything they could do about it, they promptly closed their eyes and hoped the whole thing would go away!

  Dr. Eric Walker, who was at one time a high government official, expressed the same “dead end” evaluation of the situation. “You are up against the windmills. Leave it alone, there’s nothing you can do about it,” he told us on a number of occasions. “Study something else. Leave it alone.”

 The “dead end” conclusions reached by the government were true in as far as the government had taken the evidence. Bodies and hardware do nothing but establish the reality of the situation, and they do nothing to explain anything else. With a body we know the phenomena is real, but to evolve our knowledge of the phenomena we must take another step.

 Smith clearly understood that these physical reality items were of no use in explaining what the phenomenon was about, and he is right. “It might as well be in the 4th dimension for what its worth” he once said of recovered crashed flying saucers.”

  If you have an alien body, what does that tell you about who they are, or why they are here? It tells you nothing. All it does is prove the reality of the phenomena, and little else. So what is the answer?

 As much as it might hurt to admit it, until we talk to the aliens, we will never understand why they are here, where they are from, and what the nature of the phenomena truly is.

 After receiving the proof for himself, Smith knew that contact with the occupants of the craft was the next step. Smith had been shown a crashed flying saucer at an air base outside of Washington D.C. He had been shown the bodies. He had handled piles of mysterious hardware sent to him by U.S. officials. He had handled every UFO report to come into the Canadian government for 12 years. He knew the reality.

 Discussions with U.S. officials would not help, as all they had was bodies, crafts, and sighting reports which would tell them little about the true nature and intent of the phenomena. They didn’t know what was going on either.


Smith had faced Walker’s question, “Once you get the answer, what will you do with it?” In his answer to the question, he decided putting his head in the sand was not an option. For Smith it was either try and talk to the people flying the crafts, or make Ufology a hobby to see how many reports, bodies, crafts, and hardware pieces he could collect.


Smith took the logical next step to Walker’s question of “When you finally get the answer, what will you do with it.” Smith moved to trying to find out why the aliens were here, where they were from, and what we could learn from them.


Let me make a point to illustrate this. I will bet the farm on the fact that one of the key reasons that the government is withholding the UFO story from the public centers on what they don’t know and more specifically what they don’t know about abductions.


If the President were to stand up and say, “UFOs are real, and they are extraterrestrial,” I can guarantee that one of the first questions that would come his way from the press corps would be, “Mr. President. There are estimates that these aliens have possibly abducted millions of people. What are you doing to stop this?

 So what does the President say? He can say nothing. Not only does he not know how to stop it, he does not even understand what they are doing. So how does he as Commander-in-Chief find out?

 Does he go to Area 51 and get a body, a downed craft, or a piece of hardware? What will those items do to help provide an answer? They do nothing to provide an answer. They simply, once again, confirm the reality of the situation. Sighting reports will not even prove the reality. They will simply describe the phenomena. Not until someone talks to an alien will he find out what they are doing. Not until someone negotiates with an alien will the abduction phenomena stop.

 Smith worked hard to find a scientific way to evaluate and create aliens contacts. He stated that when contacts were finally made with the aliens, only then did the answers to what was actually going on start to come. It was the key to his research after that, and he was absolutely right in what he did. It is an undeniable statement that a live alien will provide many more answers than a dead one. 

People may question the quality of alien messages, and it is a valid concern. It is however a problem of inadequate information, or poor evaluation techniques. That, however, is not the problem of the contactee who we have chosen to kick in the head. It is the problem of the researchers who have not spent the time to set up appropriate protocols to deal with collecting contact evidence.

 One must simply find a way to get reliable messages from aliens, as I will guarantee the government has tried to do from day one. Another key thing is to evaluate what has gone wrong in obtaining messages. Some researchers such as James Deardorff have already begun this process. More is needed.

 At one time we had poor quality ships that rarely made it across the ocean. As with alien messages is no reason to stop building new and better ships.

 Smith continued his whole career to build a ship to achieve the task of talking to the aliens, and he was fully justified in doing so.