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Communication - How was it done?

To Adamski in 1955 "We are in contact with AFFA, and others of his group. I have had many long and interesting exchanges with him, and have found him totally consistent and way beyond me in mental powers."

Actual alien contact

Wilbert Smith stated as late as November 1961, a year before he died that there were no direct contacts.

There is a story told about a ship disappearing (now know as cloaking or phase shifting). Smith supposedly is told to throw a rock at it after it has disappeared, and the rock hits something. The voice from the craft says this is a demonstration at how they are able to increase the gravitation field around the craft to such a point that they can bend light waves around the craft and the person ends up seeing what is behind the craft. In one talk, Smith hints at this principle stating that it is equivalent to making the elephant disappear on stage.

More work has to be done as to the origin of these stories.


Many radio contacts were made, but Smith still said that it was ultimately up to the aliens if there would be a contact. There was no sure way to radio the aliens.

See quotes for more details on radio communication.


In a letter to George Adamski

"I am glad the coil arrived OK, but I am sorry that I can tell you little about it. All I know is how to build it and that it works...(describes again what do and what power to use) All I can suggest to do is what the boys topside told me; "Play with it and learn."

This counters the present day opinion on disclosure which is that a release of the UFO information would solve all our worldly problems. There may not be alien confirmation of their existence because they are forcing us to figure it out for ourselves. They are just giving us hints along the way.

Present day belief demands disclosure - Let us know it’s real, give the technology which will help us solve all our problems.

Sleep messages - Story told me by Art Bridge.

Wilbert would keep a pen and pad by his bed at night. Often he would wake and he would have written stuff down during the night. At these times Smith would say, "AFFA has been busy." He would come into the lab and relate what AFFA wanted done related to the experiment.

Actually only two contacts according to Bridge. He never elaborated.

Telex Operator

A blind telex operator would receive telex messages for Smith. One particular case was the morning when the gravity control experiment blew up. Just before the test Smith got a call from the telex operator, telling him that AFFA had sent a message which simply said, "Shield the experiment."

Smith immediately halted the test, and a wall of bricks was built around the experiment. When the wall was built the plate (moving at up to 18,000 rpm) was tested. It exploded. Smith later wrote it was a good thing they were warned. Someone would have been seriously injured if the warning had not come.

Radio Messages

One DOT person told me about going to Shirley's Bay on Sunday afternoon in the Spring of 1953. Many people were gathered around the government radio where Smith was trying to talk to AFFA on the radio. The operator Gill Bolger, however, was refusing to make the communication, stating that it was an illegal communication and he would not make it. The communication was never made. Smith got private equipment and did it on his own.

Wilbert stated that he did make radio contact with the "boys topside."

It might appear that Smith is a wacko trying this, but the US had been trying as well. In 1958 Keyhoe got word that Nathan Twinning was concerned about what to say to the public about UFOs. To confirm this Keyhoe wrote a letter to Twinning and asked "Has communication ever been established with a UFO?’

The answer came from Twinning’s assistant Colonel John Sherrill "No effective means has been developed for the establishment of communication by radio or otherwise with unknown aerial objects. The technical problems involved in such an endeavor, I am sure are quite obvious to you."

Dr. Eric Walker, former President of Penn State University stated there had been communication between the aliens and the government.

If the government hasn’t tried to communicate with the UFOs you should definitely stop paying taxes or question the sanity of those in change.

Other contactees

These included Van Tassel, Adamski, Fry, Williamson, and others.

In an article Smith wrote the following:

There have been quite a number of alleged communications with intelligences claiming to be extraterrestrial. I have followed up each such incident which came to my attention to the best of my ability to a) establish or disprove the validity of the alleged communication, and b) to obtain information which might be available if the contact should turn out to be authentic.

As might be expected, many of the contacts provided little or nothing of value, but a few did pay off. Some of the contacts have been the subject of published material, but by far the majority are confidential; and there are a surprising number of these.

Mrs. Swan

Mrs. Swan was the star quarterback of the AFFA team. She was Smith’s main contact to the "boys topside." She began her communications in April 1954 and she continued well up into the 1980s. Many US government departments such as CIA, Navy, FBI, and Air force studied her case.