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Clinton UFO Cartoons

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The Clinton administration, as well as being the White House that attempted disclosure, was also the White House of scandal. The Clintons made work easy for many late night talk show writers, and many newspaper cartoonists.

The following are a collection of some of the alien/UFO cartoons that appeared related to events in the Clinton White House.


Independence_Day_1.gif (73354 bytes) Following the movie "Independence day" the following UFO cartoon appeared in the Atlanta Constitution.
alien_invasion_7.gif (19248 bytes) During the Reagan administration, President Reagan spoke of the effect of an alien invasion on the earth. He spoke about how it would bring the various races that make up the world community together.

President Clinton also talked about the alien invasion, but his use of the concept was often as a paranoid view of the many groups that he envisioned as being "out to get him." In a cartoon drawn for the Akron Beacon- Journal cartoonist Chip Bok picked up on this self-pitying side of Bill Clinton.


Carville_UFO.gif (21525 bytes) During the long Clinton White House public relations effort to control the spin behind the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the White House used the services of the bald, bull dog James Carville. Carville appeared regularity on Sunday morning talk shows to carry out attacks on the witnesses who were saying bad things about Clinton, or those who were about to testify for any of the associated legal proceedings.

Carville’s appearance, and the Clinton obsession with sex, led Chip Bok at the Akron Beacon- Journal to draw the following very funny cartoon.


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