Extraterrestrial Politics in the Clinton

White House


bulletExtraterrestrial Politics Part 1- Rockefeller Initiative to The Clinton White House
bulletExtraterrestrial Politics Part 2 - CIA Director James Woolsey gets a UFO briefing
bulletExtraterrestrial Politics Part 3 - Rockefeller continues his effort to get UFO disclosure
bulletExtraterrestrial Politics Part 4- 1995 and Beyond
bulletExtraterrestrial Politics Part 5 - White House interest (Including John Podesta)
bulletExtraterrestrial Politics Part 6 - Hillary's Involvement
bulletExtraterrestrial Politics Part 7 - Best Available Evidence Briefing Document
bulletExtraterrestrial Politics Part 8 -Clinton Public UFO Statements
bullet Clinton Former chief of Staff Goes Public on UFOs
bullet John Podesta: Clinton's X-Files Man
bulletJohn Podesta Sci Fi News conference Transcript - Courtesy of the Coalition for Freedom of Information
bulletClinton UFO Cartoon Archives
bulletClinton UFO Pictures
bullet Clinton UFO Talk
bulletThe Congressman Who Dared - an article by researcher Robert Barrow about his correspondence with Congressman Steven Schiff who put forth his congressional influence during Clinton's first administration to get the truth out about the 1947 crash in Roswell New Mexico.
bulletClinton's mission to Mars  - According to the NY Daily News on August 23 Bill Clinton and his 13 year old nephew took a trip to the Mars theme restaurant which features the appearance of a sci-fi movie on Mars, complete with aliens. He met his former Vice President Al Gore who happened to be there with his 6 year old granddaughter.
bullet Laurance Rockefeller - The man who tried to get UFO disclosure from the Clinton White House.
bullet Hillary and the UFO Question - Hillary has more UFO background than any of the 2008 candidates - a fact that some reporters know and will not report.
bullet President Clinton, Camp David, and the Sci-Fi Channel
bulletBill Clinton and the UFO Crash at Roswell
bulletNew Photos from the Clinton Library UFO file release - These photos include Hillary with Laurance Rockefeller at the JY ranch in August 1995 when Rockefeller sat the Clintons down to talk UFOs, Bill Clinton with Laurance Rockefeller, and Bill Clinton with his first CIA director James Woolsey.
bullet Hillary Clinton UFO Website - Finally the site that tells all about Hillary and UFOs. Check out the videos and audios. Read the full story how Bill and Hillary tried to disclose the UFO secret.
bullet UFO Quotes - Check out UFO quotes from Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton ,and other famous people.
bullet New Clinton UFO video


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