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President Jimmy Carter's Actual UFO Sighting Report


Many internet sites display a UFO sighting report related to President Carter's 1969 UFO sightings. The NICAP report, however, is only a retyped version of the original report which was filed with the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Below you will find the original handwritten report made by  the Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter in 1973, along with the letter written to him by Hayden Hewes, the Director of IUFOB at the time, asking for the report.

This copy was found at the Carter presidential library in Atlanta.


Carter_Sighting_Report_1.gif (64265 bytes) The letter to Jimmy Carter asking for him to file a UFO report. Note the stamp from the Governor's office.
Carter_Sighting_Report_2.gif (41437 bytes) Page 1 of the Carter Sighting Report.
Carter_Sighting_Report_3.gif (58578 bytes) Page two which Carter signed.