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Presidential UFO Pictures

Jimmy Carter




Apollo 11 President Carter spent time publicly romancing his public image about space, as he did here in a October 1, 1978 greeting with Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong.

The small number of Outer Space files found at the Carter library, however, show that space was not high on President Carter's list of priorities. Further, even though Carter had a scientific background he was considered generally unfamiliar with the space program.

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Jody Powell Secretary Jody Powell helped President Carter contact various agencies and people to determine what could be done to get some answers to the UFO question. The agencies Powell contacted included NASA and the FBI.

Asked what he thought of the UFO sighting of Carter's UFO sighting Powell said, "I do remember Jimmy saying that he did, in fact, see a strange light or object at night in the sky which did not appear to be a star or planet or anything that he could explain. If that’s your definition of an Unidentified Flying Object, then I suppose that is correct...I would venture to say he has probably seen stranger and more unexplainable things than that just during his time in government."

9000.jpg (44499 bytes) 9000 Letters Following President Carter's admission, in the June 1976 National Enquirer, that he had sighted a UFO, mail poured into the White House. These 9000 letters were filed in the office of Congressional Liaison Frank Moore in 1977. The letters are still missing.
madison.jpg (51916 bytes) Madison Building:  One of the three buildings making up the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. In mid-1977 prominent civil rights lawyer Daniel Sheehan stated he viewed micro-film in a vault area in the basement which showed a crashed flying saucer.  Sheehan at the time was working as a consultant on a UFO study being done for President Carter by the Congressional Research Service.
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Eric Gairy  Prime Minister Eric Gairy of Grenada and President Jimmy Carter meet in the White House on September 9, 1977. Both men had sighted UFOs, and Gairy had attempted to put the topic of UFOs on the United Nations Agenda. UFOs were discussed at the September 9th meeting, but the related NSC documents from the files of Zbigniew Brzezenski, who attended the meeting, are still classified.


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