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From UFO Updates August 5, 2003

US Presidential Candidate On UFOs

From: Charlette LeFevre <clefevre@oz.net>
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 00:47:23 -0700
Fwd Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 08:13:56 -0400
Subject: US Presidential Candidate On UFOs

Congressman Dennis Kucinich - Pres. Candidate in Seattle on UFOs
by Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
Kingdom Underground Newsletter Editorial
Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group

The Candidate with a history of disclosure.

Dennis Kucinich had just arrived at the Elliott Bay Bookstore in
the quaint historic Pioneer District of Seattle from the
University of Washington July 19th to talk to a small
conversation club. The bookstore overlooks the blue waters of
Puget Sound - the location where Seattle s founding fathers
first set up shop in the gold rush days.  Over the years the
bookstore has hosted prominent politicians and authors including
Jimmy Carter so it was not surprising when word got out that
Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)
would be arriving at the bookstore.

Kucinich - a short dark haired smiling man dressed casual walked
comforatably through the small crowd at the cafe, past the
espresso line and the grinning faces of Hillary Clinton adorning
the cover of her new book. Kucinich took the wooden stage and
spoke for a few minutes before eagerly answering questions.

There were questions regarding the Iraq war and relations with
Canada but there was one interesting question posed to Kucinich.
The question was framed with comments that trust and security
are a huge factor with our government and asked in the same vein
that Bill Clinton said he would look into the Kennedy
assassination and the question of UFOs before his presidency, if
he himself would look into these areas if he was elected

Surprisingly without hesitating Kucinich said that he indeed
felt a great loss with Kennedy and he honestly didn't know if he
could ever find the answers to those questions. He then
questioned the intelligent life in Washington D.C. which
elicited agreeable laughter from the audience but Kucinich then
stated in a serious tone we would be arrogant to think we are
alone in this universe.

On disclosure, does Kucinich have the fortitude to ask the tough
questions and follow through? At least in several instances it
seems Kucinich has the background. Kucinich on disclosure used a
rare House procedure known as a 'Resolution of Inquiry' to force
the current Administration to provide Congress with a copy of
the 12,000 page Iraqi declaration sent to the United Nations.
People can now view the classified Iraqi document at:


Kucinich then went on in to say we should not be dominating
other nations, that we need to be strong and focus on repairing
this nation. Dennis then finished with We are all connected".

Standing up for people and standing up to corporations has been
Kucinch's trademark and indeed he has been a person who has
walked the walk having marched with Seattle City Councilman Nick
Licata in Seattle s1999 WTO protests.

A candidate with foresight? Kucinich introduced the 'Space
Preservation Act of 2001' (HR 2977), which calls for the banning
of all weapons in space and would outlaw all research and
development for space-based weapons.

Interesting, a candidate that refuses to sell out to
corporations, marches with protestors defending humanity and
encourages peace and cooperation.

Is it any wonder that Kucinich has the endorsement from Mahatma
Gandhi's grandson s?

Keep your eyes on the stars and a watch on this guy.

The Seattle UFO/Paranoramal Group makes no endorsements and is
an independant lecture group not affiliated or governed by any
outside political agencies or organizations.