Canadian UFO Director gets an Alien Letter


The following letter is a letter written in the late 1950s to Wilbert Smith, who headed up the Canadian government investigation into flying saucers from December 1950 till August 1954. The author of the letter was Mrs. Frances Swan. Mrs. Swan was a flying saucer contactee who lived just down the road from Betty and Barney Hill and Vice Admiral Herbert Knowles in Eliot, Maine.

Mrs. Swan began receiving messages in April 1954 from a group of aliens who claimed they were orbiting the earth in two large satellites. The two main aliens in the group were AFFA who commanded ship M-4, and PONNAR who commanded ship L-11. These aliens told Mrs. Swan that they had a base on the moon, and that they were here to warn against many earthly pursuits such as the development of atomic weapons. These messages continued for decades, and drew the interest of the FBI, Navy Intelligence, and the CIA.

Mrs. Swan was the key contact Smith used to communicate with AFFA. There were a series of other people who were receiving messages from AFFA in this 1950s time period. Included in the list was Smith himself, who  received messages from AFFA through a couple different methods such as radio. Smith was in contact with all AFFA contactees of the time, and was comparing the information coming from the various sources. Mrs. Swan, however, was probably the primary source.

The letter below is so far the only letter we have from Swan to Smith. It was recovered by Nick Balaskas in the Wilbert Smith files archived at the University of Ottawa. It is significant in that


It contains an actual message from AFFA received through automatic writing. ( see image below)


The letter is significant in that Smith maintained a great deal of confidentiality around the contactees he was in contact with. This letter gives us a glimpse at what was actually going on.


The letter is further evidence that can be used to access alien contact prior to the arrival of the greys and the abduction phenomena in 1961.


Thursday Night

(Handwritten note on top of page "daughter older than Ann Smith")

Dear Murl and Wib,

I should have written sooner. We got Dawnalyn (Mrs Swan=s daughter) off to school today. I have been busy sewing for her, but now I shall concentrate on answering your two letters.

I am always glad to hear from you. Your letters excite me when I find one in my mailbox, like a small child on Xmas morning.

I love to see you folks. I finally got the pictures printed from the negatives you sent me. They are wonderful. They have come out so good. I had a set made up for Helen and Herbie (Vice Admiral Herbert Knowles and his wife) and another for Adele and Tom.(Navy Commander Tom Darrah and his wife)

By the tone of your letter you have been having a busy and exciting time of it. It doesn=t seem possible that Ann is old enough to go to school - time has fled.

Everything here is quiet - nothing very exciting or unusual. We=re all well, which I feel thankful for.

Now to your first letter.

In reference to the German couple, Adams, - who sent them to Ontario. The only comment that I can make about Shelley is that I don=t think I=d get excited about anything he has to say. Affa doesn=t know of anyone being sent any where, nor does he know the space men who visit him (Shelley). As for the tapes are concerned Affa doesn=t care who you play them to either.

There is a lot that is right on them but the Government one is cock-eyed. Affa has told us of a very different system. Possibly it is the way that other outfit operates.

By the way, did you know that the space-men & groups are going to run (George) Van Tassel for President of the United States in 1960. Those people are definitely not of Affa=s organization. All of this seems to frighten me some. I am not sure what will come of it.

As for your group being monitored, I wouldn=t stand for it. I=d throw a dipper (a large one) on it. I told Affa I would like to do it if I saw one & he laughed & said to try it - at least they=d know you caught them snooping. I=d also tell them to stop sizzling the greenery. ( Mrs. Swan is referring to small disk objects that would sit on the window sills at the Smith home when meetings were going on. I will do a whole article on them in the future.)

I guess I must be strange but I have talked to some of them and I feel they are rather cheap. Ask Shelly if one of them is square & thick set - that is broad & with steady eyes, and a small mustache. He doesn=t smile much. I don=t like him. He is from one of the Orion planets. So you see - I don=t believe any of these people much Awho are sent@ special. Affa=s group doesn=t work that way. I am glad that you found out about Pelley - anyone who writes a Bible of Golden Scripts and upholds it as being greater than our own Holy Bible is in my opinion very self- conceited. At best he could only receive them from the Astral world - the place where all cranks go. I must sound bitter, but then I have seen many people taken in by them. Affa never allows me to talk to spirits for that very reason.

I am beginning to remember some of my past lives, and in part the past lives of others. It surprises me and believe me I am far from being flattered by my past. Isn=t it wonderful that Stedman=s have a little girl now. I=m glad for Bertie. How are they feeling health wise. Affa will write a note now.

Affa, Hello folks. Do not become disturbed by the words of others. Always remember I do not work through any forces like the spirits or feelings of compulsion on the part of anyone. If they are sent to you - remember that this is wholly unknown to me. I am trying to disconnect the words (Note - this message like the early ones received from Affa where done by automatic writing, and most of the message is one long connected word) How am I doing - Never fear - do as you please. All I ask is that you stand by - All is the same as it has been. Now off Love Affa

So there we are. I will write later on other subjects.



Write soon.


Affa message to Smith. Note the difference in writing between the body of the letter and Affa's message which was done with automatic writing.

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