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Obama Transition Leader Ignores ET Disclosure Initiative


Barack Obama's Transition Chief John Podesta has ignored an overture towards a proactive project in support of the anticipated disclosure of Earth’s historic relationships with a host of cosmic cultures. The initiative known as Plan C is being promoted to the new Obama administration by Dr. Scott Jones who was a key member of the Rockefeller UFO Initiative made to the Clinton Administration from 1993-1996.

John Podesta has been active describing new first Obama decisions that might prove his dedication to change in Washington. The decisions described by Podesta however only included overturning the ban on stem cell research, block oil drilling in Utah, and energy transformation.

Dr Jones described his efforts to promote the extraterrestrial issue to Podesta in a letter to the Exopolitics Institute.

Over five months ago I tried to start a dialogue with Podesta on Plan C and disclosure.  I had short talks with his secretary who assured me that what I mailed him would get to him, or at least to one of his senior spear holders.  I sent him a copy of Plan C and reminded him of the role I had played with Rockefeller and Jack Gibbons when we were working with the Clinton administration.  It was disappointing that there was no response from him.  I considered that one reason for the silence was that he was still in the Clinton camp and was hoping/planning to play the disclosure card with Hillary as the President-elect.  We can assume now that he was up to his elbows at that time preparing for Obama's success and well into transition planning.
The odds are that this planning most certainly included how to handle the most important future event - disclosure and its consequences.  Whatever the draft transition draft plans looked like five months ago, they subsequently have had to acknowledge the economic reality of today.  We must do that also.  
When Podesta's leading transition team role became known, I sent him another letter making this suggestion.  I told him that the exopolitics community was now a force that could not be ignored, and a potential and needed ally in disclosure.  I assumed that the economic crisis had completely scrambled transition priorities, but warned him that the exopolitics community was going to push for action on disclosure and expected positive response.
What I asked him to do was to respond to my letter with an endorsement of Plan C, e.g. the academic community's involvement in the consequences of disclosure, the launching of a global dialogue.  I pointed out that this would give Obama a safe way to publicly get on the  disclosure train, and buy some time while he was juggling six or more other issues that he has no option to ignore.

Dr. Jones pointed that he " did not have any contact with Podesta during the Rockefeller UFO effort, and did not know of his key role in EO 12958", an intiative by the Clinton administration to "classify, safeguard, and declassify national security information."