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Grant Cameron on Truth Theorem Radio PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 23 January 2012 13:30

Grant Cameron will be talking with Truth Theorem Radio to talk about UFOs, ET petitions and other paranormal subjects, on Wednesday January 25, 2012 at 7pm Eastern. People can listen to the discussion on the Inception Radio Network. The link is

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Grant Cameron to Lecture at Congress 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 28 May 2012 18:24

Grant Cameron will be lecturing at the World UFO Congress in Phoenix Arizona. The Congress is a six day long event that draws 1000+ people. The dates for the congress are February 26 - March 3, 2013.

At least part of the lecture will deal with the connection of consciousness to the mystery of UFOs. This is an important area of research that will help make sense to much that has happened in the last 65 years.


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Rockefeller UFO Initiative Video PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 24 May 2012 20:59

A new Utube video has been released by Victor Viggiani at Zland Communications related to the Rockefeller Initiative. The initiative was an effort from 1993 to 1996 by billionaire Laurance Rockefeller to encourage then President Bill Clinton to release all material held by the United States government on the subject of UFOs.

Further information related to the Rockefeller Initiative can be found in the Bill Clinton section of the website

The 1000+ pages of documents recovered in a 2001 FOIA request related to the Rockefeller Initiative can be found at

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President Obama tells Will Smith's son: "I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials"! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 21:24

Thanks to the hard work of UFO movie historian Robbie Graham we now have the story about the encounter between President Barack Obama and actor Will Smith's son

This is a second critical break in the Governments UFO cover-up following Obama's trip to New Mexico where in speaking of the 1947 Roswell crash Obama said "We are going to keep our secrets here." Readers should note that it is very uncommon for the president to speak about UFOs even in a joking tone.


A major Canadian newspaper as well as Politico have picked up on the story

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The Bill Moore Area 51 Research File PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Sunday, 29 April 2012 16:27


The Bill Moore Area 51 Research File

Bill Moore was one of the most prominent UFO researchers of the 1980s. His prominence arose mainly due to his co-authorship of the million plus selling “The Roswell Incident” which put the 1947 New Mexico UFO crash on the map. Prior to the publishing of the book UFO crashes and theories of back-engineered UFOs were almost unheard of in the UFO community.

Bill Moore, along with Stanton Friedman and Jamie Shaandera went on to release the MJ-12 documents. Moore became involved with a shadowy high-level DIA agent code-named Falcon who promised to provide Moore with many of the deepest secrets of the US government UFO cover-up. Unfortunately this interaction between Moore and Falcon led to a fiery speech given by Bill Moore in 1989 where he detailed his “cooperation” with Falcon and the world of counter-intelligence.

The speech was not well received by the UFO community and shortly after the speech Moore left the UFO research field stating he had discovered all he or anyone else would be able to uncover.

Despite the controversy over Moore’s interaction with US intelligence, during his years in the field Moore did a lot of basic research attempting through government contacts and FOIAs to get hard evidence on many of the popular topics within ufology.

One of these topics was Area-51 which Moore accumulated documents on and published them in a research report. That report is now public for all to see.

Click Here

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General Wesley Clark - UFO Expert? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 18:36

Ran across this interesting article which does a good job reviewing the possible key role that mathematics may play in the UFO mystery.

Mathematics along with consciousness are two areas of study that have been overlooked by the UFO research community. I personally believe that they may provide a key to explain the UFO phenomena. I will be doing a full lecture on the mathematics/consciousness connection at a lecture in Philadelphia Pa on Sept 30, 2012.




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Dr. James McDonald Foo Fighters Document File PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Saturday, 31 March 2012 18:37

One key thing that has been ignored in the 65 years o UFO research, is the fact that there is a distinct pattern of unfolding events in the UFO events that have taken place. Many researchers mistakenly think that abductions, crashed saucers, crop circles, and mutilations have always been around. They have not. In the same way many researchers have forgotten the fact that things like angel hair, saucer nests, ground trace cases, little aliens of various descriptions seen near landed crafts, and other UFO events of the past have stopped or have dropped dramatically in number.

It is as if the aliens (or intelligences for those who think that if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quakes like a duck, it still might be something else) are turning the pages of a book, changing things as time goes along, showing us only one chapter at a time, and leading us towards some unknown conclusion.

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Did President Obama Fumble the UFO Cover-up? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Sunday, 25 March 2012 01:20

Grant Cameron will appear on radio station KKNW 1150 Seattle on Monday March 26th from 9:00 – 10:00 AM Eastern to discuss UFOs. Part of the discussion will center on the recent mention of the Roswell UFO crash by President Barack Obama in a recent trip to New Mexico. The statement made by Obama is more significant than many researchers might think.

During a March 21st trip to Roswell, New Mexico President Obama came out with the following opening remarks to his speech.

We had landed in Roswell. I announced to people when I landed that I had come in peace. (Laughter) Let me tell you – there are more nine and ten year old boys around the country when I meet them – they ask me, “Have you been to Roswell and is it true what they say? And I tell them, ‘If I told you I would have to kill you.’ So their eyes get all big…so…we’re going to keep our secrets here.

Did Obama let out the secret that an alien presence is being covered up? If so, t-his would be a complete reversal of an official statement  "Searching for ET- But No Evidence Yet" put out by the office of his science director last November that there is “no evidence” for ET visitation? What does it mean when the President goes to New Mexico and says “we are going to keep our secrets here?” Did he say too much about what has been rumored to be the most highly classified secret in the United States government? Did he fumble the ball in the biggest and most important game the United States Givernment has ever played?

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