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Six Year Old Questions Obama on the Aliens PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 15 February 2016 19:48

The Wall Street Journal has done another straight up piece on UFOs and Presidents. During the 2008 presidential campaign, the paper covered the story of Dennis Kucinich and his close encounter UFO sighting at Shirley MacLaine’s house.

It was also Norman Miller, Washington Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal, who broke the story that Ronald Reagan claimed to have chased a UFO in his plane.

Obama has faced questions on ET, UFOs, and Roswell a lot before becoming President and while in office. He has been fairly positive about the questions and has never clearly denied anything. In a number of occasions, such as the answer he gave to Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith, he has strongly indicated the whole story is true.

Obama has also done things behind the scene that indicate he is open to getting the unclassified story out. He has done this through the CIA which is his chief intelligence gathering agency. On the 65 anniversary of the 1947 Roswell crash a top former CIA official named Chase Brandon told CoasttoCoastAM’s huge radio audience of millions that he had seen evidence at CIA headquarters to confirm that the Roswell crash was real, and involved alien bodies.

Then as the new X-files was about to air after 15 years off the air. The CIA, who claimed they are not interested in UFOs and have not investigated the subject since 1952, suddenly put out two rather positive articles about how to investigate a flying saucer sighting and what UFO files at the CIA might interest X-files investigators.

These events had direct White House approval. The CIA, whose only job is to provide intelligence for the president, his cabinet, and the heads of intelligence for the House and Senate, would never have done the actions without permission from their boss the President.

This time the story was 6-year old Macey Hensley, a presidential whiz kid, who asked the ET question. It happened February 11Macey Hensley listens carefully as Obama walks around her alien question. on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It is not known if Obama planned to have the UFO question asked, but it seems possible. The presidency is very tightly managed and it seems hard to believe handers would put the President on a national TV show without knowing what questions are going to be asked.

It started when Obama asked what questions she had for him. Macey quickly asked if there actually was a book of secrets as was shown in the movie National Treasure.

Obama immediately replied that the answer to the question was that that was a secret, which was an appropriate dodge for a six year old girl. The first time he was asked about the book of secrets by Michael Smerconish in 2009 Obama stated that he could tell him but then he would have to kill him. It would not be the answer to give to a young girl on national TV.

After not getting an answer to her book of secrets question Macy asked “Are aliens real?” Whether or not Obama knew the question was coming he stalled Macey before answering by asking her what she thought. Macey replied, “After watching this TV show, I think they are probably real.” She got a big laugh when she stated the show she thought she had watched was called “America’s Book of Secrets.”

Ellen DeGeneres, who was hosting the interview, then stated “It looks like the secrets have already been spilled,” to which Obama made a key observation, “I thought that was classified.” The subject is classified and Obama was able to turn it into a joke.

Having had time to think Obama then answered the question saying, "the truth is, Macey, we(stumbled hesitation) we (stumbled hesitation) haven't actually made direct contact with aliens yet, but when we do I will let you know."

As with any answer from a politician, especially one who might be under a secrecy oath on the subject, Obama’s reply requires some careful analysis. His stalling hesitation in the answer showed he was thinking carefully how to answer the question without lying but to stay away from the real answer which is that he can’t reveal anything which was part of his reply to the same question on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He did it by using the term “direct contact with aliens” rather than answering the actual question which was “do aliens exist?” The direct contact is a reference to the unclassified information given by the SETI people that they have not made direct contact yet.

In 2012, during a speech in Roswell, New Mexico, Obama said that the alien question was the most asked question from young people. It would be interesting to have a reporter ask the president how many times he has received the question from young children, and then ask him Macey’s question again, “Do aliens exist,” or more to the point “have you ever been briefed on the subject of UFOs. If so when was it and what were you told.” These questions are appropriate for Obama considering the fact that his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated in December 2015, “The aliens may already be here.”

I have requested that Ben Hansen, who did an analysis of Bill Clinton and President Obama answering the UFO question on the Jimmy Kimmel show, to analyse this latest Obama encounter with the alien question. I will post the results if and when he does the analysis.

The Macey encounter with the President can be seen at

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Bernie Sanders Flippant About UFOs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 20:52

On my website I ask "What does the Most Powerful Man Know about the Most Important Subject in the world?" I mean those words. The UFO story, if you understand what is behind it is the Super Bowl of all stories. There is no story that has bigger implications for humanity both in term of scientific knowledge and in terms of the messages that are brought by those behind the UFO crafts.

During the 2016 Clinton campaign manager John Podesta encouraged reporters to ask his candidate Hillary Clinton about "the aliens." In late December reporter Daymond Steer at the Conway Daily Sun in New Hampshire took up the challenge asked Hillary Clinton about UFOs and did a story on what she said.

When I heard this I encouraged Steer to ask the other candidates on the important question of UFOs, as each has aspirations to be the most powerful person in the world. I believed it was important to see how they stood on the issue by asking them. Steer did a good job and questioned John Kasich who did not believe. According to Steer however, he added a caveat. "I don't so, except in Area 51," said Kasich. "My brother-in-law says if I become president, his No. 1 thing is for me to open all books on Area 51."

He asked Ted Cruz who was surprised at Hillary's involvement with the UFO story while first lady, and who stated he might check into Area 51 if elected President. The Republican candidate Mike Huckabee was already on the record on the UFO issue from his run in the 2008 campaign. He famously replied when asked about UFOs, "I believe in G.O.D. not U.F.O."

Donald Trump is running his campaign from his Boeing 757 Jet and really doesn't care what the man in the street in New Hampshire has to say. That is why he did not rent a bus and go town to town shaking hands and taking questions in town halls. He therefore found it unnecessary to show up at small town newspapers like the Conway Daily Sun, chosing instead to run his messages through twitter messages which all the major media pick up and talk about for free. This situation with Trump created a situation where he could not be asked the UFO question by Daymond Steer or any other reporter.

Outside the prominent candidates there are two others who are both on the record for openness on the UFO subject. Andrew Basiago is an Independent candidate from the state of Washington, and Ed Baker is an Independent candidate from the state of Oregon.

bernie sandersThe one person who has just become a surprise front runner over Hillary Clinton is Bernie Sanders who on January 24, Bernie Sanders met with the editorial board at the New Hampshire Conway Daily Sun. Daymond Steer who had become a star in the UFO community when he asked Hillary, put the UFO question to Sanders. The reply he received was not good. "Bernie had no interest in the UFO question," said Steer, "and gave me a flippant response."[1]

Steer stated later, "After admitting that he is in fact, the same person as 'Seinfeld" creator Larry David (who played him on 'Saturday Night Live') Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was asked if he believed that extraterrestrials may have visited the Earth Sanders said 'I have met many. I see them in Washington all the time.'"

Ryan Penka backs up Sanders' humbug view on ET life. In 2013 Penka phoned into the Thom Hartman show where Sanders was a guest. "I asked him about the discovery of exoplanets," Penka said, "and his answer was basically that he doesn't care, Wall Street and inequality are his main concerns."

In a related event Bernie Sanders has consistently voted as a Senator to cut funding to NASA. He was asked about it in a Reddit Ask Me Anything conference. In reply to being asked "if he thought space exploration and research was a worthy goal," Sanders explained, "one is put in a position of having to make very very difficult choices about whether you vote to provide food for hungry kids or health care for people who have none and other programs."[2]

Even the pro Sanders websites confirm this. stated, "Bernie supports NASA's mission and is generally in favor of increasing funding for NASA, but only after the needs of Americans on Earth are first met."[3] The catch, of course is that the needs of Americans will never be fully met. 

[1] Facebook message January 26, 2016
[2] Mark Wittington, "Would Bernie Sanders gut NASA spending if he became president? Probably,"
[3] Bernie Sanders on Science & Technology,
[4] Pamela Poston, "WTF: What's Up With That 'UFO' Painting in the Statehouse?,"

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UFOs Enter the 2016 Election Campaign PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Friday, 01 January 2016 19:04

Hillary Clinton Talks

Hillary Clinton has now been asked a number of questions about UFOs by a newspaper in Conway New Hampshire. Apparently they talked to her in 2007 about the subject but it never became public.

Hillary seemed aware of the fact that the most most requested FOIA request into the Clinton Library was UFOs. Those were the ones I filed in 2006. She is therefore aware of what is going on. What has yet to be revealed is that 1,000 pages of key UFO documents are missing from the Clinton library which will be discussed in a future article.

Hillary stated that she and John Podesta, a key advisor to her campaign, and former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, would investigate UFOs and the goings on at Area 51. Podesta is the former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton and a big supporter of UFO disclosure.


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Consciousness Life Expo Presentation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 24 December 2015 01:34

2016 banner-web-2

I have just learned that my consciousness workshop at Consciousness Life Expo will be on Saturday afternoon February 20th. Looking forward to presenting my new material. This will be the first time I have presented to a consciousness rather than UFO audience.

My schedule

Friday, Feb 19th 7:00pm - Jimmy Church Live Radio Show

Saturday, Feb 20th 4:00pm - Workshop

Sunday, Feb 21st 12:00 Noon-UFO Panel

The conference will at the LAX Hilton Hotel. Check out the amazing lineup of speakers.

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Laurance Rockefeller UFO Demands To Clinton White House PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Saturday, 05 December 2015 16:41

Here is the proposed ad that Laurance Rockefeller was proposing to place in The News York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and others, if the Clinton administration refused to deal with him regarding UFOs in 1993.

Mr. President

On the subject of UFO Phenomena -

What Do You Know? When Did You Learn It?

Have you Shared it With Congress?

When Will You Talk To The American People About It?

The Subject is as Important as any We Will Ever Face. Don’t try to go it Alone.

This Information Belongs to the World.

Rockefeller clinton

Extraterrestrial Politics Part 6 - Hillary's Involvement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 03 August 2009 15:53

A poll reveals that almost half of all Americans think the government is hiding evidence of UFOs from the public. The other half thinks that the evidence of UFOs existed, but it was "misplaced" by Hillary Clinton. One of the many Clinton jokes that circulated on the Internet

I'm getting my facts straight. (Laughter.) First of all, let me say that Hillary and I are delighted to have all of you here. The story Hillary told about her fascination with space is not apocryphal, it is real. I heard it a long time before I ever thought she would be telling it before a microphone. And so this is a thrilling day for us. President Bill Clinton 1998

We’ll have a woman President by 2010. Hillary Clinton statement during the 1992 campaign.

A young girl interested in public service can be told with a straight face that she too could grow up to be president. Hillary Rodham Clinton


Hillary discusses a UFO story about her "steamy relationship" with a space alien that appeared in the Weekly World News.

A review of the nearly 1,000 pages of UFO files from OSTP have revealed that yet another powerful member of the Clinton White House was involved in the UFO briefings, and also in the actual attempt to bring the issue to President Clinton. That person, whose name appears more than once in the OSTP documents, was the President’s wife Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s UFO involvement may have come simply from the fact that she played a strong role in many of the Clinton White House decisions. Hillary, in fact liked to quote people who referred to her and Bill in the White House as getting two for the price of one, a blue-light special. Hillary did not hide the fact that she liked the co-presidency idea.

The President asked Hillary’s opinion on almost every issue. She was so much a part of the President’s decisions that Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward commented, "I’d go as far as to say she’s part of Bill Clinton’s brain." It was reported that Hillary usually had more to say in staff meetings than the President, and she wasn’t afraid to say what she had on her mind.

Chief pollster and strategist Dick Morris, the President’s key pollster and strategist, stated in an interview with Peter Jennings that Hillary "had tremendous power, and was a crucial element in the White House in ‘93 and ‘94." In fact when asked, Morris agreed with the rumor that Hillary "was the power behind the throne."

Morris concluded, in fact, that Hillary was being viewed so strongly in the public, she was making the President look "weak, wishy-washy, and ineffective." When the democrats lost seats in the 1994 mid-term elections, Morris advised the President "that Hillary withdraw from overt participation in White House staff meetings and politics, so that the impression of a secret hidden power not sap her husband’s image and undermine perceptions of his strength."

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Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Campaign UFO Question PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Friday, 04 December 2015 17:30

Hillary and the UFO Question

by Grant Cameron

Ever since Tim Russert asked Dennis Kucinich the “did you see a UFO” question during the October 30, 2007 Democratic Presidential Debate, there have been a flurry of UFO questions to other White House hopefuls.

Barack Obama, for example, was asked moments after Kucinich if he believed there was life in outer space. He carefully evaded by saying, "I believe there is life on Earth."

Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico has faced the UFO question many times during his 2008 Presidential campaign partly because a few years back he wrote a forward to a book about an archeological dig done in New Mexico looking for evidence of the rumored 1947 flying saucer that crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico. He has replied to all the UFO questions by saying that he doesn’t believe in UFOs, but thinks the government did not release all the material on the 1947 crash, and is all in favor of the tourism that the UFO subject has brought to Roswell.

John McCain, in reply to a question if he had ever seen one said he’d never seen one, “but I keep looking all the time.” Joe Biden told CNN’s Chris Matthews “No I don’t think there are UFOs.” Republican Mitt Romney said “I’m afraid I do not believe in extraterrestrials visiting Earth.”, but the Republican front runner Rudy Giuliani told an 8-year old that if invaded by evil aliens said, “We'll be prepared for anything that happens.”

Mike Gravel, the ex-Alaskan senator, said he was a believer, whereas Republican Mike Huckabee said he believed in G-O-D rather than U-F-O. Even ex-president Jimmy Carter got dragged in when Dennis Kucinich defended his sighting, by saying that Jimmy Carter had one prior to his becoming President.

One of the few candidates that has never faced the UFO question is 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. This is despite the fact that her 2008 strategist Mark Penn complained that questions about outer space were easy questions compared to what poor Hillary was forced to answer during the October 30th debate. The question remains unanswered in 2015 despite one of the key members of her presidential run, John Podesta, actually hinting to reporters that she be asked the UFO question.

Secondly, it is strange that she has not been asked the UFO question because Hillary has never hidden the fact that she once wanted to be an astronaut, and was turned down by NASA who told her girls need not apply. Hillary also played a role in appointing the first woman, Eileen Collins, as a commander of a space shuttle.

Most importantly, it is strange that Hillary is not asked because Hillary is not exactly a stranger to the subject. As Herald Tribune journalist Billy Cox put it after the 2007 debate where the question was asked of many candidates “you had to wonder if Hillary Clinton’s heart was fluttering just a little harder Tuesday night as Russert asked why her husband had written the National Archives requesting that their correspondences during his White House years remain sealed until 2012.” This might be because Hillary had to know that a good percentage of the FOIAs filed with the Clinton Library deal with the role of the Clintons in trying to bring openness and disclosure to UFOs during Clinton White House years.

The fact that the Clintons, particularly Bill, had an interest in UFOs is no big secret in the UFO research community. After all there are over 1,000 pages of documents from the office of Clinton’s science advisor that were released while Bill was still in office. It was partly these documents that provided the names and dates for all the present FOIAs now sitting in FOIA queues at the Clinton library. These documents are now missing from government files but can be seen at the Paradigm Research website;

In addition Webster Hubbell, Bill Clinton’s close friend and Associate Attorney General at the Justice Department, stated in his 1997 book “Friends in High Places” that Bill Clinton had asked him to look into two items 1) Are there UFOs? and 2) Who killed JFK?

Then during Hillary run for president Bill Clinton received the latest Roswell UFO crash book and other related items from Hollywood writer and director Paul Davids. Bill told Davids, "You know, I've always been really interested in this stuff, and I'm going to read this."

And so what of Hillary?

Well according to William LaParl, a UFO researcher and friend of top CIA scientist Ronald Pandolfi, (who got the request from Clinton’s science advisor for a briefing on UFOs in 1993), "It was known among the high CIA people, and the people who had contact with these people, that the Clintons were on the prowl for UFOs…"She (Hillary) was almost an equal mover with him on this," Laparl said. "I would not give him any more weight at all on this UFO thing. If anything she may have slightly been pushing it more than he was. That’s the way I read the situation."

Moreover LaParl told me that “Hillary even kind of tried to indirectly get me involved, as kind of like an outside researcher …She was putting out feelers that she needed help and stuff like that. They were open to any kind of input along these lines.”

Later UFO researcher Darrel Simms would tell me almost an identical story of a woman claiming to be a friend of Hillary’s coming to him looking for material for Hillary and the President. Later the woman returned stating Hillary and the President enjoyed the material, and there was a way for Simms work to receive funding. Simms turned down what was proposed.

The documents obtained from the White House office of President Clinton’s science advisor to also show Hillary role in the effort to gather UFO material.

In a February 5, 1996 letter from Laurance Rockefeller to Clinton’s Science Advisor Dr. Gibbon’s Rockefeller spoke of all the UFO-related material that he and the President’s Science Advisor were gathering. “You indicated,” wrote Rockefeller, “that you will keep the First Lady’s Office informed, and we shall as well.”Hillary Clinton document 2

Even more dramatic is a letter written by Rockefeller’s lawyer Henry L. Diamond on November 1, 1995 with the draft of a letter on “Lifting Security on Information about Extraterrestrial Intelligence as a Part of the Current Classification Review.” (Diamond was tying UFO disclosure into executive order 12958 on April 17, 1995 issued by Bill Clinton requiring his intelligence agencies to allow for the de facto declassification of papers 25 years or older, provided they did not compromise nuclear secrets, intelligence sources and methods and a host of other security concerns. “Attached are: (1) A draft of a letter to the President which Laurance has been discussing with Mrs. Clinton and her staff.Hillary Clinton Document 1

The stories are almost unanimous opinion within the UFO community that Hillary Clinton sat down with Laurance Rockefeller in August of 1995 (while the Clintons vacationed at his Wyoming ranch) to listen to Rockefeller’s pitch for disclosure. The question the present FOIAs will attempt to answer is was the President also there. He was supposed to be there but received a letter from the Science Advisor days before hinting he should not meet with Rockefeller. Gibbons to Clinton

In a conversation with novelist and UFO research Whitley Strieber Rockefeller stated that Bill Clinton did appear. Strieber spoke about Rockefeller's UFO discussion with Bill and Hillary.

“He spoke of the time that he had spent with the President and Mrs. Clinton at the JY Ranch in the Grand Tetons in 1995, where he outlined for them the contents of the briefing that he had developed out of Project Starlight (mentioned in many of the first FOIAs coming from the Clinton Library), the 1993 Rockefeller funded program that developed into the Disclosure Project. He said that the Clintons had not commented on the information until the next morning, when, before the President appeared, Mrs. Clinton requested to Mr. Rockefeller that he not bring up the subject again.”

Why? Well during the 1992 presidential campaign Hillary had said “We’ll have a woman President by 2010.” She may have realized she might be that President and should therefore watch which issue she hitches her wagon to.

So we move into the 2016 presidential campaign with a candidate named Hillary who is interested in new age concepts which can be seen by her 1996 channeling of dead people in 1996 with her spiritual advisor Jean Houston. Will she see the UFO question from a media obsessed with more earthly things like Hillary's hair or her private e-mails? Time will tell. It is probably not a good idea to hold your breath.

Hillary Houston

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Gobachev and Reagan Talk Alien Invasion PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 22:34

People know that Reagan talked often about the potential for an alien invasion. What many people don't know is that Reagan and USSR President Gorbachev actually discussed the possibility during one of their summits and agreed to help each other if aliens did attach. When Reagan said "how nations would unite" was an actuality between the Soviet Union and the United States. The video of what actually happened can be seen at

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