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1 Roswell Proof The Ultimate Roswell Website
A site on Roswell run by one of the best researchers in Ufology, David Rudiak. David discovers new material at a lightening pace, and much of it is being placed on his web site.
2 UFO Related PDF Documents
An Excellent site hosted by Steve Kaeser. Included here you will find copies of many of the Rockefeller UFO Disclosure Initiative documents mentioned in my Clinton articles. Also you will find material related to Marcia Smith, a key UFO link inside the Carter administration.
3 Open Files, Open Secrecy
Clinton's Clinton's first CIA Director James Woolsey and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan talk about classified information.
4 Hiding Past and Present Presidencies
An article written by former White House Counsel to Richard Nixon, John Dean, showing clearly that President Bush has made a move to put an end to all this Presidential History nonsense.


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