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1 More on the 1954 UFO Satellites Grant Cameron 3700
2 1954 Mysterious satellite Audio Grant Cameron 2246
3 Eisenhower and His Alien Contacts: Part 2 Grant Cameron 8488
4 Eisenhower and His Alien Contacts : Part 1 Grant Cameron 25234
5 Grant Cameron Interview on Eisenhower and his Alien Contacts Grant Cameron 2118
6 President Eisenhower Meets Aliens Again?? Grant Cameron 6591
7 President Eisenhower Meets Aliens Again?? Grant Cameron 1012
8 Henry W. McElroy Jr. Claims He Saw Eisenhower Briefing Document Paul Robinson 5594
9 Eisenhower UFO Sighting: An Update Grant Cameron 7331
10 President Eisenhower Grant Cameron 3021
11 Eisenhower UFO Mail Part 1 Grant Cameron 4391
12 Eisenhower UFO Mail Part 2 Grant Cameron 3954
13 Mars May have Orbiting Space Base, says Eisenhower White House Advisor Grant Cameron 4569
14 Eisenhower Administration - UFO Witness Disclosure Testimony Grant Cameron 3672
15 Steven Lovekin Interview Stephen Bassett 4887
16 President Eisenhower Meets the Aliens? William Moore 10167


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