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Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 08 March 1990 06:00

Telephone conversation between Henry Azadehdel of Nottingham, England and Dr.Eric Walker, former (1956-1970) President of Penn State Univ.; ChairmanInstitute for Defense Analysis, and founder and former director of the Navy's Ordanance Research Laboratory. The interview took place March 8,1990.

Mrs Walker  Hello?

Azadehdel   Hello. Is Dr. Walker in, please?

Mrs. Walker Yes.

(I waited for a short while)

Dr. Walker  Hello?

Azadehdel   Hello. Dr. Walker. This is Henry from Nottingham.

Dr. Walker  Hello. How are you?

Azadehdel   I am fine thank you. Doctor, I have sent you a book earlier this week. I hope you will enjoy reading it. It is called the Open Verdict. It is about 25 scientists who worked in the Ministry of Defense, and all died in mysterious circumstances.

Dr Walker   Well I have not received it yet. Have you received my book?

Azadehdel   No. Doctor. I sent this book on Tuesday by Air Mail. You should receive it in ten days or so. But, Doctor, I have been reading this book called Above Top Secret. There are some documents there referring to a group known as MJ -12. Have you heard of them?

Dr Walker   For a long time now. I have nothing to do with them.

Azadehdel   Are the documents authentic?

Dr Walker   I don't think so.

Azadehdel   Doctor. Is there such a group still active?

Dr Walker   How good is your mathematics?

Azadehdel   As good as it could be for a doctor in physics, but why?

Dr Walker   Because only a couple people are capable of handling this issue. Unless your mind ability is like Einstein's or likewise, I do not think you can achieve anything.

Azadehdel   well, Doctor, for years I have been trying. But, are there government scientists?

Dr Walker   Everyone mistakes this issue. I gather by that you mean whether they work for the Defense establishments of the military.

Azadehdel   Yes, Doctor, that is what I meant.

Dr. Walker   Well, that is where you are wrong. They are a Handful Of Elite. When you are invited into that group I would know.

Azadehdel   Is it a group like Bilderbergs, Pugwash, or the Trilaterals?

Dr Walker   I didn't get that

Azadehdel   Is this group like the Bilderbergs, Pugwash, or the Trilaterals?

Dr Walker   (Silence for a long while)  Something like that.

Azadehdel   Are there any members of the public in this group?

Dr Walker   What do you mean?

Azadehdel   I mean ordinary people who have dedicated their lives to studying UFO?

Dr Walker   No.

Azadehdel   Are you a member of that group?

Dr Walker   I cannot answer that. How good is your sixth sense? How much do you know about ESP?

Azadehdel   I know to some degree about ESP and EVP. But, what has that got to do with it?

Dr Walker   Unless you know about it, and how to use it, you would not be taken in. Only a few know about it.

Azadehdel   Doctor, are there any military people in that group?

Dr Walker   No.

Azadehdel   Have we used any derivative of the learnt technology in the military?

Dr Walker   I cannot answer that question. You are trying to squeeze answers out of me. If you are invited into this group I would know.

Azadehdel   Are the members 10, 12, 14, are they all Americans?

Dr Walker   I cannot give you the numbers, and no, not nessessarily, they are not all Americans.

Azadehdel   Doctor, have we mastered the knowledge? Are we working together with the entities? Dr Walker   No. We have learned so much, and no we are not working with them...only contact.

Azadehdel   Have we captured any saucers.. any material from the discs to study?

Dr Walker   The technology is far behind what is known in ordinary terms of physics that you take the measure and obtain measurements. You are pushing for answers aren't you?

Azadehdel   Doctor, I have obtained a report called Project Magnet. Have you ever met Wilbert Smith who worked on this project in Canada?

Dr Walker   No, I don't believe having met this person.

Azadehdel   Is the concept on the Electromagnetic or Gravity?

Dr Walker   As I said. It is far ahead of the known level of physics. A very few have knowledge of it.

Azadehdel   O.K. Doctor. Let us change the subject. What do you usually read?

Dr Walker   Well, at the moment, I am reading The Spy Catcher.

Azadehdel   You are a little behind, Doctor, in that department, aren't you?

Dr Walker   ( he laughs ) Well, I have not had the time. But it is interesting.I like books like this.

Azadehdel   Well, Doctor, in that case you will enjoy my book. I would send you hereafter some books.

Dr Walker   Are you familiar with the theory of Relativity? Do you know whether we have used it or not?

Azadehdel   Yes, I am familiar with it. But, whether we have used it, I guess my answer would be yes and no.

Dr Walker   That is correct, yes and no.

Azadehdel   Doctor, I guess this subject is like chasing the whirlwind. ( Henry specifically used this word because of the curious  phrase " chasing windmills " used by Walker in the Steinman interview)

Dr Walker   Well, yes. But if you capture that whirlwind, what do you want to do with it?

Azadehdel   It is a very good and valid question, one which...that sort of analogy from my point of view does not apply to it. I am not going to pass judgment on it, as to whether it is good or bad, and hence I should not follow it up for those reasons. I am a scientist, looking for answers and solutions. I guess like any other scientific problems which I might encounter.

Dr Walker   As I said, very few who are not officials have been able to work ( with them ) and if you are invited into their circle, I would know.

Azadehdel   Doctor, thank you very much for your time. We should chat again.

Dr Walker   Thank you, yes, we should. Bye.



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