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Written by Grant Cameron   
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 20:52

On my website I ask "What does the Most Powerful Man Know about the Most Important Subject in the world?" I mean those words. The UFO story, if you understand what is behind it is the Super Bowl of all stories. There is no story that has bigger implications for humanity both in term of scientific knowledge and in terms of the messages that are brought by those behind the UFO crafts.

During the 2016 Clinton campaign manager John Podesta encouraged reporters to ask his candidate Hillary Clinton about "the aliens." In late December reporter Daymond Steer at the Conway Daily Sun in New Hampshire took up the challenge asked Hillary Clinton about UFOs and did a story on what she said.

When I heard this I encouraged Steer to ask the other candidates on the important question of UFOs, as each has aspirations to be the most powerful person in the world. I believed it was important to see how they stood on the issue by asking them. Steer did a good job and questioned John Kasich who did not believe. According to Steer however, he added a caveat. "I don't so, except in Area 51," said Kasich. "My brother-in-law says if I become president, his No. 1 thing is for me to open all books on Area 51."

He asked Ted Cruz who was surprised at Hillary's involvement with the UFO story while first lady, and who stated he might check into Area 51 if elected President. The Republican candidate Mike Huckabee was already on the record on the UFO issue from his run in the 2008 campaign. He famously replied when asked about UFOs, "I believe in G.O.D. not U.F.O."

Donald Trump is running his campaign from his Boeing 757 Jet and really doesn't care what the man in the street in New Hampshire has to say. That is why he did not rent a bus and go town to town shaking hands and taking questions in town halls. He therefore found it unnecessary to show up at small town newspapers like the Conway Daily Sun, chosing instead to run his messages through twitter messages which all the major media pick up and talk about for free. This situation with Trump created a situation where he could not be asked the UFO question by Daymond Steer or any other reporter.

Outside the prominent candidates there are two others who are both on the record for openness on the UFO subject. Andrew Basiago is an Independent candidate from the state of Washington, and Ed Baker is an Independent candidate from the state of Oregon.

bernie sandersThe one person who has just become a surprise front runner over Hillary Clinton is Bernie Sanders who on January 24, Bernie Sanders met with the editorial board at the New Hampshire Conway Daily Sun. Daymond Steer who had become a star in the UFO community when he asked Hillary, put the UFO question to Sanders. The reply he received was not good. "Bernie had no interest in the UFO question," said Steer, "and gave me a flippant response."[1]

Steer stated later, "After admitting that he is in fact, the same person as 'Seinfeld" creator Larry David (who played him on 'Saturday Night Live') Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was asked if he believed that extraterrestrials may have visited the Earth Sanders said 'I have met many. I see them in Washington all the time.'"

Ryan Penka backs up Sanders' humbug view on ET life. In 2013 Penka phoned into the Thom Hartman show where Sanders was a guest. "I asked him about the discovery of exoplanets," Penka said, "and his answer was basically that he doesn't care, Wall Street and inequality are his main concerns."

In a related event Bernie Sanders has consistently voted as a Senator to cut funding to NASA. He was asked about it in a Reddit Ask Me Anything conference. In reply to being asked "if he thought space exploration and research was a worthy goal," Sanders explained, "one is put in a position of having to make very very difficult choices about whether you vote to provide food for hungry kids or health care for people who have none and other programs."[2]

Even the pro Sanders websites confirm this. stated, "Bernie supports NASA's mission and is generally in favor of increasing funding for NASA, but only after the needs of Americans on Earth are first met."[3] The catch, of course is that the needs of Americans will never be fully met. 

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