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Others at CIA Saw Roswell Box PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 17:40

The MP3 of Don Ecker's Dark Matters Radio show interview with Chase Brandon (still with the CIA) is now up. Here is were you will find it.

Ecker does press Brandon on some issues, and Brandon denies that he and the CIA have discussed his "throwing the CIA under the Roswell bus" statements in past interviews.

Brandon has added to his Roswell box statement stating that others saw the box. Therefore we can conclude

  • Appears lots of people wander around the highly secure Historical Intelligence¬†Collection when the rule is that they must have an escort. It appears the "little old lady with the blue hair and tennis sneakers" that Brandon described as running it is not doing her job.
  • Brandon did talk to others after he went public stating they had seen the same thing.¬†
  • The CIA is either encouraging or allowing Brandon to continue to talk about the fact that there was material inside the CIA that confirmed that the 1947 Roswell crash was an extraterrestrial event.

There has been no comment yet from Dr. Ronald Pandolfi on Brandon's Roswell revelations. Pandolfi is considered the UFO expert inside the CIA. 


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