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A Trump UFO Disclosure? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 09 January 2017 00:51
From Bob Collins (otherwise known as the Condor in the Bill Moore Aviary). I have written a lot aboutexempt from Disclosure Pandolfi,
who ran the UFO weird desk at the CIA in the past.

Collins writes,

From Ron Pandolfi (friend, got me interviewed by the CIA in 1992) at the National Intelligence Directorate on Trump & UFOs.

01/05/2017 They may be anticipating some action. I have been waiting for President-Elect Trump to take office before taking more serious actions. He is very "pro-disclosure" and very anti "disinformation."

Ronald Pandolfi, Ph.D.
Director, TACP-Network
Kashmir-Robotics, a division of Kashmir World Foundation

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