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Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 06 October 2011 17:28

ClintonBelfastSmallIn November 1995 Bill Clinton stood up in Belfast Northern Ireland and during an unrelated speech challenged the fact that reported alien body stories were ignored in the 1994 USAF report on Roswell. He stated:

If the USAF did recover bodies in Roswell, they didn't tell me about it and I want to know.

Now available for download are the FOIA 2006-0484-F pages that show the correspondence that took place between Hollywood Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Screen Story, Screenwriter, Paul Davids and President Bill Clinton.

The documents...

icon FOIA 2006-0484-F (6.22 MB)

... back up Davids most famous connection to Bill Clinton in  the following story found here...

The Lewinsky Roswell Connection

DavidsAndAlienDespite the fact that Clinton’s Roswell body challenge did nothing more than cause the Air Force to do another Roswell study, it did bring a new and important figure into the Roswell crash history story – Paul Davids. Davids was motivated by the Belfast speech.

Paul Davids is a Hollywood Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Screen Story, Screenwriter. Following a daylight UFO sighting in 1987 Davids took a strong interest in getting to the bottom of the UFO mystery. He went on to executive producer and co-writer of the 1994 movie Roswell, which was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture for Television.

Davids had some connections to Bill Clinton. His father Dr. Jules Davids had been Bill Clinton’s professor for American Diplomatic History at Georgetown University. Bill and Dr. Davids had continued a relationship after Bill had graduated.

Paul Davids had also written Bill Clinton an early letter of “enthusiastic support” during the 1992 campaign telling him about writing a series of Star Wars books he was writing and offering to help write speeches for Governor Clinton.

Bill wrote back on February 12, 1992 stating that he was looking forward to the Star Wars looks appearing in the stores, and promising to send his letter to George Stephanopoulos.

Davids wrote Bill Clinton later with pictures of his dad and the first round of six Star Wars books that Davids was writing. Then President-elect Clinton wrote back thanks Davids for the items he had sent and his support.

Paul Davids, therefore, was not afraid to contact the President after ABC covered the President in Belfast talking about the Roswell crash, and how he had not been given all the answers. “I wanted disclosure very badly,” Davids said, “I had a connection to the president, and I wasn’t afraid to be a little bold.”

Paul Davids said, “I heard the President wanted to know so I took it upon myself to write him a Personal and Confidential letter.” In the letter dated January 3, 1996 Paul stated,

When you recently made a statement about the Roswell incident during your trip to Ireland, I felt moved to write to you. Your statement concluded with the words, “If the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn’t tell me about it either and I want to know.”

To help Clinton – who wanted to know- Davids enclosed a videotape of his 1994 movie Roswell, a videotape of a keynote speech he had give to a banquet for the Golden Anniversary of the White Sands Missile Range, a one hour videotape compendium of media and news coverage on the Roswell case throughout the years, and a videotape of a speech Paul Davids gave following the USAF release on Roswell called “Reply to the Air Force on the Roswell Incident.” Most importantly Davids included with his package the 1991 book “UFO Crash at Roswell” written by written by Kevin D. Randle and Donald R. Schmitt.

The materials were passed through to Clinton through Nancy Hernreich, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Oval Office Operations. Bill Clinton replied by overnight mail on March 20, 1996 thanking Paul for the videotapes.

In September 1998 the Roswell book that Davids had sent became public again during the impeachment of President Clinton when it was found in the president’s private study. Prosecutors were searching out Nicholson Baker’s novel on phone sex called “Vox” that had reportedly been sent to the President by White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

The associated press reported that the novel “was listed on a shelf right between volumes entitled "Churchill on Courage: Timeless Wisdom for Persevering'' and an Air Force report, "UFO Crash at Roswell.''

UFOCrashAtRoswell_Small Vox_2

In September 2005 the UFO crash at Roswell again appeared in Bill Clinton’s life, but this time he brought it up in response to a question which had nothing to do with UFOs but rather the idea of “secrets being passed from president to president.” The question came to President Clinton in a question and answer session following a speech made to the CLSA in Hong Kong.

Clinton in reply began speaking about Roswell,

"Well I don't know if you all heard this, but, there was actually, when I was president in my second term, there was an anniversary observance of Roswell. Remember that? People came to Roswell, New Mexico from all over the world. And there was also a site in Nevada where people were convinced that the government had buried a UFO and perhaps an alien deep underground because we wouldn't allow anybody to go there. And uhm… I can say now, 'cause it's now been released into the public domain.... This place in Nevada was really serious, that there was an alien artifact there. So I actually sent somebody there to figure it out."

"I did attempt to find out if there were any secret government documents that revealed things. If there were, they were concealed from me too. And if there were, well I wouldn't be the first American president that underlings have lied to, or that career bureaucrats have waited out. But there may be some career person sitting around somewhere, hiding these dark secrets, even from elected presidents. But if so, they successfully eluded me…and I'm almost embarrassed to tell you I did (chuckling) try to find out."

In 2007 the Roswell crash again became a talked about issue when Tom Carey and Don Schmitt released their new book “Witness to Roswell.” Paul Davids, who wrote the forward to the book, and who had provided “UFO Crash at Roswell” to President Clinton in 1996, decided there was new “case-closed” evidence that Bill Clinton had to see.

Therefore “armed with ‘Witness to Roswell’ and another new book titled “The Roswell Legacy” by Jessie Marcel Jr.”, Davids told his wife that he “was determined to get these two books to ex-President Clinton. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it.”

In August 2007, while considering a trip to Harlem, New York where Bill Clinton had an office, an opportunity arose to attend a pancake fundraiser in the Hamptons for Hillary Clinton who had started her run for President. Bill Clinton reportedly would be there.

AUGUST-2007-B_162_smallPaul had some reservation about putting up the money to attend, and whether there would be agents who might take the bag of books from him.

“I might go to all this trouble,” Paul Davids told the 2007 X-Conference, “and never give him the books.” While considering the options Paul discovered that the fundraiser would be held on Davids Lane (Davids LA on the street sign). The location had both his rare last name and LA where he lived. The synchronicity of this situation led Paul to believe that he was on the right track and it was meant to be.

When Paul and his wife arrived at the fifteen million dollar mansion where the fundraiser was being held, there was no one there to stop Paul from bringing in the Roswell books.

Bill and Hillary were there, and were in a very good mood. It was a beautiful day. Paul quickly took a picture of himself (remembering to smile) with Hillary in the background to prove that he had been there.

Paul moved his way right up to the little patio along the house where he listened to Bill give a speech. As he listened he planned how he would get his “own private moment with the President.”

AUGUST-2007-B_115_smallPaul had consulted the owner of the house about his mission, and was told to get as close as possible and then make a dash once Hillary was done because everyone would be distracted surrounding Hillary.

As soon as Hillary finished Paul made his move. He moved back behind where Bill Clinton has seated by himself.

“I had the president to myself for between five and ten minutes,” Paul said. ‘There I was with my bag of books in my moment in front of the President. First I introduced myself. I reminded him of the fact that I was the son of Dr. Jules Davids… without being too direct at first I said, ‘Mr. President. I wrote the forward to a new book that just came out recently and I would really hope that you would read it. It’s quite a good forward and actually quite a good book.”

“Oh,” replied Clinton, “what’s the book?

Paul then took “Witness to Roswell” out of the bag and gave it to Clinton who looked at it. “His eyes were riveted on the ‘unmasking the cover-up’ part of the title,” recalled Paul.

“When you were in Ireland,” Paul said as the President continued to look at the cover, “you said that you were very very interested in this subject, and you said if it happened the Air Force hadn’t told you and you wanted to know about it.’

Paul then told Clinton that he had not gone along with the Air Force report that had been released by the Air Force during the Clinton administration, but mentioned that it was good that the head of the Air Force had released servicemen from their secrecy oaths related to the 1947 crash.

AUGUST-2007-B_064_small“The authors of this book went to meet with all those servicemen and all the testimony you never got is in this book,” Paul added as the President continued to stare at the book. “I think it shows that the report that was released when you were President is false, unfortunately, but the truth is here.”

Then he gave the President the second book “The Roswell Legacy” by Jessie Marcel Jr., and a new affidavit that had been released following the death of Walter Haut, in which Haut confirmed the object had been from outer space and that there had been bodies. Paul had made a blown up 120% copy to present to the President. He “stuck it in the book so the President couldn’t miss it just in case he didn’t make it to the last chapter.”

The last thing that Paul mentioned to the President was “that the people have to know this. The people have a right to be told.” He further mentioned that the former Defense Minister of Canada Paul Hellyer had been speaking out about this, and that the former Governor of Arizona Fife Symington had spoken out about it.

“When I said Fife Symington something lit up in his eyes, he took the whole bag…” Paul recalled. “He said ‘You know, I’ve always been really interested in this stuff, and I’m going to read this.”

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