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Thursday, 06 November 2008 06:00

Dearest President Obama,
Like many people around the world, the truth is vital to life. I 'm writing this in regards to the truth of who people are & why the government is keeping the biggest secret in the history of this planet.  We all know extraterrestrial life forms are here & have been here for eons. The worst thing is why would people we trust with our everyday lives lie to the very people they are protecting or at least trying to.  It's time we end the truth embargo and let everything known to the public regarding the so called "U.F.O." and extraterrestrial disclosure to all people's around the world.  It's time that we grow up and accept that we've never been alone in the Universe.  It's time we accept that there people not just from this star system but from other's who are here to help us. They come of truth, of pure love and of pure light.  They are here to assist the planet in her ascension and spiritual evolution and also to exchange what knowledge they know regarding fixing what environmental, social and many other issues we face as a planet together. They aren't going to make the first move until people start waking up and realizing this truth. It's time we grow up, wake up and lighten up to this truth.
I have had on going contacts with these beings my whole life.  I can call upon them to show up at anytime deem necessary.  I'm not alone in this.  We have learned much about each other since I've incarnated here on this planet and how they want to desperately help fix many challenges and problems we face as one race.  If you knew what I knew it would be very easy to understand.  I am here to help this happen. This is my purpose.  This has all been happening for a reason.   I have heard about the awful things this country and other countries are doing, very foul and harmful things to these beings who have come here to help.  These people in the so called government & military has already started a smear disinformation campaign that started in the late 40s.  This has got to stop & soon. We can no longer let people get away with this type of behavior.  All the facts & information regarding our visitors is out there & is in me, I've always seen the truth.  They are innocent, beautiful nice people and they do not deserve this type of interaction. This is not about ego, control, who's got the power, the money, or any other horrible things that humanity has faced. This is about truth.  This truth is going to set us free so we can evolve to a more enlightened civilization for the future of this planet; for the children who need to know this instead of having adults play this foolish game anymore.
Letting go of this secret is going to create more of everything, bring people from all over together in harmony, there is no end of happiness to letting go of this secret.  It's beneficial to humanity in so many regards.  Watch the documentaries "Fastwalkers", "Out of the blue", "Capturing the Light", and "The Phoenix Lights" for the best credible proof of the real people who have had ongoing encounters & the most beautiful experiences with these beings.
Thank you for taking my time to read this letter.
I would also like to congratulate you on all your success thus far...there's many more coming for all.
You are the one who is going to help change the face of this planet in the best positive way possible. My dreams have never steered me in the wrong direction this far..
We all depend on your leadership President Obama.
Blessed be. 
Live and love in the light.
M. F.



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